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LG WM2801H Series Training Manual

Front-loader washer
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The information in this training manual is intended for use by persons possessing an adequate background
in electrical equipment, electronic devices, and mechanical systems. In any attempt to repair a major
appliance, personal injury and property damage can result. The manufacturer or seller maintains no liability
for the interpretation of this information, nor can it assume any liability in conjunction with its use. When
servicing this product, under no circumstances should the original design be modified or altered without
permission from LG Electronics. Unauthorized modifications will not only void the warranty, but may lead
to property damage or user injury. If wires, screws, clips, straps, nuts, or washers used to complete a
ground path are removed for service, they must be returned to their original positions and properly
To avoid personal injury, disconnect the power before servicing this product. If electrical power is required
for diagnosis or test purposes, disconnect the power immediately after performing the necessary checks.
Also be aware that many household appliances present a weight hazard. At least two people should be
involved in the installation or servicing of such devices. Failure to consider the weight of an appliance could
result in physical injury.
Some of the electronic components in appliances are electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive. ESD can
weaken or damage the electronics in these appliances in a manner that renders them inoperative or
reduces the time until their next failure. Connect an ESD wrist strap to a ground connection point or
unpainted metal in the appliance. Alternatively, you can touch your finger repeatedly to a ground
connection point or unpainted metal in the appliance. Before removing a replacement part from its package,
touch the anti-static bag to a ground connection point or unpainted metal in the appliance. Handle the
electronic control assembly by its edges only. When repackaging a failed electronic control assembly in an
anti-static bag, observe these same precautions.
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant
to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful
interference when the equipment is operated in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses,
and can radiate radio frequency energy, and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction
manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that
interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to
radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is
encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Reorient or
relocate the receiving antenna; Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver; Connect
the equipment to an outlet on a different circuit than that to which the receiver is connected; or consult
the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
The information in this training manual was accurate at the time of publication. Every effort has been made
to ensure accuracy. Updates, changes, etc. are available via GCSC and LGCSacademy. The information in
this manual is intended for persons with adequate backgrounds in electronics, mechanical, and electronic
servicing. The manufacturer and seller are not to be held responsible for any liability incurred from its use.
The responsible party for this device's compliance is LG Electronics Alabama, Inc.; P O Box 240007,
Huntsville, AL, 35813.
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Washing Machine



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  • Page 1 The manufacturer and seller are not to be held responsible for any liability incurred from its use. COMPLIANCE The responsible party for this device’s compliance is LG Electronics Alabama, Inc.; P O Box 240007, Huntsville, AL, 35813. WM2801H*A...
  • Page 2 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A SAFETY NOTICES (The Small Print Page) Contents Introduction Specifications Warranty Features Controls Fuzzy Logic Door Lock Child Lock Steam Drum Light Load Sensing Water Circulation and Steam Spray Parts Identification Installation Clearances Stacking Kit Makeup Air Accessories Shipping Bolts Connections...
  • Page 3 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Disassembly and Repair, continued Noise Filter Front Cover Door and Hinge Pumps and Filter Housing Wash Heater Foreign Object Removal Water Level (Pressure) Switch Motor Tub and Drum Dampers (Suspension) Test Mode Error Display Error Codes Troubleshooting Summary Sheet Troubleshooting (with error codes) Drain Error Heating Error...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Exploded Views Parts List Special Tools Serial Number Identification Supplementary Information Notes INTRODUCTION ® The WM2801is a front-loader washer with the optional cycles of SteamFresh ® Allergeine , and Sanitary. The new features include the larger, square door, the balancing ring, and the drum antivibration system.
  • Page 5: Warranty

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WARRANTY Warranty statements vary by product. Be sure to check the warranty that was included with the product because that is the valid warranty. This warranty statement is generic and is intended for instructional purposes only. WM2801H*A Page 5 Washing Machine...
  • Page 6: Features

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A FEATURES ULTRA CAPACITY The larger drum (4.0 cu. ft. IEC) allows higher head drop, greater centrifugal force, and washing of larger and heavier loads and oversized items (comforters, curtains, blankets, etc.) There is less wrinkling and tangling of the laundry. (See BULKY / LARGE, page 28.) DIRECT DRIVE The brushless DC motor drives the drum directly without...
  • Page 7: Controls

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A FEATURES, continued BUILT-IN HEATER The internal heater helps maintain the water at its optimal temperature for selected cycles. The SANITARY cycle kills most common germs and bacteria. The ALLERGIENE cycle is not quite as hot but kills most dust mites and other allergens in laundry. (See additional information on page 28 and on pages 33 and 34.) CHILD LOCK...
  • Page 8: Fuzzy Logic

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A FUZZY LOGIC To get the best washing performance, the user selects one of the standard cycles. Sensors in the WASHER make an infinitely variable number of adjustments as the cycle progresses. Adjustments are automatically made for load size, incoming water temperature, soil level, rinses required, and other variables.
  • Page 9: Child Lock

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A CHILD LOCK The CHILD LOCK feature prevents unwanted use of the washer. Press and hold the PRE-WASH button for three seconds to lock or unlock the control panel. When the CHILD LOCK is set, all controls except the CHILD LOCK button are disabled. STEAM The STEAM feature offers enhanced washing performance with lower water and energy consumption.
  • Page 10: Load Sensing

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A LOAD SENSING FUNCTION In order to determine the size and weight of the load, the machine begins each cycle by tumbling the load a few revolutions. It spins up to approximately 120 rpm for approximately 6 seconds. (Speed and time may vary by model.) Determining the size and weight of the load allows the...
  • Page 11: Water Circulation

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WATER CIRCULATION and STEAM The recirculation pump circulates the water during most of the cycle. During the WASH cycle, it runs continuously for the first 3 minutes and then intermittently throughout the cycle. During the RINSE cycle, it runs continuously as soon as the appropriate amount of rinse water has been added.
  • Page 12: Parts Identification

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PARTS IDENTIFICATION The air vent on the back of the machine must be left open and clear at all times. If the washer and dryer are installed in a closet or closed laundry alcove, there must be sufficient clearance and ventilation.
  • Page 13: Installation

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A INSTALLATION CLEARANCES Dimensions with door open (side view.) This would be the same if the dryer were stacked on top of the washer. Space in laundry alcove (front view.) This would be the same if the dryer were stacked on top of the washer.
  • Page 14 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A INSTALLATION (Stacking Kit) WARNING! Do not attempt this alone! At least two people are required to lift the dryer and place it properly on top of the washer. Failure to observe this warning could result in serious physical injury and damage to the appliances. Place the washer on a solid, even floor.
  • Page 15: Makeup Air

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A INSTALLATION (Stacking Kit) continued Install the front rail of the stacking kit. Push the front rail back against the stops on the side brackets. Insert a screw to attach the front rail to the side bracket. Insert the other screw for the other side. Tighten the leg down about half a turn to put a little tension between the dryer and the bracket to prevent rattling and...
  • Page 16: Accessories

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A ACCESSORIES The washer comes with the two input hoses. The blue stripe is for cold water and the stripe is for hot water. The hoses are not mechanically identical. It is critical to the performance of the washer to have the hot and cold hoses connected correctly. The hot hose is made of a thicker material suitable for higher temperatures and pressure.
  • Page 17: Shipping Bolts

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A INSTALLATION REMOVE THE SHIPPING BOLTS. LEAVE THEM WITH THE CUSTOMER. The lower right bolt is equipped with a clip that secures the cord so it is impossible to plug in the machine without removing the bolt. The cord is further secured by an adhesive sticker which must be broken to free the cord to plug in the machine.
  • Page 18: Connections

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A CONNECTIONS WATER Be sure the rubber washer is inside the hose end. Attach the hoses to the washer (red is HOT, blue is COLD). Tighten them firmly but don’t strip the plastic threads on the washer connections. The hoses are clearly marked by temperature. The hose is thicker and has a higher temperature rating and burst strength.
  • Page 19: Drain

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DRAIN The drain pipe should be firmly attached to the standpipe or the laundry tub or sink where it drains. The pump has sufficient power to cause the pipe to move around when the water is expelled. The pump can lift the drain water a maximum of 96 inches (2.4 m), but there is no minimum height requirement.
  • Page 20: Pedestal Kit

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A INSTALLATION (PEDESTAL KIT) This procedure covers installing and leveling the 7½” and 13” pedestals for 27” washers, dryers, and combos. If the products are stacked, the washer must be below the dryer, and only one pedestal is required. This will place the dryer controls approximately 6½ feet above the floor, making it difficult to see the display or operate the controls.
  • Page 21 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A INSTALLATION (Pedestal, new style, continued) Insert the T-clip of the four retainers into the washer base, as shown. Press up on the back of the clip and pull outward to lock it into place. Set the washer on the pedestal. (The washer feet fit into the outermost holes in the mounting brackets.) Make sure the screws on the pedestal align...
  • Page 22: Control Panel

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A CONTROL PANEL The control panel is located on the front of the washer. All options are available from the control panel. STEAM is available on all cycles that include the colored band at the control knob. The preset levels for a particular cycle.
  • Page 23 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A The ESTIMATED TIME remaining is shown in the window. This may fluctuate during the cycle because the washer will make numerous adjustments based on fuzzy logic and the data supplied by various sensors in the machine. CHILD LOCK will render every button except the CHILD LOCK button nonfunctional.
  • Page 24: Display

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A BEFORE PERFORMING SERVICE • Always unplug the washer to work on it. • Be careful to avoid electric shock when disconnecting parts for troubleshooting. • Some terminals in the steam washer have 120 Volts AC or DC on them, sometimes even when the washer is off.
  • Page 25: Program Chart

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PROGRAM CHART This chart shows the components and their times of operation in the various wash cycles. The time estimates shown here are for the basic cycles before the fuzzy logic adjustments are made. See the cycle and option chart on the following page. WM2801H*A Page 25 Washing Machine...
  • Page 26: Cycle And Option Chart

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A CYCLE and OPTION CHART See also the section covering PROCESS TECHNICAL INFORMATION on pages 113 and 114 of this training manual. WM2801H*A Page 26 Washing Machine...
  • Page 27: Cycle And Option Information

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A CYCLE and OPTION INFORMATION CYCLES and OPTIONS (in general) Every option is not available on every cycle. For example, steam and extra high spin cannot be selected with the HAND WASH/WOOL or DELICATES cycle. Similarly, certain hotter wash temperatures cannot be selected if that would be inappropriate for the materials or cycle selected.
  • Page 28 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A ALLERGIENE™ ™ The ALLERGIENE cycle is designed to use hotter wash water (140° F or 60° C) than the regular HOT wash (112° F or 50° C) but not as hot as the SANITARY cycle (158° F or 70°...
  • Page 29 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PERM. PRESS The PERMANENT PRESS cycle defaults to a 0:57 cycle time. The default selections can be overridden for wash temperature, spin speed, and soil level. Water level defaults to approximately 234, which is more water than a normal cycle. DELICATES The DELICATE cycle defaults to a 0:42 minute cycle.
  • Page 30 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A OPTIONS STEAM Press this to add steam to any cycle that is marked by the STEAM indicator on the cycle knob. Note that not all cycles permit the addition of steam. ® WASH / RINSE OPTIMIZER Press this to make the machine set the optimum water level, wash time, rinse time, and detergent level.
  • Page 31 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A TUB CLEAN A buildup of detergent and softener residue can occur over time and lead to a musty smell. Run the TUB CLEAN cycle to remove that buildup. Add liquid bleach to the dispenser before starting the cycle. At the end of the cycle, open the door and allow the interior of the machine to dry.
  • Page 32 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Only woolen items designated as machine washable should be washed in the washing machine, and then on the HAND WASH / WOOL cycle only. Wash only small loads (less than 8 pounds) for optimum fabric care. Use only a neutral, wool-safe detergent. Only a small amount of detergent is necessary due to the small load size and low water volume.
  • Page 33: Water Temperature Control

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WATER TEMPERATURE CONTROL PREWASH CYCLE Cold water is supplied via the dispenser when the prewash valve opens. If COLD WASH / COLD RINSE is selected, the heater is not activated. If another WASH / RINSE temper- ature is selected, the heater still is not activated during the PREWASH unless the water temperature is lower than 85°...
  • Page 34 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Prewash valve opens, cold water is supplied. B, D, and F Hot valve opens to raise the water temperature to 131° F. C, E, and G Cold valve opens to lower the water temperature to 122° F. No water is supplied because the water level reaches the target.
  • Page 35: Detergent Dispenser

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DETERGENT DISPENSER The dispenser drawer is a multi-chambered reservoir that allows the user to add all the appropriate laundry additives before starting the cycle. It has a place for pre-wash detergent, main wash detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. Powdered or liquid detergents may be used, but softener and bleach must be liquids.
  • Page 36 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A The dispenser works by using various solenoids to apply water to different compartments. The liquid products are dispensed from a siphon box. As the appropriate chamber is flooded, the box fills and the water flushes the laundry product into the tub. It is mixed with water before contacting the laundry to prevent spotting or damaging the fabric.
  • Page 37 Due to the design of the machine, LG does not recommend using it to soak or dye clothing, nor do we recommend the use of various laundry additives such as enzyme pre- soaks, detergent boosters, borax additives, bluing, and others.
  • Page 38: Direct Drive Motor

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR The motor is a direct-drive, brushless, DC motor. It is attached to the drum via a splined shaft, eliminating belts, pulleys, transmissions, and the inherent problems associated with them. The rotor is attached to the shaft by one large bolt. The DC motor can be driven from stopped to maximum speed in infinite steps in either direction.
  • Page 39: Disassembly And Repair

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DISASSEMBLY and REPAIR The following pages will show the instructions for disassembly, repair, replacement of parts, and re-assembly. Many times, electrical components may be tested by connecting the meter to the appropriate leads or connectors on the main PC Board. (Refer to the block wiring diagram, next page.) Proper diagnosis will eliminate unnecessary labor and expedite repairs.
  • Page 40: Block Wiring Diagram

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A BLOCK WIRING DIAGRAM WM2801H*A Page 40 Washing Machine...
  • Page 42: Control Panel

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DISASSEMBLY/REPAIR CONTROL PANEL Remove the screws securing the top plate (cover.) Push the top plate (cover) backward a couple of inches and then lift it off the machine. Disconnect the cables connecting the washer and the display board. Remove the dispenser drawer by pressing the release tab and pulling it all the way out.
  • Page 43: Main Control Board

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A MAIN CONTROL BOARD Unplug the machine. Remove the top plate (cover.) (See page 42.) Remove the protective cover by prying the plastic clips open. Disconnect all electrical connectors. Note that all the connectors are different in pin count, color, and configuration.
  • Page 44: Dispenser

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DISPENSER Remove the top plate (cover.) (See page 42.) Remove the dispenser drawer. Remove the two screws that secure the dispenser body. Remove the 5 hose clamps. If you squeeze them and slide them a couple of inches down the hose, they will not be lost while the repair is made.
  • Page 45: Noise Filter

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A NOISE FILTER To service the noise filter, remove the control panel cover. Unplug the connectors of the noise filter and slide it out of the clips on the frame. NOTICE THAT LINE AND NEUTRAL ARE REVERSED. SEE WIRING DIAGRAM. See page 69 for test information.
  • Page 46 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A After removing the door gasket, you can reach inside the cabinet and unplug the electrical connector to the door switch. If you are replacing the door switch, you can do it without any disassembly other than the door gasket. Remove the two screws that hold the switch in place, pull it out through the opening, and replace it.
  • Page 47: Door And Hinge

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DOOR and HINGE Open the door. Remove the 7 screws that secure the hinge cover. Pry the cover off with a screwdriver, taking care not to scratch or mar the surfaces. Remove the screws from the door hinge clips.
  • Page 48: Pumps And Filter Housing

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PUMPS and FILTER HOUSING Remove the front cabinet. (See pages 45 and 46.) Drain the water from the sump. Remove the clamps and hoses. Since the pump sits on a platform assembly, no screws are used to attach it to the front of the machine frame.
  • Page 49: Wash Heater

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DRAIN PUMP, continued The drain pump and the circulating pump are attached to either side of the filter housing. The drain pump is used to exhaust the water from the washer. The recirculating pump serves three purposes: it sprays water from the tub onto the laundry, creating a better saturation of detergent and better rinsing, it keeps the window clean, and it allows the customer to see water in the tub.
  • Page 50: Disassembly And Repair

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DISASSEMBLY and REPAIR, continued WATER LEVEL SWITCH The water level detector switch monitors the water level and feeds this information to the main board. The sensor reads air pressure in an air chamber on the tub. The air pressure changes in relation to the depth of the water, moving a diaphragm in the switch.
  • Page 51: Motor

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DISASSEMBLY and REPAIR, continued MOTOR Remove the back cover. Remove the large bolt in the center shaft. DO NOT stick a screwdriver or other object through the slots in the rotor. Pull the rotor off the shaft. Remove the ground screws and wire retainers from the stator wires.
  • Page 52: Tub And Drum

    Separate the halves. Be careful to avoid damaging the gasket. Do not pry on the surfaces between the halves. Instead of replacing the bearings, LG recommends purchasing the back half of the tub with the bearings and seal already pressed in at the factory.
  • Page 53 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DISASSEMBLY and REPAIR, continued DAMPERS Disconnect the dampers from the tub and the base. Be sure to press in the safety tab before pushing the pin out of the damper. You can use a socket to hold the tab in while you squeeze the pin with the special tool 383EER4003A.
  • Page 54: Test Mode

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A TEST MODE The steam washer must be empty and off to enter the test mode. 1. Press and hold SPIN SPEED and SOIL LEVEL. 2. Press POWER. The buzzer will sound twice. 3. Press START/PAUSE to cycle through the test modes. (See chart, below.) Notes: Insert a zero at the end of the displayed numbers larger than two digits to determine the actual rpm.
  • Page 55: Error Display

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A ERROR DISPLAY If you press START / PAUSE when an error code is displayed, any error except PE will disappear and the machine will revert to PAUSE status. In the cases of a PE, TE, or DE error code, if the error is not cleared within 20 seconds, the machine will be turned off automatically and the error code will blink on the display.
  • Page 56 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A ERROR CODES, continued TROUBLESHOOTING SUMMARY See the troubleshooting summary guide at the end of the manual on an oversized, fold- out page. WM2801H*A Page 56 Washing Machine...
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting (With Error Codes)

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A TROUBLESHOOTING (with error codes) WM2801H*A Page 57 Washing Machine...
  • Page 58 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 58 Washing Machine...
  • Page 59 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 59 Washing Machine...
  • Page 60 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 60 Washing Machine...
  • Page 61 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 61 Washing Machine...
  • Page 62 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 62 Washing Machine...
  • Page 63 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 63 Washing Machine...
  • Page 64 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 64 Washing Machine...
  • Page 65 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 65 Washing Machine...
  • Page 66 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 66 Washing Machine...
  • Page 67 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WM2801H*A Page 67 Washing Machine...
  • Page 68 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A If the laundry products do not dispense properly, check the dispenser and related components. TEST MODE (page 54) will allow checking each solenoid to ensure it is getting power and dispensing water to the correct compartment. WM2801H*A Page 68 Washing Machine...
  • Page 69: Component Test Procedures

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A COMPONENT TEST PROCEDURES Several components of the machine can be tested before removing or exchanging them. Some test procedures can be completed without major disassembly other than to disconnect the component from its circuit; others may be tested from their connector on the control panel.
  • Page 70: Door Lock

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DOOR LOCK SWITCH ASSEMBLY The door lock switch assembly includes a heating PTC, a bimetal, a protection PTC, and a solenoid. The assembly locks the door during the wash cycle and under certain other conditions. DOOR LOCKING When the system is energized through terminals 2 and 4, the PTCs begin heating.
  • Page 71 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A At the connector on the main board, the wires are: ORANGE Door Switch (N) BLUE Door Switch (L1) WHITE Main Cold (N) The door switch solenoid operates by a pulse of 120 V between pins 3 and 4. With the switch out of the circuit, read the resistance between pins 3 and 4 (ORANGE and BLUE,) which should be...
  • Page 72: Stator

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A STATOR ASSEMBLY The direct drive brushless DC motor can be driven from zero to maximum RPM in infinite steps in either direction. There are 36 poles on the stator and 12 permanent magnets on the inside of the rotor. A cracked magnet will cause the motor to stall. The stator can be tested either from its connector or from the connector at the main board.
  • Page 73: Hall Sensor

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A HALL SENSOR some Check the wiring diagram for your machine. The wiring diagrams on washing machines were incorrect in depicting the hall sensor wiring. The error involves wiring terminal designation. See the diagrams below. The correct wiring terminal colors are: White is (+) Gray is (-) Red is Hb...
  • Page 74 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Hall Sensor testing methods are now available on the following pages when LE error code hall sensor is out of order or defective. troubleshooting says “ ” Test FIRST!! 1 – BL (Ha) 2 – RD (Hb) 3 –...
  • Page 75 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Terminal Designation / Ohm & Voltage Specifications Hall Sensor Testing The hall sensor can be tested from the control board or at the hall sensor. Ohm Testing the Hall Sensor If tested off the stator using the diagram on the previous page, check the resistors from pin 5 to pin 1 and pin 2.
  • Page 76 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Testing the Hall Sensor from the Control Board Control Board Testing Location Control Board Output and Hall Sensor Input can be measured with the connector connected to the board and the machine operating. Also, these voltages can be measured by parking the meter leads on the desired terminals and spinning the tub briskly with the power cord disconnected.
  • Page 77 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Actual Terminal Wiring The potting epoxy has been removed to show the PC board and components. Voltage Testing Hall Sensor at Control Board (See page 76.) 1. Unplug the power cord. 2. Remove the rear control panel cover. 3.
  • Page 78: Pump Motors

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PUMP MOTORS Two pump motors share a single housing at the machine sump. The motor on the left is to drain the machine; the motor on the right is to circulate the sump water back into the laundry.
  • Page 79 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A At this connector on the main board, all four wires are the L1 side of the line. Voltage is applied to the solenoids by the BLACK wire and the neutral side is completed or broken to actuate each solenoid.
  • Page 80 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PUMP TEST POINTS Use an ohmmeter to test the resistance of the pump motor. Disconnect the pump from the circuit to test, either at the pump or at the connector on main board. DRAIN PUMP (Left) 10 ~ 20 Ω 1 to 2 CIRCULATION PUMP (Right) 1 to 2...
  • Page 81: Inlet Valve Assembly

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A INLET VALVE ASSEMBLY The valve assemblies introduce water to the tub and cause dispensing of the various laundry products. Hot water enters only through the main wash compartment. Cold water is directed by the four solenoids to the various laundry products. (See the dispenser section on pages 35 ~ 36.) The solenoids can be checked in TEST MODE.
  • Page 82: Heater Driver Circuit

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A HEATER DRIVER CIRCUIT (In General) The heater driver circuits are similar for both heaters on the machine: the wash heater, which heats the water in the tub to the specified temperature; and the steam generator heater, which boils water to make steam for the steam cycles. The elements are similar, but not interchangeable, approximately 1,000-watt electric heaters.
  • Page 83 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WASH HEATER The wash heater is at the bottom of the tub where it heats the water in the sump. Check the voltage to the wash heater by putting your voltmeter on the heater terminals and measuring the voltage, which should be approximately 120 V when operating.
  • Page 84: Steam Generator

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A STEAM GENERATOR HEATER The TSG (Turbo Steam Generator) is supplied as an assembly only; parts like the sensor, thermistor, or heater cannot be replaced individually. Diagnosis is limited to determining a malfunction and replacing the assembly. The steam generator does not have to be removed from the machine to be drained.
  • Page 85 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A The steam generator can be removed as an assembly for diagnosis and replacement or tested in place. Unplug the washer. Disconnect all electrical connections, including ground. Drain the water. (You can drain the water after removal from the washer and it is easier.) Remove all the cable straps by squeezing the tabs and pulling them out.
  • Page 86 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A When the Turbo Steam Generator is installed in the washer, the hoses to the dispenser should fit into the tubing guides. Be particularly careful when removing and replacing the water input hose to the steam generator. There is a check valve that fits into the input port.
  • Page 87 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Sensor Wiring Diagram Steam Generator The Steam Generator is made up of 5 major components. They are the 1,100 watt heater @ 120 V , the low water sensor, the high water sensor, the temperature sensing thermistor, and the water tank. The water level sensors, the thermistor, along with the control board determine IF the steam generator heater will be activated.
  • Page 88 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A High Water Sensor Detecting Low Water The photo to the left shows the high water sensor (VIOLET) wire. As the caption shows the meter is reading a voltage of 4.09 V Water in the housing is not touching the high water probe. When this occurs, the control board would activate the cold inlet valve for the steam generator before energizing the...
  • Page 89 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Water Level Sensor The water level sensor is a simple device that uses electrodes to detect the presence of water at various levels and signals the main board to trigger the solenoid to supply water to the steam generator.
  • Page 90: Thermistors

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A THERMISTOR ASSEMBLY Each heater includes a thermistor to regulate the heat and to power down the heater in the event of a failure. The sensors can be tested at their location or at their connectors on the main board. Use an ohmmeter to check the resistance of the sensor when it is disconnected from the circuit.
  • Page 91 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A STEAM GENERATOR THERMISTOR The thermistor is located on the top of the steam generator. You can check it at the connector there. Test resistance across terminals 1 and 2. 39.5 kΩ ± 5% at 86° (30° C) 26.1 kΩ...
  • Page 92: Drum Lamp

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DRUM LAMP The drum lamp is an LED array. It comes on when the POWER button is presses and goes off when the door is locked at the beginning of a cycle. It can be turned on during washer operation by pressing and holding the RINSE+SPIN button for three seconds;...
  • Page 93: Vibration Sensor

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A VIBRATION SENSOR The vibration sensor is designed to decrease the vibration of the washing machine. It records movement on two axes (X, or lateral; and Y, or vertical) and sends the information to the main control board, which adjusts the rotational direction and speed of the drum to rebalance the load and control vibration, including the striking of harmonics within the structure of the building.
  • Page 94: Balance Ring

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A BALANCE RING Another part of the anti-vibration system is the balance ring attached to the front of the drum. This balance ring contains several heavy steel balls and is filled with a viscous fluid. When the tub spins, the balls drift naturally and slowly to a position opposite the out-of- balance load to compensate.
  • Page 95: Tips And Tricks

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A TIPS and TRICKS HOSES When replacing the large hoses, be sure to avoid getting the lip turned under the hose clamp. This will damage the hose and cause a leak. The large hoses have notches on the ends to index them on the connectors.
  • Page 96: Wiring Diagram

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A WIRING DIAGRAM WM2801H*A Page 96 Washing Machine...
  • Page 97: Exploded Views

  • Page 98 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DRUM and TUB ASSEMBLY WM2801H*A Page 98 Washing Machine...
  • Page 99 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A DISPENSER ASSEMBLY WM2801H*A Page 99 Washing Machine...
  • Page 100: Parts List

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PARTS LIST The parts list was correct at the time of publication, but change is inevitable. Always check GCSC for the current and accurate part numbers and availability. Loc # Part No Description *001 AFN30385152 Manual Assembly, Owner's *002 MAY53533701 Box, Carton...
  • Page 101 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Loc # Part No Description A450 EBR44289808 PCB Assembly, Main A455 3550ER1032A Cover, Protect A485 6201EC1006L Filter Assembly F110 EBR61020701 PCB Assembly, Display F120 EAD39334705 Harness, Multi F130 6850ER2002N Harness, Multi F140 6877ER1016F Harness, Multi F145 6877ER3003B Harness, Single F160 5220FR2008F...
  • Page 102 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Loc # Part No Description G004 MFL30599128 Manual, Service G006 AAA72935701 Accessory Assembly G007 3828FA3749Y Sheet, Installation K105 3045ER0048E Tub Assembly, Outer K110 AJQ54138201 Tub Assembly, Drum (Inner) K111 4433ER1005A Lifter Assembly K115 4434ER0002A Spider K121 4280FR4048N Bearing, Ball K122 4280FR4048J...
  • Page 103 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Loc # Part No Description K540 3504ER3002A Chamber, Air K550 5214FR4125N Hose, Inlet K560 5214ER4002U Hose, Inlet K570 5214FR4058Y Hose, Connector K571 4932ER4007B Connector, Hose K572 4861FR3068A Clamp K610 383EER3001S Parts Assembly K611 4774FR3118B Hinge M400 3111ER1001D Generator Assembly M410 3210ER1318A...
  • Page 104: Special Tools

  • Page 105: Serial Number Identification

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A SERIAL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION The serial number is unique to each product. It gives information concerning the time and place of manufacture. The serial number is required to be paid for warranty service and to get the correct part in the event a running production change was made. Some models may have four (4) letters instead of two (2) for the product code number.
  • Page 106 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A OHM’S LAW and WATT’S LAW P = WATTS I = AMPERES Watts = Volts / Ohms Amperes = Volts / Ohms Watts = Amperes x Ohms Amperes = Watts / Volts Watts = Volts x Amperes Amperes = E I •...
  • Page 107 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A CONVERSION INFORMATION FORMULAE °F = (9/5) °C + 32 °C = (5/9) x (°F – 32) WASH TEMPERATURES STAIN CYCLE Adds cycle time and increases wash Sanitary 158° F (70° C) temperature Allergiene 140° F (60° C) 122°...
  • Page 108: Process Technical Information

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A PROCESS TECHNICAL INFORMATION Standby * The washer is plugged in but turned off. Water Supply * Drum rotates and fill begins after a cycle is selected. * If PREWASH is selected, cold water is supplied via the PREWASH valve.
  • Page 109 TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A Process Technical Information, continued Rinse Spin * The water remaining in the load is extracted by centrifugal force while the drum is spun at the selected speed. Remaining Spin * The power to the motor is cut off and the drum continues to spin by inertia until it stops.
  • Page 110: Notes

    TRAINING MANUAL WM2801H*A NOTES WM2801H*A Page 110 Washing Machine...