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Features - NEC MultiSync V984Q User Manual

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Reduced Footprint: Provides the ideal solution for environments with superior image quality.
SPECTRAVIEW ENGINE: This system is designed for improvement the visual quality of the monitor.
Each monitor is calibrated at the factory. By making automatic adjustments during operation of the monitor hardware in real
time, optimal settings are configured without any user interaction.
OmniColor: Combines Six-axis color control and the sRGB standard. Six-axis color control permits color adjustments via six
axes (R, G, B, C, M and Y) rather than through the three axes (R, G and B) previously available. The sRGB standard provides
the monitor with a uniform color profile. This ensures that the colors displayed on the monitor are exactly the same as on the
color printout (with sRGB supporting operating system and sRGB printer). This allows you to adjust the colors on your screen
and customise the color accuracy of your monitor to a variety of standards.
sRGB Color Control: A color management standard which allows for color matching on computer monitors and other
peripherals. The sRGB standard, which is based on a calibrated color space, allows for optimal color representation and
backward compatibility with other common color standards.
OSD (On-Screen-Display) Controls: Allows you to quickly and easily adjust all elements of your screen image via easy to use
on-screen menus.
Plug and Play: The Microsoft
solution with the Windows
operating system facilitates setup and installation by allowing
the monitor to send its capabilities (such as screen size and resolutions supported) directly to your computer, automatically
optimizing display performance.
IPM (Intelligent Power Manager) System: Provides innovative power-saving methods that allow the monitor to shift to a
lower power consumption level when on but not in use, saving two-thirds of your monitor energy costs, reducing emissions and
lowering the air conditioning costs of the workplace.
FullScan Capability: Allows you to use the entire screen area in most resolutions, significantly expanding image size.
VESA Standard (FDMIv1) Mounting Interface: Allows you to mount the monitor to any VESA standard (FDMIv1) third party
mounting arm or bracket. NEC recommends using mounting equipment which complies with TÜV-GS (Germany) and/or UL1678
standard (North America).
ZOOM: Expands/reduces the image size in horizontal and vertical direction.
Self-diagnosis: If an internal error should occur, a failure state will be indicated.
USB hub: Allows the connection of digital cameras, scanners, keyboards and more.
HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection): HDCP is a system for preventing illegal copying of video data sent over
a digital signal. If you are unable to view material via the digital input, this does not necessarily mean that the monitor is not
functioning properly. With the implementation of HDCP, there may be cases in which certain content is protected by HDCP and
might not be displayed due to the decision/intention of the HDCP community (Digital Content Protection, LLC).
Option board slot: You can use an option board. Please contact your supplier for detailed information.
DICOM Sim.: A DICOM gamma curve emulation which is stored inside the monitor as fixed Look Up Table values. When
selecting DICOM Sim., these values are loaded into the active Look Up Table of the monitor to create a DICOM like gamma
correction curve. Suitable for DICOM image viewing in clinical review. Must not be used for DICOM image viewing in
TILE MATRIX, TILE COMP: Shows one image over multiple screens with accuracy while compensating for bezel width.



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