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Programming Map; Programming Options - GE ATS1197 Installation Manual

Smart card reader with keypad
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Programming map

GE Security, RAS1197.V01
0-EXIT, Menu:
2-LEDs off-line
0-Exit, Menu:
3-Valid Card Flash
0-Exit, Menu:
4-Night Light
0-Exit, Menu:
5-Protocol Options
0-Exit, Menu:
6-Card Beep
0-Exit, Menu:
7-Watch Dog
0-Exit, Menu:
8-O/C Output
0-Exit, Menu:
9-Option Card
0-Exit, Menu:
10-RTE (Egress)
0-Exit, Menu:
11-Factory Defaults
0-Exit, Menu:
13-Last Card
0-Exit, Menu:
16-Security Mode
0-Exit, Menu:
Reserved menus are not shown

Programming options

The ATS1197 provides for a menu through which a number of options
can be set.
To enter the programming menu for the ATS1197:
Enter menu 28 of the control panel installer menu.
Press 2[ENTER] followed by the RAS address selected and [ENTER]
to enter the RAS menu. The display now shows "GE Security,
RAS1197" followed by the version number.
Press [ENTER] to proceed to the menu or press the menu number
followed by [ENTER] to go to a menu item directly.
Menu 1, 12, 14 and 15 are reserved menus.
Menu 2, LEDs offline
Select either two-wire (default) or one-wire LED control.
For two-wire LED control:
The brown wire controls LED 1 red (Arm). Wire grounded: LED 1 red
on, wire open or at +5 to 14 V: LED 1 off.
The yellow wire controls the LED 1 green (Disarm). Wire grounded
(0 V): LED 1 green on, wire open or at +5 to 14 V: LED 1 off.
Two wire Led Control
*-Change, #-Exit
*-Change, #-Exit
*-Change, #-Exit
*-Change, #-Exit
*-Yes, #-No
*-Change, #-Exit
Door Output
*-Change, #-Exit
*-Change, #-Exit
RTE Disabled
*-Change, #-Exit
Set Defaults?
*-Yes, #-No
Un-Secured Mode
*-Change, #-Exit
Both yellow and brown wires grounded (0 V), LED 1 is on yellow. Not
valid when used on GE Security products.
For one-wire LED control, the brown wire controls LED 1 green-red dual
Grounded or 0 V, LED 1 green on.
+5 to 15 V: LED 1 red is on.
Open or high Z, or +2.5 V: LED 1 off.
Menu 3, Valid card flash
If enabled (default), the green LED will give one short flash when the card
is badged. The panel controls subsequent flashes.
Menu 4, Night light
A dimly lit keypad backlight provides the night-light to easily locate the
keypad in dark locations (enabled by default).
Menu 5, Protocol options
This option selects the method by which the reader sends data to the
panel. The options are Wiegand (default) or Magnetic stripe. See
option 16 for more data on transmitted data details.
Menu 6, Card beep
If enabled (default), the beeper will give a short beep when a card is
badged. The panel controls subsequent beeper activity.
Menu 7, Watchdog
Offline mode only. If enabled, one byte of data is sent to the host every
minute to indicate that the RAS is connected and operating normally. If
the ATS1197 tamper is active, the data byte will not be sent (disabled by
Menu 8, O/C output
Select one of the following options:
Door relay (online mode only) — The open collector output
activates (active low) when the door open signal is sent to the
ATS1197 (default setting).
Tamper output (online or offline modes) — The open collector
output activates (active low) when the ATS1197 Tamper is active.
Card data present (offline mode only) — The open collector output
activates (active low) when the card data is being sent to the host.
Menu 9, Option card
This option enables (default setting) and disables the use of reader
configuration (option) cards at the reader. If an installer wishes to
prevent the modification of the reader setup by configuration card, this
option should be disabled.
Menu 10, RTE (Egress)
The RAS is fitted with Request To Exit (RTE) control (yellow wire). The open
collector output (violet wire) may be used to control a door relay. RTE is
only available in online mode.
There are three options to choose from:
RTE disabled. When RTE is not used, it is recommended to disable
RTE only. This option requires a simple push button to be
connected to the yellow wire. A press of the button will release the
door lock relay. Used for a quick exit from an Area (enabled by
RTE arm/disarm. Do not use.
Menu 11, Factory defaults
This option returns all RAS settings to the factory default condition.
Menu 13, Last card
This option displays the number of the last card badged on the reader, in
the format: facility code/system code, ID number or as raw card data
(depends on setting of security mode).
Menu 16, Security mode
This option selects the type of user card the reader will recognise. The
reader will recognise configuration and default cards in both modes. The
possible modes are as follows:
Unsecured mode (default setting) — The reader will recognise blank
or un-programmed cards only, by using the card's unique serial
number. The 4-byte security password is not used. Unsecured
mode requires the use of an expanded memory system.



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