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Intel® Realsense™ Sdk; Opencv 3.3.0; Table 3-2. Intel® Realsense™ Sdk Resources - Intel RealSense D400 Series User Manual

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Intel.Realsense.CustomRW.exe under bin directory is the calibration data read/write
tool. We will be using it to update the calibration parameters to the device after
running the Custom Calibration Sample App and obtained optimized parameters for
the device.
CustomCalibration under examples directory is the Custom Calibration Sample App
source code and project solution files to compile it. We will go over it later in this
Intel® RealSense™ SDK
Install the latest release of the Intel® RealSense™ SDK so your custom calibration
application can use LibRealSense to conveniently open and access Intel® RealSense™
D400 series modules. Table 3-2 contains pointers to the SDK homepage, GitHub*
repository where you can download the latest release, and the SDK documentation.
Table 3-2. Intel® RealSense™ SDK Resources
Intel® RealSense™
Home Page
LibRealSense GitHub*
SDK Documentation

OpenCV 3.3.0

The calibration example presented in this document uses several OpenCV 3.3.0
libraries for computations, so OpenCV 3.3.0 must be installed. Table 3-3 lists URLs
for downloading OpenCV 3.3.0, and Table 3-4 lists the specific OpenCV libraries that
are required by the example code.
|-------- release_notes.txt
|-------- license.txt
|-------- gimbal
|-------- target
|-------- examples
|-------- CustomCalibration


Table of Contents