Mitsubishi Electric EHSD-MEC Operation Manual

Mitsubishi Electric EHSD-MEC Operation Manual

Cylinder unit; hydrobox
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EHST20 series
EHPT20 series


For safe and correct use, please read this operation manual thoroughly before operating the cylinder unit and
the hydrobox.
Lesen Sie sich zur sicheren und korrekten Verwendung diese Bedienungsanleitung bitte sorgfältig durch,
bevor Sie das Hydraulikmodul inkl. Speicher und die Hydrobox verwenden.
Pour garantir une utilisation sûre et appropriée, lisez attentivement le présent mode d'emploi avant d'utiliser
l'ECODAN hydrobox duo et l'ECODAN hydrobox.
Voor een veilig en juist gebruik moet u deze handleiding goed doorlezen alvorens de cilinder en hydrobox in
gebruik te nemen.
Para un uso correcto y seguro del hydrobox duo y del Hydrobox, lea este manual de instrucciones antes de su
Per un uso corretto e sicuro del dispositivo, leggere attentamente il presente manuale di funzionamento prima
di utilizzare l'hydrotank e l'hydrobox.
Para uma utilização segura e correcta, é favor ler cuidadosamente este manual de funcionamento antes de
trabalhar com o cilindro e permutador de calor.
Læs venligst denne brugsvejledning grundigt inden betjening af i tank modulet (unit) og hydroboksen.
För säker och korrekt användning, var god läs denna användarmanual noggrant innan du använder i cylindertanken
och hydroboxen.
Les denne bruksanvisningen nøye før du bruker sylinderenheten og hydroboksen for å sikre trygg og riktig
Turvallisen ja asianmukaisen käytön varmistamiseksi lue tämä käyttöopas huolellisesti ennen varaajayksikön
ja hydroboxin käyttöä.
EHSC series
EHPX series
ERSD series
EHSD series
ERSC series
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Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric EHSD-MEC

  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    CYLINDER UNIT HYDROBOX EHST20 series EHSC series EHSD series EHPT20 series EHPX series ERSC series ERSD series OPERATION MANUAL FOR USER English (EN) For safe and correct use, please read this operation manual thoroughly before operating the cylinder unit and the hydrobox.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Safety Precautions ........... 2 2. Introduction ............3 3. Your Heating System ........5 4. Customising Settings for Your Home ..... 7 5. Service and Maintenance....... 14 Abbreviations and glossary No. Abbreviations/Word Description Compensation curve mode Space heating incorporating outdoor ambient temperature compensation Cooling mode Cylinder unit Indoor unvented DHW tank and component plumbing parts...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Please dispose of this equipment, batteries and accumulators correctly at your lo- cal community waste collection/recycling centre. Annex II. Your Mitsubishi Electric heating system products have been man- ufactured with high quality materials and components which can disposal. be recycled and/or reused. The symbol in Figure 1.1 means that Please, help us to conserve the environment we live in.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    This user manual should be kept with the unit or in an accessible place for future reference. Overview of the System The Mitsubishi Electric Air to Water (ATW) heat pump system consists of the fol- lowing components; outdoor heat pump unit and indoor cylinder unit or hydrobox incorporating main controller.
  • Page 5: Economical Best Practice

    Introduction Economical Best Practice Air source heat pumps can provide both hot water (providing a suitable DHW tank Implications is used) and space heating all year. The system is different to a conventional fossil should be scheduled using the SCHEDULE function (see page 12). Ideally this should be during the night time when little space heating is required and economy electricity tariffs can be taken advantage of.
  • Page 6: Your Heating System

    Your Heating System...
  • Page 7 Your Heating System...
  • Page 8: Customising Settings For Your Home

    The following is a guide to viewing the main settings. Should you require more information please <Main controller parts> contact your installer or local Mitsubishi Electric dealer. Cooling mode is available for ERS series only. However, Cooling mode is not avail- Letter...
  • Page 9: General Operation

    Customising Settings for Your Home General Operation In general operation the screen displayed on the main controller will be shown as This screen shows the target temperature, space heating mode, DHW mode (if DHW tank is present in system), any additional heat sources being used, holiday mode, and the date and time.
  • Page 10 Customising Settings for Your Home <Room sensor settings> For room sensor settings it is important to choose the correct room sensor de- pending on the heating mode the system will operate in. 1. From the Initial settings menu select Room sensor settings. 2.
  • Page 11 Customising Settings for Your Home Domestic Hot Water (DHW)/Legionella Prevention The domestic hot water and legionella prevention menus control the operation of DHW tank heat ups. <DHW mode settings> 1. Highlight the hot water icon and press CONFIRM. 2. Use button F1 to switch between Normal and ECO heating modes. 3.
  • Page 12 Customising Settings for Your Home Explanation of Legionella Prevention Mode operation DHW tank temp. Stop Stop Restart tem is diverted to heat the water in the DHW tank. Stop temp. Legionella the installer (above 65°C) primary circuit water is no longer diverted to heat the hot water temp.
  • Page 13: Schedule Timer

    Customising Settings for Your Home Holiday Mode and thus reduced power usage whilst the property is unoccupied. Holiday mode From the main menu screen press button E should be pressed. Be careful not to hold down button E for too long as this will turn off the controller and system. Once the holiday mode activation screen is displayed you can activate/deactivate and select the duration that you would like holiday mode to run for.
  • Page 14: Service Menu

    Customising Settings for Your Home 5. In the preview menu screen press F4 button. Preview screen 6. First select the days of the week you wish to schedule. 7. Press F2/F3 buttons to move between days and F1 to check or uncheck the box.
  • Page 15: Service And Maintenance

    Service and Maintenance Troubleshooting The following table is to be used as a guide to possible problems. It is not exhaustive and all problems should be investigated by the installer or another competent person. Users should not attempt to repair the system themselves. At no time should the system be operating with the safety devices by-passed or plugged.
  • Page 16 ..........2 ..............3 ........5 ..7 ....14 14 PRV 17 TRV...
  • Page 19 20°C...
  • Page 25 60–70 1–30 1–5 1–120...
  • Page 30 Authorized representative in EU: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V. HARMAN HOUSE, 1 GEORGE STREET, UXBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX UB8 1QQ, U.K. This product is made by Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Europe Ltd.: NETTLEHILL Rd, HOUSTOUN IND ESTATE, LIVINGSTON, EH54 5EQ, UK RG79D942H01...

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