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Philips 43PUS6401 User Manual

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  • Page 1: User Manual

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    6.11 DVD Player 15.2 Pause TV 6.12 Bluetooth - Speakers and Gamepads 6.13 Headphones 16 Smartphones and Tablets 6.14 Game Console 16.1 Philips TV Remote App 6.15 Gamepad 16.2 Google Cast 6.16 USB Hard Drive 16.3 AirPlay 6.17 USB Keyboard 16.4 MHL...
  • Page 3 25 Safety and Care 25.1 Safety 25.2 Screen Care 26 Terms of Use 26.1 Terms of Use - TV 26.2 Terms of Use - Philips App Gallery 27 Copyrights 27.1 MHL 27.2 Ultra HD 27.3 HDMI 27.4 Dolby Digital Plus 27.5 DTS Premium Sound ™...
  • Page 4: What's New

    What's new New Browser Engine Your Smart TV apps will use a new engine with a new look and better performance from now! You may be required to re-enter your user name and password when accessing some apps that use the new engine.
  • Page 5: Setting Up

    Quick Start Guide that came with the TV. In case you lost this guide, you can download it Tips on Placement from Use the model number of the TV to look for • Position the TV where light does not shine directly the Quick Start Guide to download.
  • Page 6: Antenna Cable

    Although this TV has a very low standby power consumption, unplug the power cable to save energy if you do not use the TV for a long period of time. Antenna Cable Insert the antenna plug firmly into the Antenna socket at the back of the TV. You can connect your own antenna or an antenna signal from an antenna distribution system.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Remote Control Key Overview  TV Menu To open the TV Menu with typical TV functions. 2 -  SOURCES To open the Sources menu.     Colour keys Direct selection of options. 4 -  INFO  Standby / On To open or close programme info.
  • Page 8: Voice Search

    Pairing with Your TV There is no microphone on your remote control, if you want to use voice search, you must install Android TV Remote Control app on your Android smartphone or tablet first. 1 - On your Android smartphone or tablet, search "Android TV Remote Control"...
  • Page 9: Ir Sensor

    3 - Select Preferences >  Speech and press OK. 4 - Select the language you want to use and press OK. 5 - Press  BACK to go back one step or press  EXIT to close the menu. IR Sensor The TV can receive commands from a remote control that uses IR (infrared) to send commands.
  • Page 10: Switching On And Off

    movie. 4 - The menu will disappear automatically. Switching On and To switch the TV on standby, select  and press the joystick key. On or Standby Make sure the TV is connected to the mains AC power. Connect the supplied power cord to the AC in connector at the back of the TV.
  • Page 11: Channels

    Satellite Installation Settings Channels The satellite installation settings are preset according your country. These settings determine how the TV searches and installs satellites and its channels. You can always change these settings. Satellite Installation To change the satellite installation settings… About Installing Satellites 1 - Start the satellite installation.
  • Page 12 Unicable Setup Add a Satellite You can add an additional satellite to your current The Unicable System satellite installation. The installed satellites and their You can use a Single Cable system, MDU or Unicable channels remain untouched. Some satellite operators system to connect the antenna dish to the TV.
  • Page 13: Antenna/Cable Installation

    Manual Installation Problems Manual Installation is intended for expert users. The TV cannot find the satellites I want or the TV installs the same satellite twice You can use Manual Installation to quickly add new channels from a satellite transponder. You need to •...
  • Page 14 Update or reinstall Automatic Channel Update If you receive digital channels, you can set the TV to Update digital channels automatically update these channels. You can always start an channel update yourself. Once a day, at 6 AM, the TV updates the channels and stores new channels.
  • Page 15: Channel List Copy

    signal quality of this frequency. The test result is Frequency Scan shown on screen. You can reposition the antenna or check the connections to possibly improve the Select the method of searching for channels. You can reception. select the faster Quick Scan method and use the 7 - You can also change the frequency predefined settings used by most cable operator in yourself.
  • Page 16: About Channels

    Now you can upload the copied channel list onto to TV. Enter your PIN code if necessary. another Philips TV. 5 - The TV notifies you if the channel list is copied to the TV successfully. Unplug the USB flash drive.
  • Page 17 1 - Press  . Open a Channel List 2 - Press OK to open the current channel list. 3 - Select  at the upper right corner and press OK. Next to the list with all channels for each tuner, 4 - Select Search Channel and press OK to open Antenna/Cable or Satellite tuner, you can select a a text field.You can use the remote control keyboard...
  • Page 18 To unlock a channel… Rename Channel 1 - Press  . While watching a channel, you can rename channel. 2 - Press OK to open the channel list. If necessary change the channel list. To rename a channel… 3 - Select  at the upper right corner and press OK. 1 - While watching a channel, press ...
  • Page 19 5 - Select  Preferences > Map Channel. 3 - Select Channel Info and press OK. 4 - To close this screen, press OK. 6 - Select one item in the list and press OK. 7 - Select Map Channel. 8 - Once completed, you will see the mapped channel information in the programme.
  • Page 20 then press OK. Rename a Favourites List 6 - To finish adding channels, press  BACK. 7 - The TV will ask to rename the Favourites List. You can only rename a Favourites List. You can use the on-screen keyboard To rename a Favourites List…...
  • Page 21 1 - Enter the page number with the number keys. Text Options 2 - Use the arrow keys to navigate. 3 - Press a colour key to select a colour-coded In Text/Teletext, press  OPTIONS to select the subject at the bottom of the screen. following…...
  • Page 22: Connect Devices

    TV settings when you switch to this device in the Sources menu. If you need help to connect several devices to the TV, you can visit the Philips TV connectivity guide. The guide offers information on how to connect and which cables to use.
  • Page 23 the TV and the connected device. HDMI MHL With EasyLink you can operate a connected device with the TV remote control. EasyLink uses HDMI CEC With HDMI MHL, you can send what you see on your (Consumer Electronics Control) to communicate with Android smartphone or tablet to a TV screen.
  • Page 24: Y Pb Pr - Component

    Copy Protection DVI and HDMI cables support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). HDCP is a copy protection signal that prevents copying content from a DVD disc or Blu-ray Disc. Also referred to as DRM (Digital Rights Management). Y Pb Pr - Component Y Pb Pr - Component Video is a high quality connection.
  • Page 25: Receiver - Set-Top Box

    When you switch on the TV, it may take a few minutes before the CAM is activated. If a CAM is inserted and subscription fees are paid (subscription methods can This TV is ready for the CI+ Conditional Access . differ), you can watch the scrambled channels With CI+ you can watch premium HD programmes, supported by the CAM smart card.
  • Page 26: Home Theatre System - Hts

    Home Theatre System - HTS Connect with HDMI ARC Use an HDMI cable to connect a Home Theatre System (HTS) to the TV. You can connect a Philips Soundbar or an HTS with a built-in disc player. HDMI ARC If your Home Theatre System has an HDMI ARC connection, you can use any HDMI connection on the TV to connect.
  • Page 27: Smartphones And Tablets

    Wireless For a wireless connection, on your smartphone or tablet download the Philips TV Remote App from If the DVD player is connected with HDMI and has your favourite app store. EasyLink CEC, you can operate the player with the TV remote control.
  • Page 28: Bluetooth - Speakers And Gamepads

    the menu. 6.12 Bluetooth - Speakers and * Your TV doesn't support Bluetooth subwoofer and Bluetooth speakers. Gamepads ** HDMI connection is required for sound bar, speaker and other audio device. What You Need You can connect a wireless device with Bluetooth® to Select a Device this TV –...
  • Page 29: Headphones

    6.13 Y Pb Pr Headphones Connect the game console with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable to the TV. You can connect a set of headphones to the  connection on the back of the TV. The connection is a mini-jack 3.5mm.
  • Page 30: Gamepad

    3 - Select Picture Style > Game. Installation 4 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close the menu. Before you can pause or record a broadcast, you must connect and format a USB Hard Drive. Formatting removes all files from the USB Hard Drive. 6.15 1 - Connect the USB Hard Drive to one of Gamepad...
  • Page 31: Usb Keyboard

    corrupt your recordings. When you format another Configure USB Hard Drive, the content on the former will be lost. A USB Hard Drive installed on your TV will need Install the keyboard reformatting for use with a computer. To install the USB keyboard, switch on the TV and To format a USB Hard Drive…...
  • Page 32: Photo Camera

    HDMI For best quality, use an HDMI cable to connect the camcorder to the TV. The TV detects the flash drive and opens a list showing its content. If the contents list does not appear automatically, press  SOURCES and select USB. To stop watching the USB flash drive content, press ...
  • Page 33 With DVI to HDMI Alternatively, you can use a DVI to HDMI adapter (sold separately) to connect the PC to HDMI and an audio L/R cable (mini-jack 3.5mm) to AUDIO IN L/R on the back of the TV. Ideal Setting If you connect a computer, we advice you to give the connection, on which the computer is connected, the correct device type name in the Source menu.
  • Page 34: Connect Your Android Tv

    If your router has WPS, you can directly connect to the router without scanning for networks. If you have To enjoy the full capabilities of your Philips Android devices in your wireless network that use the WEP TV, your TV must be connected to the Internet.
  • Page 35: Network Settings

    Internet does not work Network Settings • If the connection to the router is OK, check the router connection to the Internet. View Network Settings The PC and Internet connection are slow • Look in your wireless router's user manual for You can view all current network settings here.
  • Page 36: Google Account

    Use any recent DLNA certified media server software. To watch digital TV channels on your smartphone or tablet with the Philips TV Remote App, you must switch on Wi-Fi Smart Screen. Some scrambled channels might not be available on your mobile Google Account device.
  • Page 37: Philips App Gallery

    2 - Select Android Settings and press OK. 3 - Press  (down) and select Personal > Add To install and use the Philips App Gallery apps, you account and press OK. must agree to the Terms of Use. If you did not agree 4 - Press OK on SIGN IN.
  • Page 38: Home Menu

    Use to allow suggestions based on your personal cannot… viewing habits. • Find or open apps which are marked as Not allowed  Philips Collection • Access the Google Play Store • Purchase through Google Play Movies & TV, nor This row contains suggestions from Apps.
  • Page 39: Apps

    Google Play™ Store . To get you started, some practical apps are pre-installed on your TV. What You Need To install apps from the Philips App Gallery or the • your TV must be connected with the Internet Google Play Store, the TV must be connected to the •...
  • Page 40: Start Or Stop An App

    4 - Select the level of maturity you want. to start an 18+ rated app. This lock is only valid for 18+ rated apps from the Philips App Gallery. 5 - On request, enter the PIN code. 6 - To close the Google Play Store, press  BACK Restricted profile repeatedly or press ...
  • Page 41: Manage Apps

    Lock 18+ rated apps Now you can enter the restricted profile. You can lock 18+ rated apps from the Philips App With the PIN code, you can always change the PIN Gallery. This setting controls the 18+ setting in the code or edit the list of allowed or not allowed apps.
  • Page 42: Storage

    running, you can force it to stop or you can clear the cache data. You can uninstall apps you downloaded. 5 - Press  BACK to go back one step or press  EXIT to close the menu. If you are using a USB Hard Drive to store apps, you can move the app from the USB Hard Drive to the TV memory or vice versa.
  • Page 43: Internet

    Internet Start Internet You can browse the Internet on your TV. You can view any Internet website but most of them are not prepared for a TV screen. • Some plug-ins (e.g. to view pages or videos) are not available on your TV. •...
  • Page 44: Tv Menu

    TV Menu 10.1 About TV Menu If the TV cannot be connected with the Internet, you can use the TV Menu as your Home menu. In the TV Menu, you will find every TV function. 10.2 Open TV Menu To open TV Menu and open an item… 1 - Press ...
  • Page 45: Sources

    11.3 Device Name and Type Sources When you connect a new device to the TV and the TV 11.1 detects the device, you can assign an icon that fits the Switch to a device device type. If you connect a device with an HDMI cable and HDMI CEC, the TV detects the device type automatically and the device gets an appropriate From the list of Sources, you can switch to any of the...
  • Page 46 4 - Select On or Off. 5 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close the menu.
  • Page 47: Settings

    Customise a Style Settings Any picture setting you adjust, like Colour or Contrast, is stored in the currently selected Picture Style. It allows you to customise each style. 12.1 Only the style Personal can save its settings for Frequent Settings each source in the Sources menu.
  • Page 48: Advanced Picture Settings

    2 - Select Picture and press  (right) to enter the Contrast menu. 3 - Select Advanced > Computer. With Contrast, you can adjust the contrast of the 4 - Select On or Off. picture. 5 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close To adjust the contrast…...
  • Page 49 3 - Select Advanced > Colour > Custom Colour 3 - Select Advanced > Colour > Colour control. 4 - Select Saturation, and press  (right). Temperature. 4 - Press the arrows  (up) or  (down) to adjust 5 - Press the arrows  (up) or  (down) to adjust the value.
  • Page 50 menu. Dynamic Contrast 3 - Select Advanced > Sharpness > Ultra Resolution. With Dynamic Contrast, you can set the level at 4 - Select On or Off. which the TV automatically enhances the details in 5 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close the dark, middle and light areas of the picture.
  • Page 51: Sound

    incoming picture. This is a 1:1 pixel on pixel format. Picture Format Expert mode for HD and PC input. Basic Quick Picture Setting If the picture is not filling the whole screen, if black bars are showing on the top or bottom or at both During the first installation, you did some picture sides, you can adjust the picture to fill the screen settings in a few easy steps.
  • Page 52: Sound Settings

    style Personal only. The Sound Style - Personal can the value. 5 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close save its settings for each individual source in Sources menu. the menu. To restore the style to its original setting… 1 - While watching a TV channel, press ...
  • Page 53 2 - Select Sound and press  (right) to enter the To switch on or off… menu. 1 - Press  , select All Settings and press OK. 3 - Select Advanced > Audio Out Levelling. 2 - Select Sound and press  (right) to enter the 4 - If the volume difference is large, select More.
  • Page 54: Ambilight Settings

    1 - Press  , select All Settings and press OK. Advanced Ambilight Settings 2 - Select Sound and press  (right) to enter the menu. Wall Colour 3 - Select Advanced and press  (right) to enter the menu. With Wall Colour, you can neutralise the influence of 4 - Select Speakers and press ...
  • Page 55 2 - Select Ambilight and press  (right) to enter select the Hue Bridge you want to use and press OK. the menu. 2 - Select Start and press OK. 3 - Select Ambilight+hue. 3 - Now go to the Philips Hue Bridge and press the...
  • Page 56: Eco Settings

    If you select Energy Saving, the TV switches to Picture If you installed Ambilight+hue, you can let the hue Style - Standard automatically, the most ideal energy bulbs follow Lounge Light from Ambilight. The Philips conscious setting for the picture. hue lamps will expand the Lounge Light effect across the room.
  • Page 57: General Settings

    You can switch off or adjust the brightness of the to watch TV (a Set-Top Box - STB) and you do not Philips logo on the front of the TV. use the remote control of the TV, you should To adjust or switch off…...
  • Page 58: Advanced Settings

    the menu. to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 is distorted, connect the 4 - Change the settings according to your device to HDMI 3 or HDMI 4 on this TV. preference. For more information, in Help, select Keywords and 5 - Press  (left) repeatedly if necessary, to close look up Problems, HDMI or Problems, the menu.
  • Page 59: Clock, Region And Language

    HbbTV Menu Language If a TV channel offers HbbTV pages, you must first To change the language of the TV menus and switch on HbbTV in the TV settings to view the pages. messages… 1 - Press  , select All Settings and press OK. 1 - Press ...
  • Page 60 If none of the preferred subtitle languages are 1 - In Text, select the star in the top left corner of available, you can select another subtitle language the screen to show the column of favourite pages. 2 - Press  (down) or  (up) to select a page which is available.
  • Page 61 To activate the Text 2.5 for more colours and better Manual graphics. If none of the automatic settings display the time correctly, you can set the time manually. Text Setup However, if you schedule recordings from the TV Guide, we recommend not to change the time and Text language date manually.
  • Page 62: Universal Access

    With Audio Description, a narrator's commentary is 12.8 added to the normal audio. Universal Access To switch on the commentary (if available)… To switch on Audio Description… Switch On 1 - Press  , select All Settings and press OK. 2 - Select Universal Access and press ...
  • Page 63: Child Lock

    12.9 Child Lock Parental Rating To set a minumum age to watch rated programmes... 1 - Press  , select All Settings and press OK. 2 - Select Child Lock and press  (right) to enter the menu. 3 - Select Parental Rating, and select one of the age in the list.
  • Page 64: Videos, Photos And Music

    4 - To stop playing videos, photos and music, press  EXIT. Videos, Photos and 13.3 Music From a Cloud Storage Service 13.1 You can view photos or play music and videos you From a USB Connection uploaded on a storage service in the online cloud*. With the ...
  • Page 65: Play Your Videos

    13.5 Play your Videos Control Bar To show or hide the control bar when a video is playing, press  INFO*. 1 - Playback control bar -  : Jump to the previous photo in a folder -  : Jump to the next photo in a folder - ...
  • Page 66 continuously...
  • Page 67: Tv Guide

    Internet or vice versa. The TV might have switched to From the Internet automatically. TV Guide To make the recordings available in the list of recordings, switch to the setting that was selected when the recordings were made. 14.1 What You Need 14.3 With the TV Guide you can view a list of the current Using the TV Guide...
  • Page 68 3 - Select Set Reminder and press OK. 4 - Press  BACK to close the menu. To clear a reminder… 1 - Press  TV GUIDE and select a programme with the reminder. 2 - Press  OPTIONS. 3 - Select Clear Reminder and press OK. 4 - Press ...
  • Page 69: Recording And Pause Tv

    1 - Press  TV GUIDE. 2 - Use navigation keys to select Now, and Recording and press OK. 3 - Select Now, Later, Tomorrow or the day you need, and press OK or  BACK to close the Pause TV menu.
  • Page 70: Pause Tv

    Manual Recording What You Need You can schedule a recording that is not linked to a You can pause a digital TV broadcast and resume TV programme. You set the tuner type, channel and watching it a bit later. the start and end time yourself. To pause a TV programme you need…...
  • Page 71: Smartphones And Tablets

    Download the Philips TV Remote App from your 16.4 favourite app store today. The Philips TV Remote App is available for iOS and Android and is free of charge. This TV is MHL™ compliant. If your mobile device is also MHL compliant, you can 16.2...
  • Page 72: Games

    TV before you can play them. Some games need a gamepad to play. To install game apps from the Philips App Gallery or the Google Play Store, the TV must be connected to the Internet. You must agree to the Terms of Use to use apps from the App Gallery.
  • Page 73: Ambilight

    • Rhytm - Based on audio dynamics • Party - A mix of all Follow Audio styles, one after Ambilight the other 18.1 Follow Colour Ambilight Style You can set Ambilight to follow the video or the audio Follow Video dynamics of a TV programme.
  • Page 74: Ambilight Settings

    18.3 Ambilight Settings For more information, in Help, select Keywords and look up Ambilight, Settings for more information.
  • Page 75: Top Picks

    Using Now on TV Top Picks To open Now on TV… 1 - Press  TOP PICKS to open the Top Picks 19.1 menu. About Top Picks 2 - Select  Now on TV at the top of the screen and press OK.
  • Page 76 About Video on Demand With  Video on Demand , you can rent movies from an online rental video store. You can let Video on Demand do some personalised recommendations of movies, based on your country, the TV installation and the programmes you watch regularly.
  • Page 77: Netflix

    Netflix If you have a Netflix membership subscription, you can enjoy Netflix on this TV. Your TV must be connected to the Internet. In your region, Netflix might only come available with future software updates.  To open Netflix, press to open the Netflix App.
  • Page 78: Multi View

    3 - Select Multi View: On on screen. The channel you were watching appears in the small screen. Multi View 4 - Press   or   to switch channels in the small screen . 21.1 To hide the small screen, select Multi View: Off on screen.
  • Page 79: Software

    1 - Insert the USB flash drive into your computer. 2 - On the USB flash drive, locate the Software file update.htm and double click it. 3 - Click Send ID. 4 - If new software is available, download the .zip 22.1 file.
  • Page 80: Open Source Software

    be found below. Android APACHE License Version 2 ( 22.4 Open Source Software This includes all external sources used by official Android AOSP. This television contains open source software. TP Vision Europe B.V. hereby offers to deliver, upon request, a copy of the complete corresponding linux kernel (3.10.79) source code for the copyrighted open source This tv contains the Linux Kernel.
  • Page 81 used in advertising or otherwise to promote the sale, reference library (originally called pnglib). It is a use or other dealings in this Software without prior platform-independent library that contains C written authorization of the copyright holder. functions for handling PNG images. It supports almost all of PNG's features, is extensible.
  • Page 82 This TV contains Facebook SDK. The Facebook SDK forwarder and DHCP server. The original download for Android is the easiest way to integrate your site for this software is : Android app with Facebook's platform. The SDK provides support for Login with Facebook dnmasq This piece of software is made available authentication, reading and writing to Facebook APIs...
  • Page 83 This piece of software is made available under the is made available under the terms and conditions of terms and conditions of the APACHE LICENSE 2.0 the LGPL V2. libexif (0.6.21) libmdnssd (320.10.80) Exif JPEG header manipulation tool. The original MDNS Responder.
  • Page 84 Hue SDK (1.8.1) is : This piece of software is made available under the TV ambihue app uses Philips SDK to find the hue terms and conditions of the BSD. bridge name. The original download site for this software is :
  • Page 86 you must provide complete object files to the we have achieved it as regards changes in the actual recipients so that they can relink them with the library, functions of the Library.) The hope is that this will lead after making changes to the library and recompiling it. to faster development of free libraries.
  • Page 87 control the distribution of derivative or collective works based on the Library. 1. You may copy and distribute verbatim copies of the Library's complete source code as you receive it, in In addition, mere aggregation of another work not any medium, provided that you conspicuously and based on the Library with the Library (or with a work appropriately publish on each copy an appropriate based on the Library) on a volume of a storage or...
  • Page 88 object code for the work may be a derivative work of equivalent access to copy the above specified the Library even though the source code is materials from the same place. not. Whether this is true is especially significant if the d) Verify that the user has already received a work can be linked without the Library, or if the work copy of these materials or that you have already sent...
  • Page 89 distributing or modifying the Library or works based revised and/or new versions of the Library General on it. Public License from time to time. Such new versions will be similar in spirit to the present version, but may 10. Each time you redistribute the Library (or any work differ in detail to address new problems or concerns.
  • Page 91 copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting 1. Definitions. documentation, and that the name of the author(s) "License" shall mean the terms and conditions not be used in for use, reproduction, advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of and distribution as defined by Sections 1 the software without through 9 of this document.
  • Page 92 whether in Source or Object worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty- free, irrevocable form, that is based on (or derived from) the Work and for which the copyright license to reproduce, prepare Derivative Works of, editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute the represent, as a whole, an original work of...
  • Page 93 Work or Your modifications and Derivative Works a copy of this License; may provide additional or different license terms and conditions (b) You must cause any modified files to carry for use, reproduction, or distribution of Your prominent notices modifications, or stating that You changed the files;...
  • Page 94 appropriateness of using or redistributing the Work and assume any VL Gothic fonts risks associated with Your exercise of URL: permissions under this License. License for VLGothic Font Family -------------------------------- 8. Limitation of Liability. In no event and under no This font includes glyphs derived from M+ FONTS legal theory, which is created by...
  • Page 95 in the documentation This license is copied below, and is also available with a FAQ at: and/or other materials provided with the distribution. the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products ------------------------------------------------- derived from this software without specific prior ---------- written permission.
  • Page 96 redistribute, and sell modified and unmodified copies of the Font TERMINATION Software, subject to the following conditions: This license becomes null and void if any of the above conditions are 1) Neither the Font Software nor any of its individual not met.
  • Page 97 Copyright (c) 1996 - 2014, Daniel Stenberg, <>. Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine All rights reserved. URL: Copyright (C) 2002-2013 The ANGLE Project Authors. libcurl - lib/krb5.c All rights reserved. URL: Brotli URL: libevent Google Cache Invalidation API URL: URL:...
  • Page 98 URL: LZMA SDK URL: google-jstemplate URL: modp base64 decoder URL: Khronos header files URL: Mojo URL: libjingle URL: mt19937ar URL: mat/MT/MT2002/emt19937ar.html libjpeg URL: Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) libjpeg-turbo URL: URL:
  • Page 99 URL: animations-js Protocol Buffers URL: WebRTC URL: Quick Color Management System URL: x86inc URL: re2 - an efficient, principled regular expression;a=blob;f=common/ library x86/x86inc.asm URL: zlib sfntly URL: URL: url_parse Skia URL: URL: ozilla/netwerk/base/src/nsURLParsers.cpp...
  • Page 100 Covered Code available to a third party. conveyed herein. 1.1. "Contributor" means each entity that creates 1.9. "Modifications" means any addition to or or contributes to deletion from the the creation of Modifications. substance or structure of either the Original Code or any previous Modifications.
  • Page 101 appropriate decompression or de-archiving software is widely available (c) the licenses granted in this Section for no charge. 2.1(a) and (b) are effective on the date Initial Developer first distributes 1.12. "You" (or "Your") means an individual or a legal entity Original Code under the terms of this License.
  • Page 102 the combination of However, You may include Modifications made by that Contributor an additional document offering the additional with its Contributor rights described in Version (or portions of such Section 3.5. combination). 3.2. Availability of Source Code. (c) the licenses granted in Sections 2.2(a) Any Modification which You create or to which and 2.2(b) are You contribute must be...
  • Page 103 (a) Third Party Claims. If Contributor has knowledge that a 3.5. Required Notices. license under a third party's You must duplicate the notice in Exhibit A in intellectual property rights is required to each file of the Source exercise the rights Code.
  • Page 104 have fulfilled the must: (a) comply with obligations of Section 3.2. The notice must be the terms of this License to the maximum extent conspicuously included possible; and (b) in any notice in an Executable version, related describe the limitations and the code they documentation or affect.
  • Page 105 the phrases "Mozilla", "MOZILLAPL", "MOZPL", Provisions which, by their "Netscape", nature, must remain in effect beyond the "MPL", "NPL" or any confusingly similar phrase termination of this License do not appear in your shall survive. license (except to note that your license differs from this License) 8.2.
  • Page 106 and 2.2(b) are revoked effective as of the date LIABILITY SHALL NOT APPLY TO LIABILITY FOR You first made, used, DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY sold, distributed, or had made, Modifications RESULTING FROM SUCH PARTY'S made by that NEGLIGENCE TO THE EXTENT APPLICABLE LAW Participant.
  • Page 107 costs, including Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" without limitation, court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees and basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the expenses. The application of the United Nations Convention on License for the specific language governing rights and limitations...
  • Page 108: Announcements

    22.6 Announcements You can receive an announcement on new TV software available for download or other software related issues. To read these announcements… 1 - Press  , select All Settings and press OK. 2 - Select Update Software > Announcements. 3 - If there is an announcement, you can read it or select one of the announcements available.
  • Page 109: Specifications

    European Directive 2012/19/EU. product on the Philips website for your country at Product Fiche Please inform yourself about the local separate...
  • Page 110: Operating System

    For power consumption information, see • 576p - 50 Hz chapter Product Fiche. • 720p - 50 Hz, 60 Hz • 1080i - 50 Hz, 60 Hz The power rating stated on the product typeplate is • 1080p - 24 Hz, 25 Hz, 30 Hz the power consumption for this product during •...
  • Page 111: Connectivity

    • HDMI 2 in - HDCP 2.2 software (DMS class). • USB 1 - USB 2.0 • You can use the Philips TV Remote app (iOS and • Audio out - Optical Toslink Android) on mobile devices. • Network LAN - RJ45 •...
  • Page 112: Help And Support

    For some activities, like Text (Teletext), the colour Wait 5 minutes before you reconnect the power keys have specific functions and cannot open Help. cable. If the blinking reoccurs, contact Philips TV TV Help on your tablet, smartphone or computer Consumer Care.
  • Page 113 • Make sure that the volume is not muted or set to Picture zero. • Make sure that the TV audio output is connected to No picture / distorted picture the audio input on the Home Theatre System. • Make sure that the antenna is properly connected to Sound should be heard from the HTS speakers.
  • Page 114: Online Help

    Online Help for your router. • Limit the amount of devices that use the same To solve any Philips TV related problem, you can router. consult our online support. You can select your • Look in your wireless router's user manual for language and enter your product model number.
  • Page 115: Safety And Care

    The remote control may contain coin-type batteries from the power outlet immediately. which can easily be swallowed by small children. Contact Philips TV Consumer Care to have the TV Keep these batteries out of reach of children at all checked before use.
  • Page 116: Screen Care

    Humidity In rare occasions, depending on temperature and humidity, minor condensation can occur on the inside of the TV glass front (on some models). To prevent this, do not expose the TV to direct sunlight, heat or extreme humidity. If condensation occurs, it will disappear spontaneously while the TV is playing for a few hours.
  • Page 117: Terms Of Use

    TP Vision is the warrantor in relation to the TP Vision manufactures and sells many products TV with which this booklet was packaged. Philips and targeted at consumers which, like any electronic the Philips Shield Emblem are registered trademarks apparatus, in general have the ability to emit and of Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Page 118: Copyrights

    Copyrights 27.1 27.5 MHL, Mobile High-Definition Link and the MHL Logo DTS Premium Sound ™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of the MHL, LLC. For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks, and DTS Premium Sound is a trademark of DTS, Inc.
  • Page 119: Wi-Fi Alliance

    27.7 Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi®, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo, the Wi-Fi logo are registered trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. 27.8 Kensington (If applicable) Kensington and Micro Saver are registered US trademarks of ACCO World Corporation with issued registrations and pending applications in other countries throughout the world.
  • Page 120: Disclaimer Regarding Services And/Or Software Offered By Third Parties

    Disclaimer regarding services and/or software offered by third parties Services and/or software offered by third parties may be changed, suspended, or terminated without prior notice. TP Vision does not bear any responsibility in these sorts of situations.
  • Page 121: Index

    Contrast, Dynamic Contrast 50 Partially Sighted 62 Contrast, Video Contrast 50 Pause TV 70 Custom Colour Temperature 48 Philips Logo, Brightness 57 Photo camera, connect 32 Disposal of TV or Batteries 109 Photos, Videos and Music 64 Picture Format 51...
  • Page 122 Problems, Picture 113 Problems, Remote Control 112 Problems, Sound 113 Problems, USB Connection 113 Programmes, Recommendations 75 Quick Picture Setting 51 Remote Control, IR Sensor 9 Remote Control, Overview 7 Safety Instructions 115 Satellite CAMs 11 Satellite Installation 11 Satellite, Add Satellite 12 Satellite, Channel packages 11 Satellite, Manual Channel Update 12 Satellite, Manual Installation 13...

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