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Axis 31922 Product Manual

Axis security camera
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Product guide
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Product guide Network video solutions...
  • Page 2 Welcome to the Axis network video product guide This guide has been developed to help you navigate our broad range of network video products. If you are looking for comprehensive product specifications, or information about our solutions and customer cases, please visit our website or contact your local Axis office.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Product portfolio Network cameras > Common features and system overview > Types of network cameras > Fixed network cameras > Fixed dome network cameras TABLE OF > PTZ network cameras > PTZ dome network cameras CONTENTS > Technical overview Video encoders >...
  • Page 4: Product Portfolio

    NETWORK CAMERAS NETWORK CAMERAS Watch anything, from anywhere at any time Axis network cameras enable you to remotely view and record live video from anywhere in the world. Based on open standards, they operate stand-alone and can be placed wherever there is an IP network connection.
  • Page 5: Types Of Network Cameras

    Types of network cameras A complete portfolio for any need The Axis product range offers the world’s largest selection of network cameras. The cameras are divided into four categories – Fixed network cameras, Fixed dome network cameras, PTZ network cameras, and PTZ dome network cameras – providing high-quality video solutions for any professional indoor or outdoor video surveillance application.
  • Page 6: Axis 207Mw

    NETWORK CAMERAS / Fixed network cameras FIXED NETWORK CAMERAS AXIS 206 The world’s smallest network cam- era, ideal for remote monitoring. > Progressive scan for sharper images > Motion JPEG > Up to 30 frames per second in resolutions ranging up to VGA 640x480 pixels AXIS 207 AXIS 207W...
  • Page 7: Axis 210A

    AXIS 210 AXIS 210A Superior video quality for profes- Superior video quality with audio sional indoor applications. and Power over Ethernet for pro- fessional indoor applications. > Progressive scan for sharper images > Power over Ethernet > Simultaneous Motion JPEG (IEEE 802.3af) and MPEG-4 >...
  • Page 8: Axis 211W

    NETWORK CAMERAS / Fixed network cameras Wireless AXIS 211W* Flexible wireless video surveil- lance with superior image quality. > Wireless IEEE 802.11g/802.11b and Ethernet for flexible installation > All other features the same as AXIS 211A Megapixel AXIS 211M* AXIS 221* Megapixel video surveillance with High performance network camera exceptional image detail.
  • Page 9: Fixed Dome Network Cameras

    FIXED DOME NETWORK CAMERAS AXIS 209FD AXIS 209FD-R Flat, discreet high-quality camera Compact and rugged for buses for indoor surveillance. and trains. > Small, discreet design > Flat design for public > Progressive scan for sharper transportation images > Vibration, humidity and >...
  • Page 10: Axis 216Fd-V

    NETWORK CAMERAS / Fixed dome network cameras AXIS 216FD-V Exceptional performance for vandal-resistant, indoor video surveillance. > Vandal-resistant and compact design > All other features the same as AXIS 216FD Megapixel AXIS 216MFD AXIS 216MFD-V Discreet video surveillance with Discreet vandal-resistant video exceptional image detail.
  • Page 11: Ptz Network Cameras

    Available in Q3 2008 AXIS P3301-V AXIS 225FD Discreet, vandal-resistant video Fixed dome network camera for surveillance with outstanding professional video surveillance in H.264 performance. tough conditions. > Vandal-resistant and compact > Vandal-resistant design and design tamper-proof mounting > All other features the same as >...
  • Page 12: Ptz Network Cameras

    NETWORK CAMERAS / PTZ network cameras AXIS 213 PTZ* Professional network camera with remote pan/tilt/zoom control. > 26x optical zoom lens with auto focus > IR mode with built-in IR lighting > Video under all light conditions, indoor as well as outdoors >...
  • Page 13: Ptz Dome Network Cameras

    PTZ DOME NETWORK CAMERAS AXIS 231D+* AXIS 232D+* Network dome camera with Day and night network dome remote pan, tilt and zoom con- camera designed for demanding trol for demanding surveillance security installations under all applications. light conditions. > 18x optical zoom lens with auto >...
  • Page 14: Technical Overview

    NETWORK CAMERAS / Technical overview TECHNICAL OVERVIEW AXIS 206 Network Camera AXIS 207W Network Camera 1/4“ progressive 1/4“ progressive Image sensor scan CMOS scan CMOS Day and Night Outdoor use 4.0 mm/F2.0 4.0 mm/F2.0 Lens fixed iris Min illumination/ 4 - 10,000 light sensitivity (lux) Motion JPEG Video compression...
  • Page 15 TECHNICAL OVERVIEW AXIS 209FD AXIS 209FD-R Network Camera 1/4“ progressive scan Image sensor RGB CMOS Day and Night Outdoor use 3.0 mm/F2.0 Lens fixed iris Min illumination/ 1.5 - 10,000 light sensitivity (lux) Video Motion JPEG compression MPEG-4 Max video 640 x 480 resolution (pixels) Frames per second...
  • Page 16 NETWORK CAMERAS / Technical overview TECHNICAL OVERVIEW AXIS 212 PTZ AXIS 212 PTZ-V Network Camera 1/2” progressive Image sensor scan CMOS 3 Megapixel Day and Night Outdoor use 2.7 mm/F1. 8 Lens fixed iris 3x instant zoom Min illumination/ 10 lux wide mode light sensitivity (lux) 20 lux tele mode Video...
  • Page 17: Video Encoders

    VIDEO ENCODERS Helping you migrate your analog security system to an IP-based video solution Axis video encoders integrate easily into your existing analog CCTV system. A video encoder (also referred to as video server) digitizes analog video signals and distributes digital images directly over an IP-based network (e.g.
  • Page 18: 1-Channel Video Encoders

    VIDEO ENCODERS / 1-channel video encoders 1-CHANNEL VIDEO ENCODERS AXIS 241S One-channel, stand-alone video encoder providing digital ben- efits to analog video surveillance systems. > Up to 30/25 frames per second up to 4CIF resolution Common features AXIS 241S/Q/QA/243SA > Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 >...
  • Page 19: 4-Channel Video Encoders

    4-CHANNEL VIDEO ENCODERS AXIS 240Q AXIS 241Q Four-channel, stand-alone video Four-channel, stand-alone video encoder providing digital ben- encoder providing digital ben- efits to analog video surveillance efits to analog video surveillance systems. systems. > High quality Motion JPEG video > Up to 30/25 frames per second at 6 (NTSC) or 5 (PAL) frames up to 4CIF resolution per second per channel...
  • Page 20: 6-Channel Video Encoders

    VIDEO ENCODERS / 6-channel video encoder and network video decoder 6-CHANNEL VIDEO ENCODERS Available in Q3 2008 AXIS Q7406 Blade Six- channel v ideo enc oder blade for full-featured video surveillance with outstanding H.264 performance. > Multiple video streams simultaneously at full 25/30 frames per second in all resolutions up to D1 (720x480 in NTSC, 720x576 in PAL)
  • Page 21: Racks For Enterprise Installations

    RACKS FOR ENTERPRISE INSTALLATIONS Designed for improved serviceabil- ity and quick replacement of units, AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack, AXIS Video Server Rack and AXIS Q7900 Rack hold up to 3, 12 or 14 video encoder blades respec- tively, which are interchangeable and hot-swappable so there is no need to power down when install- ing or changing blades.
  • Page 22: Technical Overview

    VIDEO ENCODERS / Technical overview TECHNICAL OVERVIEW 1-channel video encoders AXIS 241S AXIS 243SA Video Server Video Server MPEG-4, Video compression Motion JPEG Motion JPEG 4CIF: 704x480 4CIF: 704x480 Maximum video (NTSC), resolution (pixels) 704x576 (PAL) 704x576 (PAL) Frames per second H.264 (NTSC/PAL) in maximum resolution Frames per second...
  • Page 23: Technical Overview

    TECHNICAL OVERVIEW Axis video server racks Designed for high-density installations, Axis video encoder rack solutions accommodate multiple video encoder blades in the same rack. AXIS 291 1U Video Server Rack Slots Maximum number of channels AXIS 240Q, AXIS 241Q, AXIS 241S, Blades supported AXIS 243Q, AXIS Q7406 Ethernet...
  • Page 24: Video Management Software

    VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE / Viewing, recording and event management VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Remote viewing, recording and event management Axis provides video management software that complements the company‘s network cameras and video encoders. Axis Application Development Partners (ADP) offer an additional wide range of complete video solutions. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS VIEWING, RECORDING AND EVENT MANAGEMENT AXIS Camera Station...
  • Page 25: User Interface

    Viewing, recording and event management / VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AXIS Camera Station User interface AXIS Camera Station runs as a Windows service on a dedicat- ed PC. Viewing and control are possible using the AXIS Camera Station’s Windows client run- ning on the local computer or connect from anywhere on the Internet or corporate network.
  • Page 26: Viewing, Recording And Event Management

    VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE / Viewing, recording and event management Scenario 1: Basic installation with remote access on the local network AXIS Camera Station and Axis network cameras are located on the same local network. Viewing, playback and administration are done directly in AXIS Camera Station. Existing analog cameras connected to an Axis video encoder achieve the same functionality.
  • Page 27: Installation And Management Tools

    Installation and management tools / VIDEO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE INSTALLATION AND MANAGEMENT TOOLS AXIS Installation Monitor Easy adjustment of focus, viewing angle and direction. AXIS Installation Monitor software simplifies the physical installation and service of Axis network camer- as mounted on walls, ceilings, poles, etc.
  • Page 28: Bundles

    BUNDLES BUNDLES Complete solutions and special offers Axis offers a number of product bundles; for instance, a network camera with outdoor housing and solutions including several network cameras with video management software. These solutions let you get started quickly with your video application. For a full list of available bundles and special offers, please visit or contact your local Axis office.
  • Page 29: Recording Solutions

    AXIS 206 AXIS 210A Surveillance Kit Surveillance Kit This bundle consists of four This bundle consists of four AXIS 206 Network Cameras and AXIS 210A Network Cameras and one AXIS Camera Station soft- one AXIS Camera Station soft- ware with licenses for four net- ware with licenses for four net- work cameras/video encoders.
  • Page 30: Hardware Accessories

    HARDWARE ACCESSORIES HARDWARE ACCESSORIES A full range of accessories for all your video communication needs Axis provides a wide range of complementary video and network accessories and devices for your network cameras and video encoders. A full list of available accessories can be found on Axis’...
  • Page 31: Hardware Accessories

    Lenses and lens Mounting accessories accessories > Stand cam metal > Stand cam plastic > Pentax Varifocal Lens 5-50mm > Wall bracket for AXIS 213 PTZ > Lens 4mm CS mount > AXIS 225FD Pendant Kit > Lens CS varifocal 3.5-8mm DC-IRIS Protective housings For mounting Axis network cam-...
  • Page 32: Technical Corner

    TECHNICAL CORNER / Axis superior image quality TECHNICAL CORNER AXIS SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY Image quality is one of the most important features of any camera, if not the most important. This is particularly so in surveillance and monitoring applications, where lives and property may be at stake. Determining factors Unlike traditional analog cameras, Axis network cam- eras are equipped with processing power not only to...
  • Page 33: Axis' Motion Jpeg, Mpeg-4 And H.264 Support

    Axis’ Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 support / IPv6 and QoS / TECHNICAL CORNER AXIS’ MOTION JPEG, MPEG-4 AND H.264 SUPPORT Many Axis video products feature advanced real-time video encoding that can deliver Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 as well as H.264 video streams. This gives users the flexibility to maximize image quality for recording and reduce bandwidth needs for live viewing.
  • Page 34: Power Over Ethernet

    TECHNICAL CORNER / Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Megapixel POWER OVER ETHERNET (PoE) One cable for transmitting video, audio* and power. With a network video solution, you have the option of using the same Ethernet cable both for data communications and power. This feature makes it easier to install products since an electrician is not required and the network video product is able to operate even when there is a power failure if the PoE...
  • Page 35: Preparing Your Network Video Project

    Preparing your network video project / TECHNICAL CORNER PREPARING YOUR NETWORK VIDEO PROJECT Main considerations 1. Define the scene and type of network video products required > Scene: What kind of scene do you want to monitor? How important is it? This will help you determine the features you would like to have in a network camera, such as video quality, light sensitivity and type of lens.
  • Page 36: Free Project Design Tools

    TECHNICAL CORNER / Free project design tools FREE PROJECT DESIGN TOOLS A variety of tools that will help you design your network video project Technical guide to network video Before setting up your own network video system, you need to consider what features the system can provide.
  • Page 37 NOTES NOTES...
  • Page 38: Product Index

    PRODUCT INDEX PRODUCT INDEX Network cameras > AXIS 206 > AXIS 207 > AXIS 207W > AXIS 207MW > AXIS 209FD > AXIS 209MFD > AXIS 209FD-R > AXIS 210 > AXIS 210A > AXIS 211 > AXIS 211A > AXIS 211M >...
  • Page 39: Contact Information

    Tel: +81 3 6716 7850 Fax: +81 3 6716 7851 KOREA SOUTH AFRICA Seoul Johannesburg Axis Communications Korea Axis Communications SA Pty Ltd. Co., Ltd. Hampton Park, Atterbury House, Rm 407, Life Combi B/D. 20 Georgian Crescent 61-4 Yoido-dong Bryanston...
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