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    STC-TGL2M / STC-TGL4M / STC-TGL5M User’s Manual Toll Free Customer Support 1-888-304-6125 Version 1.3 06/07...

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    Wildview Series For Customer Service or Warranty Information Call Toll Free 888-304-6125 WILDVIEW P.O. Box 535189 Grand Prairie, Texas 75053-5189 Wildview Limited Warranty Your Wildview scouting camera is covered by a 90 days Limited Warranty on parts and labor from the date of original purchase, and purchases must be made through an authorized dealer.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Manual Contents Camera overview Camera kit contents Battery and memory Installation Definition Programming Mounting the camera Viewing images Saving and Deleting images Memory compatibility chart Technical Specs General Information Image Capacity Chart Toll Free 888-304-6125...

  • Page 4: Camera Overview

    Wildview Series Camera overview Front view Side view Toll Free 888-304-6125...

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    Wildview Series Open view image with major parts indication Toll Free 888-304-6125...

  • Page 6: Camera Kit Contents, Battery And Memory Installation

    Camera kit contents • Wildview series Digital Scouting Camera • Camera driver • User Manual • USB cable • Strap Battery & memory installation Warning: Do not use a different Voltage lead acid battery other than the one specified in this section.

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    NOTE: Always have camera in the OFF position when installing or removing batteries. Batteries “C” cell The internal battery compartment accepts 4 “C” cell batteries. Be sure to use high quality brand name alkaline batteries. Install batteries with correct polarity (+/-) as noted inside the battery compartment.

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    Please make sure the voltage and polarity (+/-) are correct before connection. Incorrect voltage or polarity (+/-) will damage the camera. Memory Options Your Wildview scouting camera is equipped with the following: Model STC-TGL2M STC-TGL4M STC-TGL5M The camera is also equipped with an expandable media card slot capable of accepting up to 2GB* SD card (sold separately).

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    of images on the built in memory unless the expansion card is inserted at which point the front counter will only display the number of images stored in the expansion card. Inserting SD card Make sure camera is in the OFF position whenever adding or removing memory.

  • Page 10: Definition

    Definition • Time out: To set the amount of preset time in minutes the camera will sleep between PIR triggering • Resolution: The resolution selection that you have selected. Model STC-TGL2M 2.0M STC-TGL4M 4.0M STC-TGL5M 5.0M • Date/Time: To set date and time stamp in the picture •...

  • Page 11: Programming

    3P: Three images continuous capturing per PIR triggering AVI: 10 second video clip per PIR triggering • FULL: When memory capacity is full, this front LCD screen will show “FULL” Programming your Wildview Camera The following setting must be performed before you turn on the camera.

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    conditions. b. On – Flash on for every image captured c. Off – No Flash will go off. 4. Select Burst mode: Slide the switch to 1 / 2 / 3 / AVI position. If you choose AVI mode, the camera will automatically switch to 1 picture mode if it detects a low light source.

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    Press [SET] button to enter date setting. Date & DD will blink. Press [UP] or [DN] to adjust date. g. Press [SET] button to enter year setting. Date & YY will blink. Press [UP] or [DN] to adjust year. h. Press and hold [SET] button for 2 seconds to exit the setting mode and enter into PIR count down mode.

  • Page 14: Mounting The Camera

    Wildview Series Mounting the camera It is recommended that you mount the camera 4-5 ft off the ground with the camera pointed at a slight downward angle. Be sure to avoid mounting the camera facing east or west as the rising and setting of the sun could produce false triggers and overexposed images.

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    Mounting the camera with the supplied strap • Insert the strap through the strap slots on the rear housing. • Wrap the strap around the mounting surface. Secure the strap and tighten the buckle in order to secure the camera. Toll Free 888-304-6125...

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    In order to obtain proper weather resistance, please make sure that both door latches are securely locked in place. Testing the camera coverage area One of Wildview Scouting Camera’s features is the ability to test the coverage area. • After mounting the camera, open front housing and slide the power switch to Test position.

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    • When you have completed testing the coverage area, open the front housing and slide the power switch from Test position to PIR position. Front LCD counter will show “0000”. The camera will enter count down mode for 1 minute and the front green indicator will start blinking, giving you one minute to leave the coverage area.

  • Page 18: Viewing Images

    Viewing images Viewing images by computer download The Wildview Scouting Camera is a plug and play USB storage device. This means users of Windows 2000 /ME / and XP operating systems need not install the camera driver. This camera is not MAC compatible. The CD-ROM included in this package contains the camera driver for older operating system only.

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    • Follow the instructions shown on screen from your PC to completely install the driver and application program. • If the existing DirectX version on your PC is lower than version 8, and if you have problems viewing the image with the standard software provided by Microsoft, then you should install DirectX 8 •...

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    • If your computer doesn’t run automatically, please click “Start” button and choose “Run”, and then browse the CD drive and click “Setup”. Viewing the images on your computer • Slide the power switch to OFF position. • To view the images simply plug one end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer.

  • Page 21: Saving And Deleting Images

    Saving and Deleting images SAVING IMAGES To save images on to your PC, simply copy and paste, or drag and drop from the SDRAM memory to your PC desk top. DELETING IMAGES There are two ways to delete the images from the internal SDRAM memory.

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    or [DN] until screen shows “ESC” then press [SET] again to exit. d. This will only delete the last image saved in the memory. Delete All picture: a. Press [SET] button to enter delete setting. Display will show “ESC” b. Press [UP] or [DN] to select d-ALL (delete all) c.

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    ESC: To exit delete setting. 2. Simply remove the batteries from the battery compartment. This will delete the image stored in the internal SDRAM memory CAUTION: Do not remove the battery until you have down loaded all the images in the internal SDRAM. Once the battery is removed, all images in the internal SDRAM will be deleted.

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    SD card Compatibility Chart The following cards have been tested and approved for use in the Wildview series model. 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB San Disk 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 2GB Panasonic 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, Toshiba 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB King Mate 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB Lexar...

  • Page 25: Technical Specs

    Technical Specifications System Requirements and Compatibility • Windows 98/98se/2000/Me/XP. • Pentium III 450MHz or equivalent processor. • 128MB SDRAM or above. • VGA Video Card with 32MB RAM for minimum, Color 16 bit or higher. • An available CDROM driver and an available USB Port.

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    Camera Features and Specification Mega Built in Model Pixel Memory STC-TGL2M 2.0M 16MB STC-TGL4M 4.0M 32MB STC-TGL5M 5.0M 32MB • Auto white balance and auto expose. • Auto/On/Off Flash light strobe control Flash Range – 30ft • 4 digits LCD Image counter •...

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    • PIR detection angle 48 deg • Low power consumption: Standby current: < 4.5mA Capture current: <120mA – STC-TGL2M Capture current: <150mA – STC-TGL4M & 5M • Interface type: USB 1.0 • Power: C size alkaline Batteries x 4. • Image format: Standard JPEG.

  • Page 28: General Information

    General Information Storing conditions • Operating Environment: 14 to 104 deg F (-10 to 40 deg C). 20-85% relative humidity, non-condensation. Special care instructions!! • The camera is designed to be weather resistant. Never attempt to immerse the unit in water or any other liquid.

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    • Avoid dropping the Wildview scouting camera on to hard ground. Do not disassemble the Wildview scouting camera. • Do not mix new and old batteries. • Do not open the camera for unauthorized service. This could cause serious damage to the unit and will void the warranty.

  • Page 30: Image Capacity Chart

    Image Capacity Chart – STC-TGL2M SD card High Built In 16MB SDRAM 16MB 32MB 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB* 1664 2GB* 3328 * Subject to card compatibility under different brand Toll Free 888-304-6125 1280 2560 5120 1024...

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    Image Capacity Chart – STC-TGL4M SD card High Built In 32MB SDRAM 16MB 32MB 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB* 2GB* 1408 * Subject to card compatibility under different brand Toll Free 888-304-6125 1664 3328 1024...

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    Image Capacity Chart – STC-TGL5M SD card High Built In 32MB SDRAM 16MB 32MB 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB* 2GB* 1152 * Subject to card compatibility under different brand Toll Free 888-304-6125 1664 1024...

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    Wildview Series NOTE: Image Capacity Chart provides approximate number of images or AVI movies based on resolution setting and the size of memory card. These figures may vary depending on the amount of detail in the image. US Patents 6,735,387 / 6,768,868 / 6,834,162 / 7,149,422 Patents Pending Toll Free 888-304-6125...

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