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LG GR-B214EPQC Owner's Manual page 6

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Important Safety Instruction
Do not store medicine or
academic materials in the
If materials with strict
temperature restrictions, such
as medicines, are stored, they
may deteriorate or react undesirably resulting in
possible harm or risk.
Do not use any combustible
spray near the
It may become the cause of an
explosion or fire.
Avoid any heating
devices. Install in places
away from any flame.
Such as fireplaces,
heaters and ovens. Pay
particular attention to
avoid locating near gas related products.
It may become the cause of an explosion or fire.
Do not place flower vases,
cups, cosmetics, medicine or
any container with water on
the fridge/freezer.
It may fall, leak or spill resulting
in possible electric shock or fire.
aIn case of a heavy electrical
storm or if unit is not to be
used for a long period of
time, disconnect the power
There is a possibility for electrical
damage. This may lead to an
electric shock or fire.
Do not use a water
damaged unit until it has
been certified safe by a
licensed electrician or
similarly qualified person.
It may be the cause of an
electric shock or fire.
When gas is leaked, do not touch the
fridge/freezer or the outlet and ventilate
the room immediately.
The explosion by spark
may cause fire or burn.
Because this fridge/freezer
uses natural gas
(isobutene, R134a) as
the environment-friendly
refrigerant, even a small amount (150~160g) is
combustible. When the gas is leaked by the
severe damage during delivering, installing or
using the fridge/freezer, any spark may cause
fire or burn.
Do not spray water on either the inside or
outside of the refrigerator. Do not use
alcohol or mineral based
cleaners on the
refrigerator (such as
Benzene or Thinners).
These may deteriorate or
penetrate the insulation or
electrical components
resulting in possible electric shock, fire or
damage to refrigerator.
When any strange smell or smoke is
detected from the fridge/freezer,
disconnect the power
plug immediately and
contact a service center.
Continuing to run unit may
result in Damage or fire.
Do not allow any person except a qualified
engineer to disassemble, repair or alter the
fridge/ freezer.
It may cause injury, electric
shock or fire.
Do not use the fridge/freezer
for non-domestic puposes
(storing medicine or testing
material, or use in a mobile
It may cause an unexpected risk
such as fire, electric shock, deterioration of
stored material or chemical reaction.



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