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Operation - Kärcher 411 User Manual

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Operation with high-pressure
Set the double nozzle to "
Release the gun trigger with the safety ratchet
and pull the trigger.
Switch on the pump.
Operation with Detergent
Set the double nozzle to "
Suspend the detergent hose in the detergent
container (not included).
We recommend that you use detergent sparingly
for the sake of the environment.
We offer you an individual cleaning and deter-
gent range, thereby guaranteeing fault-free
work. Please allow us to advise you or order our
catalogue or the detergent information sheets.
Only those detergents which have been appro-
ved by the appliance manufacturer may be used.
Unsuitable detergents can damage the applian-
ce and the object being cleaned.
Observe the recommended dosage on the deter-
gent label.
We recommend the following cleaning methods:
Step 1: Loosening dirt
Spray on detergent sparingly and allow to react
for a short time.
Step 2: Removing dirt
Spray off the loosened dirt with the high-pressure
The appliance should be rinsed clean after de-
tergent has been used. To do this, suspend the
detergent suction hose in a container of clean
water, and run the pump for approx. 1 minute.

2. Operation

Interrupting Operation
Switching Off the Appliance
– Use the appliance to clean machines, vehicles,
– Clean facades, terrasses, garden equipment
– Engines may only be cleaned at locations with
– When the appliance is used at petrol stations
– We recommend the dirt blaster as a special
In the event of extended work breaks (more
than 15 minutes), switch off the pump to avoid
damage due to water overheating.
Switch off the pump and unplug the power cable
from the mains.
Close the water inlet and detach the appliance
from the water connection.
Pull the trigger until there is no more pressure in
the appliance, and secure the trigger with the
safety ratchet against unintentional opening.
buidings, tools etc.
etc. without detergent only with the high-pres-
sure spray.
appropriate oil separators (environmental
and other dangerous areas, the appropriate
safety regulations must be observed.
attachment for stubborn dirt.



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