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Cleaning And Maintenance; Cleaning The Unit; Hints And Tips - Hitachi HSHS501WE Instruction Manual

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Unit

Ensure the unit is fully unplugged from the mains socket before cleaning.
To clean the unit, wipe the case with a slightly moist, lint-free cloth.
Do not use any cleaning fluids containing alcohol, ammonia or abrasives.
Do not spray an aerosol at or near the unit.

Hints and Tips

If you experience problems during the set up of your system, please first check the
following conditions:
Make sure all the connections between the speakers, the unit and the Bluetooth
device are correct.
Make sure that the mains power supply is switched on.
If connected to a non-standard games console or audio device, please consult the
manual of those devices for connection.
Check that your device volume level is sufficient.
Ensure the device can be used with the unit to playback music.
If audio quality is poor after connection, make sure the device is close enough to the
unit, and that there are no obstacles in the way.
If the device cannot connect with unit, check the following are correct:
The device supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (AADP).
The device's Bluetooth function is turned on.
The unit is in pairing mode. If it is not, turn the unit off then on again.
The unit is not connected to another Bluetooth enable device. If it is, turn the unit
off and on and try again.
If any functional abnormality is encountered, unplug the unit from the mains socket
and reconnect it again.

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