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Seca 703 User Manual

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Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Seca 703

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    (RESET) ....53 3.3 Information on rating plate ..40 6. seca 360° wireless Network ..54 3.4 Menu structure ... . . 42 6.1 Introduction .
  • Page 3: Description Of Device

    170 years and as a market leader in many...
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    You can find your local service partner at or just send an e-mail to • Make sure you only use genuine seca acces- sories and spare parts. Otherwise the war- ranty provided by seca will become null and void.
  • Page 5: Batteries

    CAUTION! Used to identify a hazardous situation. If you fail to take note of this information, minor to moder- ate injuries may result. ATTENTION! Used to identify possible incorrect usage of device. If you fail to take note of this information, you may damage the device or the measured results may be incorrect.
  • Page 6: Overview

    English 3. OVERVIEW 3.1 Controls/Features No. Control/Feature Function To switch scales off and on Arrow key • During weighing: - Press briefly: Activate Hold function - Hold down: Activate 2 in 1 function • In menu: - Select submenu, select menu item - Increase value Arrow key •...
  • Page 7: Symbols In Display

    No. Control/Feature Function Power connec- Used to connect an optional power supply unit tion Transport rollers The scales can be moved about with these rollers Foot screw 4 screws, for precise alignment of device 3.2 Symbols in display Symbol Meaning Batteries are weak Operation with power supply unit Non-calibratable function active...
  • Page 8 English Text/Symbol Meaning Symbol for FCC (USA) Only operate device with DC Do not discard with household waste Overview • 41...
  • Page 9: Menu Structure

    • wireless *Funknetzwerk seca 360° Wireless: • Year Group (ID): Raum (ID): • Month Max. 3 seca wireless groups: 0, 1, 2 Max. drei seca Funkräume: 0, 1, 2 Time • Maximum configuration per Maximal-Konfiguration pro Funkraum: Reset • Hour...
  • Page 10: Before You Get Started

    English 4. BEFORE YOU GET STARTED … 4.1 Installation of column The column with the LCD display can be fitted in two positions, so allowing you to determine the direction in which the display is legible - facing either towards or away from the platform.
  • Page 11: Create Power Supply

    This may cause the scales to overheat, catch fire, melt or short-circuit. – Only use genuine seca plug-in power supply units with 9V or a controlled 12 V output voltage. 1. Insert the power plug necessary for your power supply in the power supply unit.
  • Page 12: Set Up Scales

    English 4.3 Set up scales ATTENTION! Incorrect measurement with force shunt If the housing of the scales is resting on some- thing, e.g. a towel, the weight measurement will not be correct. – When setting up the scales, ensure that they only make contact with the ground via the foot screws.
  • Page 13: Continuous Display Of Measured Result (hold)

    ATTENTION! Incorrect measurement due to change in initial weight If the child is weighed with a different initial weight, the child's weight will not be calculated correctly. – Make sure that the child is always weighed with the adult used to determine the initial weight..
  • Page 14: Determine And Evaluate Body Mass Index (bmi)

    English Determine and evaluate The body mass index compares height and weight, so body mass index (BMI) resulting in more accurate figures than with Broca's for- mula for ideal weight. It includes a tolerance range which is considered ideal in health terms. 1.
  • Page 15: Calculate And Print Out Bmi Automatically

    NOTE: The prerequisite for this function is that the equipment devices are logged into a wireless group (see "seca 360° wireless Network" on page 54). 1. Carry out weighing. 2. Briefly press the Enter key (send/print) on the scales.
  • Page 16: Additional Functions (menu)

    English 5.2 Additional functions (menu) Additional functions are available in the menu for the scales. This allows you to configure the scales perfectly to your own needs. …. Reset • Autoclear • PT Weight Net Weight • Autohold • • Beep Press •...
  • Page 17: Clear Stored Values Automatically

    4. Confirm your selection with the Enter key (send/ print). The current selection for the menu item or a sub- menu is displayed (here level "0"). 5. To change your selection or call up another sub- menu, keep pressing one of the arrow keys until the required selection is displayed (here: level "2").
  • Page 18: Activate Autohold Function (ahold)

    English 2. Confirm your selection. Arrows can be seen flashing in the display. The additional weight last stored is displayed. 3. You can accept the stored value or adjust it using the arrow keys. NOTE: If you enter the value "0", the function will be switched off.
  • Page 19: Activate Acoustic Signals

    Activate acoustic You can select whether an acoustic signal is to be signals (BEEP) emitted whenever a key is pressed or a stable weighing value has been attained. The latter is relevant for the Hold/Autohold function. NOTE: The function "Acoustic signal with stable weigh- ing value"...
  • Page 20: Restore Factory Settings

    English 2. Confirm the selection. The current selection is displayed. Select the unit you wish to use for displaying the weight: – kilos (kg) – pounds (lbs) – stones (sts) 3. Confirm the selection. You will leave the menu automatically. Restore factory settings You can restore the factory settings for the following (RESET)
  • Page 21: Seca 360° Wireless Network

    • 1 set of personal scales • 1 length measuring device • 1 seca wireless printer • 1 PC with seca USB wireless module Channels The devices communicate with each other within each wireless group via three channels (C1, C2, C3). This ensures reliable, troublefree data transmission.
  • Page 22: Detection Of Equipment Devices

    6.2 Operate scales in a wireless group (menu) All functions required to operate the device in a seca wireless group can be found in the submenu "rF". Information how to navigate in the menu can be found on page 49.
  • Page 23: Activate Wireless Module (sys)

    Activate wireless The device is supplied with the wireless module disa- module (SYS) bled. It has to be activated before you can set up a wireless group. NOTE: When the wireless module is activated, the power consumption of the device will increase. We recommend using a power supply unit when operating the device in a wireless net- work.
  • Page 24 15. Press the Enter key to leave the menu or wait until you leave the menu automatically. seca 360° wireless Network • 57...
  • Page 25: Activate Automatic Transmission (asend)

    NOTE: This function is only available if the "learn" func- tion has been used to integrate a seca wireless printer in the wireless group. 1. Switch the device on. 2. Select the menu item "APrt" in the "rf" submenu and confirm your selection.
  • Page 26: Cleaning

    English NOTE: This function is only available if the "learn" func- tion has been used to integrate a seca wireless printer in the wireless group. 1. Switch the device on. 2. Select the menu item "Time" in the "rf" submenu.
  • Page 27: What To Do If

    • The device was unable to send measured results to the radio receiver (seca wireless printer or PC with seca USB wireless module). – Check that the scales are integrated in the wireless network. – Check that the receiver is switched on.
  • Page 28: Maintenance

    9. MAINTENANCE 9.1 Information about maintenance Your seca scales leave the factory with an accuracy greater than ±0,15%. To preserve this level of accuracy the product must be set up carefully and serviced regu- larly. We recommend having it serviced every 3 to 5 years depending on how often the scales are used.
  • Page 29: Technical Data

    – Make sure that maintenance and repair are only carried out by an authorised service partner. – You can find your local service partner at or just send an e-mail to 10.TECHNICAL DATA Technical data for seca 703 Dimensions •...
  • Page 30: Accessories

    • Switch-mode power supply unit: 100-240V~ 68-32-10-265 / 50-60Hz / 12V= / 0.5A Additional accessories • seca 220 telescopic measuring rod, measu- 220-17-14-004 ring range: 890 - 2000 mm, graduations: 1 mm, material: hard-anodised aluminium, slide with latchable measuring tongue •...
  • Page 31: Disposal

    The warranty shall become null and void where the device is opened by persons not expressly authorised to do so by seca. We ask customers based abroad to contact their local sales agent direct in the case of warranty claims.
  • Page 32 Konformitätserklärung Declaration of conformity Certificat de conformité Dichiarazione di conformità Declaratión de conformidad Overensstemmelsesattest Försäkran om överensstämmelse Konformitetserklæring Vaatimuksenmukaisuusvakuutus Verklaring van overeenkomst Declaração de conformidade Δήλωση Συμβατότητας Prohlášení o shodĕ Vastavusdeklaratsioon Megfelelőségi nyilatkozat Atitikties patvirtinimas Atbilstības apliecinājums Deklaracja zgodności Izjava o skladnosti Vyhlásenie o zhode Onay belgesi...
  • Page 33 Die nichtselbsttätige Personenwaage The non-automatic personal scales Le pèse-personnes non automatique La bilancia pesapersone non automatica La báscula no automática pesapersona Den ikke-automatiske personvægt Den icke automatisk personvåg Den ikke-automatiske personvekten Ei-automaattinen henkilövaaka De niet-automatische personenweegschaal A balança não automática para pessoas Η...

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