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Kärcher 411 User Manual page 3

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• Please contact your dealer immediately if, on
unpacking the appliance, you discover damage
has been caused during transportation.
• Do not simply discard the packing materials
with the house-hold waste. Take the packing
materials to the appropriate collection areas for
! ! ! ! !
Electrical Connection
• See technical data of connected values.
• Check whether the voltage shown on the rating
plate corresponds to that of the power source.
Note: If you are using an extension cable, it
should always be completely unwound from the
cable drum and have a sufficient cross-sectional
area: 10 m = 1.5 mm², 30m = 2.5 mm²
" " " " "
Power Switch
• With this switch you can switch the high-
pressure pump ON and OFF.
# # # # #
Water Connection with coupling
• See technical data for connected values.
• Screw the coupling onto the water connection of
the appliance.
• Connect a water supply hose (not supplied) to
the appliance and the water pipe.
Observe the following if you are drawing water from
an open container:
1. Unscrew the coupling from the water connection
of the appliance, and attach a suction hose
with filter (order no. 4.440-238) directly to the
2. Allow the pump to operate without the high-
pressure hose until water appears at the high-
pressure outlet without any more bubbles.
3. Then re-attach the high-pressure hose.
Note: Dirt in the feed water could lead to the ap-
pliance being damaged. To avoid this risk, we re-
commend fitting a filter. A suitable filter with 3/4"
connection is available under Order No. 6.414-389.
1. Starting
$ $ $ $ $
Detergent Suction Hose with filter
% % % % %
Trigger Gun with safety ratchet (A)
and high-pressure hose
• Connect the high-pressure hose to the high-
pressure outlet.
Note: The safety ratchet does not lock the lever
of the gun during operation but only prevents it
from opening unintentionally.
& & & & &
Spray lance with double nozzle
• Push the spray lance against the spring into the
bayonet connector of the gun, and then rotate it
through 90° until it clicks into place.
• You can choose between 2 different types of
spray by rotating the front protective device on
the spray lance:
Note: Only rotate the front protective device on
the spray lance when the gun is closed.
' ' ' ' '
Washing brush
• Press the washing brush against the spring into
the bayonet lock of the extension and then rotate
the washing brush by 90° until it clicks into
High-pressure flat spray
for large surface dirt.
Low-pressure flat spray
for cleaning with detergent



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