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Wiring Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric PUHZ-SW50VHA Service Manual

Split-type, air to water heat pump
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FIELD ELECTRICAL WIRING (power wiring specifications)
Outdoor unit model
Outdoor unit power supply
Outdoor unit input capacity Main switch (Breaker)
Outdoor unit power supply
Indoor unit-Outdoor unit
Indoor unit-Outdoor unit earth
Remote controller-Indoor unit
Outdoor unit L-N (single)
Outdoor unit L1-N, L2-N, L3-N (3 phase)
Indoor unit-Outdoor unit S1-S2
Indoor unit-Outdoor unit S2-S3
Remote controller-Indoor unit
*1. A breaker with at least 3.0 mm contact separation in each poles shall be provided. Use earth leakage breaker (NV).
Make sure that the current leakage breaker is one compatible with higher harmonics.
Always use a current leakage breaker that is compatible with higher harmonics as this unit is equipped with an inverter.
The use of inadequate breaker can cause the incorrect operation of inverter.
*2. Maximum 45 m
If 2.5 mm² is used, maximum 50 m.
If 2.5 mm² is used and S3 is separated, maximum 80 m.
*3. The 10 m wire is attached in the remote controller accessory.
*4. T he figures are NOT always against the ground.
S3 terminal has 24 V DC against S2 terminal. However between S3 and S1, these terminals are NOT electrically insulated by the transformer or other device.
Caution: Be sure to install N-Line. Without N-Line, it could cause damage to the unit.
Notes: 1. Wiring size must comply with the applicable local and national code. .
2. Power supply cables and Indoor/Outdoor unit connecting cables shall not be lighter than polychloroprene sheathed flexible cable.
(Design 60245 IEC 57)
3. Install an earth longer than other cables.
Power supply
Outdoor Unit
In case of A-control wiring, there is high voltage potential on the S3 terminal caused by electrical circuit design that has no electrical insulation between
power line and communication signal line. Therefore, please turn off the main power supply when servicing. And do not touch the S1, S2, S3 terminals
when the power is energized. If isolator should be used between indoor unit and outdoor unit, please use 3-pole type.
SW40, 50V
~/N (single),
50 Hz, 230 V
16 A
3 × Min. 1.5
3 × 1.5 (Polar)
1 × Min. 1.5
2 × 0.3 (Non-polar)
230 V AC
230 V AC
24 V DC
12 V DC
3 poles isolator
Indoor Unit

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