Complete Installation; Shut Down - Whirlpool WFCU Installation Instructions Manual

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IMPORTANT: Do not use this furnace if any part has been under
water. Immediately call a qualified person to inspect the furnace
and to replace any part of the control system and gas control
which has been under water.
1. Check that you have all of your tools.
2. Dispose of/recycle all packaging materials.
3. Check the furnace in its final location. Be sure the vent is not
Measure Temperature Rise
1. Adjust the room thermostat to the highest temperature
setting possible.
2. After 20 minutes of heating operation, measure the furnace
temperature rise. Take air temperature readings in both the
return air ducts and the heated air ducts (about 72" [1.8 m]
from the furnace where they will not be affected by radiant
heat) as shown.
NOTE: If more than one run of return or heated air ducts are
used, air temperature measurements should be taken in each
duct. These measurements can be converted to an average
to obtain the temperature rise of the whole system.
A. Measure return air here.
B. Warm air
If the construction will continue or the furnace will not be used for
a period of time, follow the shut down procedure.
1. Set the thermostat control(s) to the lowest setting.
2. Disconnect power.

Complete Installation

C. Measure supply temperature here.
D. Return air
3. If furnace doesn't maintain temperature rise within the range
shown on the furnace rating plate, adjust the blower speed.
Adjust Blower Speed
Disconnect power before servicing.
Replace all parts and panels before operating.
Failure to do so can result in death or electrical shock.
See the wiring diagrams in the "Troubleshooting" section
while performing the following procedure.
1. Disconnect power.
2. For heating speed, check the temperature rise and make the
necessary adjustments to the blower speed tap. See the
wiring diagrams in the "Troubleshooting" section.
3. Reconnect power.
4. Recheck the temperature rise. Repeat the procedure as
necessary to achieve optimum temperature rise.
5. If the furnace does not begin to heat the room, see the
"Troubleshooting" section.

Shut Down

3. Remove burner access panel.
4. Turn off the gas supply at the manual gas shutoff valve.
5. Replace the burner access panel.
Electrical Shock Hazard

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Table of Contents

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