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Zanussi ZCE569NW1 Instruction Book

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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZCE569NW1

  • Page 1 Instruction Book Electric Cooker ZCE569NW1...
  • Page 2 It is most important that this instruction book During use should be retained with the appliance for • This cooker is intended for domestic future reference. Should the appliance be cooking only. It is not designed for sold or transferred, always ensure that the commercial or industrial purposes.
  • Page 3 • The appliance is fitted with a lid: this is Service designed as a dust cover when closed, and This cooker should only be repaired or as a splash back when open. Do not use for serviced by an authorised Service Engineer any other purpose.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Instructions for the user Instructions for the installer Use and care Tehnical features Before the first use of the oven Installation Electric oven Location Oven function control knob Electrical connections Thermostat control knob Using the conventional oven Grilling Oven cooking chart Electric hotplates Hints and tips Maintenance and cleaning...
  • Page 5: Instructions For The User

    Instructions for the user Use and care A. Hob with electric plates B. Control Panel C. Door handle D. Oven door E. Drawer F. Adjustable feet Control panel 5 6 7 Back left hotplate control knob 5. Oven thermostat Front left hotplate control knob 6.
  • Page 6: Before The First Use Of The Oven

    Use of appliance Before the First Use of the Oven About condensation and steam When food is heated it produces steam in the same way as a boiling kettle. The oven vents Remove all packaging, both inside and allow some of this steam to escape. However, outside the oven, before using the oven.
  • Page 7: Thermostat Control Knob

    The thermostat controlling the temperature is totally variable so it is possible to select temperatures between those marked. The maxim setting is particularly suitable for grilling. Caution Do not place pans, dripping pans, biscuits pans or aluminium foil directly on the base of the oven. This could cause a heat build-up which could affect the performance of the oven and damage the oven enamel.
  • Page 8: Grilling

    Oven thermostat pilot light Grilling This light will illuminate when a temperature is selected and remain lit until the selected temperature has been reached. It then cycles on All grilling must be carried out with and off to indicate that the temperature is being the oven door closed .
  • Page 9: Oven Cooking Chart

    Oven cooking chart The data in the chart bellow are informative. Only experience will enable you to determine the correct setting for your personal requirements. Shelf Cooking position Pre-heating Temperature Type of Cake or Pastry time from the °C min. bottom 10-13 160-180...
  • Page 10: Roasting Table

    Roasting Table Shelf °C Time position Type of Cake or Pastry from the min. bottom Chicken entire 195-205 60-70 Half chicken 195-205 30+30 Pork roast cutlet 195-205 100-105 Grilling Table Shelf Preheating Time Type of Cake or Pastry position from min.
  • Page 11: Electric Hotplates

    Electric hotplates To switch on a hotplate, turn the relevant control knob to the required heat setting. The control knob is numbered 0 – 6 0 – OFF 1 – Minimum 6 – Maximum. The hob has two types of hotplates: Normal Hotplates We recommend the plates are switched to Suggestions for the correct setting of the...
  • Page 12: Hints And Tips

    Hints and Tips Saucepans for use on solid plates should have Good use several characteristics: • They should be fairty heavy duty. • They should fit the heat area exactly, or be slightly larger for efficient use, NEVER smaller. • They should have a flat base to ensure good Bad use contact with the plate.
  • Page 13 Accessories delivered with the appliance The following accessories are supplied with your appliance. • Shelf for placing dishes on (roast, pastry mounds) The dish should be put in the middle of the shelf to balance the weight. • A roasting tray It is used to collect juice when cooking in it, place it on the shelf 2 from low.
  • Page 14: Maintenance And Cleaning

    The collector is used to collect condensation while the oven is functioning. It should be place in the drawer. After using, the collector should be emptied and cleared. Maintenance and cleaning External cleaning The oven should be kept clean at all We recommend for cleaning cleaners type times.
  • Page 15: Oven Door

    Oven door Removing oven door from its hinges To make it easier to clean the oven, the oven door can be removed. Open the oven door into the horizontal position. Then lift up the clips on the two door hinges as far as they will go (a).
  • Page 16 The Hob Top Drying The hob is best cleaned whilst it is still warm, as Important: After cleaning, dry the hotplates spillage can be removed more easily than if it is thoroughly by switching on to a low-medium left to cool. setting for a few minutes.
  • Page 17: Oven Bulb Replacement

    Oven bulb replacement Ensure that the appliance is switched off and disconnected from the electricity supply before replacing the bulb to avoid possibility of an electric shock. If the oven bulb needs replacing, it must comply with the following specifications: Electric Power: Electric Rate: 230/240V(50Hz)
  • Page 18: Something Not Working

    Something not working If the appliance is not working correctly, please IMPORTANT: If you call out an engineer to a carry out the following checks, before contacting fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by your local Electrolux Service Centre. incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.
  • Page 19: Guarantee Conditions

    Guarantee conditions Guarantee stipulated in the contract 2 years starting from setting into function the if the user modified the material or took • manufacturer will replace the damaged parts off the marking or the serial numbers; except the cases mentioned in chapter if the person who made the repairing is •...
  • Page 20: Instructions For The Installer

    Instructions for the installer Tehnical features Dimensions Height 855 mm Width 500 mm Depth 600 mm Oven Capacity 48,5 l painted Front left Hob element Ø 180 mm 2000 W Back left Hob element Ø 145 mm 1000 W Front right Hob element Ø...
  • Page 21: Installation

    Installation It is mandatory that all operations required for Before your appliance is connected to the the installation be carried out by QUALIFIED mains electricity supply, check to ensure that PERSONNEL in accordance with existing rules the voltage and the frecquency shown in the and regulations.
  • Page 22: Electrical Connections

    Electrical connections Any electrical work required to install Ensure that the cooker supply cable this hob and the supply cable should be does not come into contact with any part of carried out by a qualified electrician or the hatched area shown in the diagram. competent person, in accordance with the current regulations.
  • Page 23: European Guarantee

    Rated voltage 230V ~/ 400V 3~/ 230V 3~/ 400V 2N~ Connection Tri-phase Y 3 ph. Tri-phase Y 2 ph. Single phase Tri-phase type + neutral + neutral Cable 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 connection to the terminal plate Network 230V ~...
  • Page 24 Garantie/Kundendienst, Garantie/service-clientèle, Garanzia/ Servizio clienti, Guarantee/Customer Service Centres Servicestellen Points de Service Servizio dopo vendita Point of Service 5506 Mägenwil/Zürich 3018 Bern 1028 Préverenges Le 6916 Grancia Zona Industriestrasse 10 Morgenstrasse 131 Trési 6 Industriale E 9000 St. GallenZürcherstrasse 204 e 4127 Birsfelden Hauptstrasse 52 6020 Emmenbrücke...
  • Page 25 Per ogni prodotto concediamo una garanzia di 2 anni a partire dalla data di consegna o dalla sua messa in funzione. (fa stato la data della fattura, del certificato di garanzia o dello scontrino d’acquisto) Nella garanzia sono comprese le spese di manodopera, di viaggio e del materiale.
  • Page 26 Slavonska avenija 3, 10000 Zagreb Ireland +353 1 40 90 753 Long Mile Road Dublin 12 Italia +39 (0) 434 558500 Lino Zanussi, 26 - 33080 Porcia (PN) Latvija +37 17 84 59 34 Kr. Barona iela 130/2, LV-1012, Riga...
  • Page 27 Portugal +35 12 14 40 39 39 Quinta da Fonte - Edificio Gonçalves Zarco - Q 35 -2774-518 Paço de Arcos Romania +40 21 451 20 30 Str. Garii Progresului 2, S4, 040671 Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera +41 62 88 99 111 Industriestrasse 10, CH-5506 Mägenwil Slovenija...
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