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Axis 221 User Manual

Axis network camera user's manual 221
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AXIS 221 Network Camera
User's Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Axis 221

  • Page 1 AXIS 221 Network Camera User’s Manual...
  • Page 2 • visit Axis Support at Safety Notice - Battery Replacement The AXIS 221 uses a 3.0V CR2032 Lithium battery as the power supply for its internal real-time clock (RTC). Under normal conditions this battery will last for a minimum of 5 years. Low battery power affects the operation of the RTC, causing it to reset at every power-up.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Support ............36 AXIS 221...
  • Page 4 AXIS 221 Troubleshooting ..............38 The I/O Units Connectors .
  • Page 5: Product Features

    The AXIS 221 features a varifocal lens with DC-Iris, which automatically regulates the amount of light entering the camera. Tele/wide and focus are adjusted manually with the aid of the pullers mounted on the lens. The AXIS 221 is also available without a lens.
  • Page 6: Overview

    AXIS 221 - Product Features The AXIS 221 can be powered from the network cabling and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) network transformers conforming to IEEE 802.3af. Overview Serial number on underside label Rear panel 10-pin I/O terminal connector Power...
  • Page 7 Supporting NWAY, the camera detects the speed of the local network segment (10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet). This socket can also be used to power the AXIS 221 via PoE (Power over Ethernet). The camera can also negotiate the correct power level when using PoE.
  • Page 8: Accessing The Camera

    AXIS 221 - Accessing the Camera Accessing the Camera Follow the instructions in the AXIS 221 Installation Guide to install the camera. The camera can be accessed with most standard operating systems and browsers. The recommended browser is Internet Explorer with Windows, and Mozilla with other operating systems.
  • Page 9: Setting The Password

    For more information, please visit the AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service at or, for Technical notes on this and other topics, visit the Axis Support Web at Focusing To focus the AXIS 221, follow the instructions below. 1. From the Basic Configuration page in the setup tools, open the Focus adjustment page.
  • Page 10: The Live View Page

    AXIS 221 - Accessing the Camera The Live View Page Depending on whether or not the Live View page has been customized, the buttons described below may or may not be visible. From the Video Format list, select the required video stream format.
  • Page 11 AXIS 221 - Accessing the Camera Click the View Full Screen button to make the video image fill the entire screen area. No other windows will be visible. Press Esc (Escape) on the computer keyboard to exit full screen.
  • Page 12: Configuration

    AXIS 221 - Configuration Configuration This section describes how to configure the camera, and is intended for product Administrators, who have unrestricted access to all the Setup tools, and Operators, who have access to the settings for Video & Image, Audio, Live View Config and Event Configuration.
  • Page 13: Overview Of The Setup Tools

    Adjust camera to suit different light conditions - white balance, exposure control, exposure area, IR filter and DC iris. Also possible to prioritize frame rate or image quality in low light conditions. Select the MPEG-4 profile and level, GOV structure and GOV length. AXIS 221 - Configuration...
  • Page 14 AXIS 221 - Configuration Tools Settings / Options / Description Motion Detection Set up areas in the video image where an alarm is activated whenever movement occurs there. Each motion detection window can be moved, re-sized, or disabled at any time. The behavior for each window is defined by adjusting the Object size, History, and Sensitivity profile sliders.
  • Page 15 Video and Image The following descriptions offer examples of the features available in the AXIS 221. For details of each setting, please refer to the online help available from the setup tools. Click to access the online help. Image Settings Use the Image Appearance settings to change the image as required.
  • Page 16 AXIS 221 - Configuration Video Stream Define the maximum video stream time per session in seconds, minutes or hours. When the set time has expired, a new stream can be started by refreshing the page in the Web browser. For unlimited video stream time, set this value to 0. This setting is only applicable to Motion JPEG.
  • Page 17 Please see the online help for further information on these settings. Image Size The height and width of the overlay image in pixels must be exactly divisible by 4. AXIS 221 - Configuration...
  • Page 18 AXIS 221 - Configuration MPEG-4 Settings The MPEG-4 standard provides many different coding tools for various applications in different situations. Usually, subsets are defined and used, as it is not reasonable to expect all MPEG-4 clients to support all of these tools. The viewing client must support the subset used for the video stream or the MPEG-4 stream cannot be viewed.
  • Page 19: Axis Media Control

    AXIS 221 - Configuration AXIS Media Control The AXIS Media Control (AMC) is installed automatically the first time the camera is accessed from a browser. The AMC control panel can be opened by right-clicking on the video image in the Live View web page. The AMC control panel can be used to configure various video and audio settings, such as push to talk.
  • Page 20: Live View Config

    AXIS 221 - Live View Config Live View Config The features on the camera Live View page can be customized to suit your requirements, or you can upload and use your own custom web page. This is done by the administrator from Setup >...
  • Page 21 If the setup link is missing, setup can be reached at this url: http://<ip address>/operator/basic.shtml. Own Home Page To use a previously uploaded web page as the default page, check the box, select the page from the drop-down list and click OK. AXIS 221 - Live View Config...
  • Page 22 AXIS 221 - Live View Config User-defined Links User-defined link Enter a descriptive name and enter the URL in the provided field. Example 1. Check Show Custom Link 1 2. Enter a descriptive name, e.g. My Website 3. Check the radio button for web link.
  • Page 23: Html Examples

    Enter the Video Format, Image Type, Image size and other settings to suit your Web page and click Update. The camera then generates the required source code for your configuration. Copy this code and paste it into your own Web page code. for more information. AXIS 221 - Live View Config...
  • Page 24: Sequence Mode

    AXIS 221 - Live View Config External Video The camera can also display video images from other Axis network cameras and video servers. These are known as External Video sources. Each external video source is available from the drop-down list on the Live View page.
  • Page 25: Event Configuration

    Event Configuration An event in the camera is when an Event Type is activated and causes certain actions to be performed. The event type is the set of parameters (or conditions) that specifies how and when which actions will be performed. A common event type is when the camera uploads images when an alarm occurs.
  • Page 26: Configuring Event Types

    AXIS 210/211/211A - Event Configuration Configuring Event Types An Event Type describes how and when the camera will perform certain actions. Example: If somebody passes in front of the camera, and an event that uses motion detection has been con- figured to act on this, the camera can e.g.
  • Page 27 Pre-trigger and Post-trigger buffers This function is very useful when checking to see what happened immediately before and/or after a trigger, e.g. 30 seconds before and/or after a door was opened. Check the Upload images checkbox under Event Types > Add Triggered... > Triggered by... to expand the web page with the available options.
  • Page 28: Motion Detection

    AXIS 210/211/211A - Event Configuration Motion Detection The motion detection feature is used to generate an alarm whenever movement occurs (or stops) in the video image. A total of 10 Include and/or Exclude windows can be configured. • Included windows target specific areas within the whole video image •...
  • Page 29: Port Status

    7. Click Save. To exclude parts of the Include window, click the Configure Excluded Windows button and position the Exclude window as required, within the Include window. Please see the online help Object Size High level Only very large objects trigger motion detection Low level Even very small objects...
  • Page 30: System Options

    AXIS 221 - System Options System Options Security User access control is enabled by default. An administrator can set up other users, by giving these user names and passwords. It is also possible to allow anonymous viewer login, which means that anybody may access the Live View page, as described below:...
  • Page 31: Date & Time

    12h clock format in the Overlay Images (see below). New Server Time - Select your time zone from the drop-down list. If you want the AXIS 221 clock to automatically adjust for daylight savings time, select the Automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes.
  • Page 32: Network - Basic Tcp/Ip Settings

    AXIS 221 - System Options Network - Basic TCP/IP Settings IP Address Configuration The camera’s IP address can be set automatically via DHCP, or a fixed IP address can be set manually. A host name can be used and there are options for setting up notification of changes in the IP address.
  • Page 33 This is a useful function when connecting the camera to busy or heavily loaded networks. The default setting is Unlimited. For more information, please refer to the online help AXIS 221 - System Options...
  • Page 34: Network - Socks

    AXIS 221 - System Options Network - SOCKS SOCKS is a network proxy protocol. The camera can be configured to use a SOCKS server to reach networks on the other side of a firewall/proxy server. This functionality is useful if the camera is located on a local network behind a firewall, but notifications, uploads, alarms, etc., need to be sent to a destination outside the local network (e.g.
  • Page 35: Ports & Devices

    Ports & Devices I/O Ports The two alarm inputs and one output on the AXIS 221 can be connected to various external devices, e.g. door sensors and alarm bells. The name given to the ports can be changed and state of the I/O ports can be set to Open circuit or Closed circuit.
  • Page 36: Support

    AXIS 221 - System Options Backup - To take a backup of all of the parameters, and any user-defined scripts, click the Backup button. If necessary, it is then possible to return to the previous settings if the settings are changed and there is unexpected behavior.
  • Page 37: Resetting To The Factory Default Settings

    Plain Config - this function is for the advanced user with previous experience of configuring Axis cameras. All parameters can be set and modified from this page, including the audio encoding format. Help is available via the links on the standard setup pages. AXIS 221 - System Options...
  • Page 38: Axis 221

    Preconfigured and customized settings will be saved when the firmware is upgraded (providing the features are available in the new firmware) although this is not guaranteed by Axis Communications. Always read the instructions and release notes available with each new release, before upgrading the firmware.
  • Page 39: Emergency Recovery Procedure

    The Log file is available from Setup > System Options > Logs & Reports. The Log file records events in the unit since the last system restart and can be a useful diagnostic tool when troubleshooting. AXIS 221 - Troubleshooting...
  • Page 40 AXIS 221 - Troubleshooting Symptoms, Possible Causes and Remedial Actions Problems setting the IP address When using ARP/Ping. The camera is located on a different subnet. The IP address is being used by another device. Possible IP address conflict with another device on the same subnet.
  • Page 41 Image rotation other than 180 degrees. When using the camera in locations lit by fluorescent lighting, check in the advanced image settings that the Exposure control is set to Flicker-free. Modify the settings on your graphics card. AXIS 221 - Troubleshooting...
  • Page 42 AXIS 221 - Troubleshooting Image loses focus often. Images only shown in black & white. Blurred images. Rolling dark bands or flickering in image. Lower frame rate than expected when viewing MPEG-4 CPU usage too large. Not enough bandwidth available.
  • Page 43: The I/O Units Connectors

    Connecting AC to the inputs/outputs will damage the unit. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10-pin I/O terminal connector Power connector block Power adaptor connector AXIS 221 - The I/O Units Connectors RS-485 connector RS-232 connector (D-sub)
  • Page 44 RS-485 - B (inverting) DC + Power Output Schematic Diagram - Terminal Connectors Example schematic diagram of the AXIS 221 Terminal Block Connector - showing possible applications. Description The external device output terminals (A and B) there is no distinction between + and -.
  • Page 45: Power

    A diagram of the power connector block, complete with pin assignment table, is shown below. Function Ground/DC- AC/DC+ AC and DC+, power input for mains power to unit AC power input for mains power to unit AXIS 221 - The I/O Units Connectors...
  • Page 46: The D-Sub Connector

    Power Supply The D-Sub Connector The AXIS 221 provides one 9-pin D-sub connector, providing the physical interface for an RS-232 port, used for connecting accessory equipment. A diagram of the RS-232 connector, complete with pin assignment table, is shown below.
  • Page 47: Replacing The Lens

    Replacing the Lens If the lens on the AXIS 221 needs to be replaced or if the camera is sold without a lens, a new lens can be fitted quickly and easily. Since the AXIS 221 is designed with a CS-mount, the lens supplied with your product can be replaced with any standard C or CS lens.
  • Page 48: Technical Specifications

    1/3” Sony Wfine progressive scan RGB CCD Pentax TS3V310ED, F1.0 varifocal 3.0 - 8.0 mm, DC-iris, horizontal viewing angle: 35º-93º, focus range: 0.3 m to infinity. Note that the AXIS 221 is also available without a lens Color: 0.65 lux, F1.0 Motion JPEG...
  • Page 49 MPEG-4 decoder (Windows) Available accessories IP65-rated outdoor housings for installation outdoors or in adverse indoor (not incl.) environments Power over Ethernet midspans AXIS 292 Network Video Decoder AXIS MPEG-4 Decoder 10 user license pack AXIS 221 - Technical Specifications...
  • Page 50 AXIS 221 - Technical Specifications Item Approvals Approvals - Safety MTBF Dimensions (HxWxD) and weight Specification EMC: EN55024:1998 + A1 + A2 EN61000-6-1:2001 EN61000-6-2:2001 EN55022: 1998 + A1 Class B EN61000-3-2:2000 EN61000-3-3:1995 + A1 FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B by compliance with EN55022:1998 Class B...
  • Page 51: Glossary Of Terms

    FTP-server. HTML - Hypertext Mark-up Language. Used widely for authoring documents viewed in web browsers. AXIS COMMUNICATIONS <Product Name> Quick User’s Guide HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The set of rules for exchanging files (text, images, sound, video, and other files) on the World Wide Web.
  • Page 52 WAN - Wide-Area-Network. Similar to a LAN, but on a larger geographical scale. Web server - A program on a computer (server) providing the resources (e.g. web pages) requested by the user (client). AXIS COMMUNICATIONS <Product Name> Quick User’s Guide...
  • Page 53: Index

    Emergency Recovery 39 Event Servers 25 Event Types 26 Events 25 External Video 24 External Video Source 10 AXIS 221 - Index Factory Default Settings 37 Frame Rate 16 FTP Server 25 Host Name 33 HTML Examples 23 HTTP API 22...
  • Page 54 AXIS 221 - Index Ports & Devices 35 Post-trigger Buffer 27 Power Connector 6 Pre-trigger Buffer 27 Pulse 10, 23 Recovery 39 Referrals 30 Reset Button 7 Restart 35 Restore 35, 36 RS-232 serial interface 46 Scheduled Event 25, 27...