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Maintenance And Lubrication; Maintenance - RIDGID MS1290LZ Operator's Manual

12" compound miter saw with exactline
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Maintenance and Lubrication


DANGER: Never put lubricants
on the blade while it is spinning.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury from unexpected starting
or electrical shock, unplug the
power cord before working on
the saw.
WARNING: For your safety, this
s a w i s d ou bl e in s u la te d. To
avoid electrical shock, fire or
injury, use only parts identical to
those identified in the parts list.
Reassemble exactly as original
as se mbly to a void e lec trica l
Replacing Carbon Brushes
The carbon brushes furnished will last
approximately 50 hours of running time or
10,000 on/off cycles. Replace both carbon
brushes when either has less than 1/4"
length of carbon remaining. To inspect or
replace brushes, first unplug the saw. Then
remove the black plastic cap on the side of
the motor (caution, this cap is spring
loaded by the brush assembly). Then pull
out the brush. Repeat for the other side. To
reassemble reverse the procedure. The
ears on the metal end of the brush assem-
bly go in the same hole the carbon part fits
into. Tighten the cap snugly but do not
NOTE: To reinstall the same brushes, first
make sure the brushes go back in the way
they came out. Otherwise a break-in
period will occur that will reduce motor
performance and increase brush wear.
Lower Blade Guard
Do not use the saw without the lower
guard. The lower blade guard is attached
to the saw for your protection. Should the
lower guard become damaged, do not
use the saw until damaged guard has
been replaced. Develop a regular check
to make sure the lower guard is working
properly. Clean the lower guard of any
dust or build up with a damp cloth.
CAUTION: Do not use solvents
on the guard. They could make
the plastic "cloudy" and brittle.
WARNING: When cleaning lower
guard unplug the saw from the out-
let to avoid unexpected start-up.
Periodically, sawdust will accumulate
under the work table and base. This could
cause difficulty in the movement of the
work table when setting up a miter cut.
Frequently blow out or vacuum up the
WARNING: If blowing sawdust,
wear proper eye protection to
keep debris from blowing into

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