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Re-Connecting A Lost Bluetooth Connection; Listening To Music From The Bluetooth Device; Switching Between Input Options - Hitachi HSHS501WE Instruction Manual

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Re-Connecting a Lost Bluetooth Connection

If the Bluetooth connection is lost, follow the below steps to reconnect the unit and the
media source device:
Ensure your media source device is in operational range of the unit; also ensure there
are no obstructions.
Turn on your device's Bluetooth connection.
If the unit is disconnected from a Bluetooth device, the unit will automatically enter
pairing mode (LED on the Power Switch / Volume Control will blink once every second),
even if it is already paired with a Bluetooth device.

Listening to Music from the Bluetooth Device

If the connected Bluetooth device supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (AADP),
you can listen to the music stored on the Bluetooth device.
Pair the Bluetooth device with the unit.
Access and playback music as normal on your Bluetooth device.
If the unit is connected to other Bluetooth devices, priority will be given to music being
played back using the Bluetooth connection.

Switching Between Input Options

If the unit is connected to other devices and bluetooth at the same time, the bluetooth
device will take priority for playback.
This unit can only broadcast one input at any one time.
To switch between the 3 input options, ensure that the 2 input options you do not want to
use are disconnected.
Only the input option you want to use should be connected.

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