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Storing Food - LG GR-B214EPQC Owner's Manual

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Suggestions on food storage

Storing Food

Do not store food which goes bad easily at
low temperature, such as banana, and
Allow hot food to cool prior to storing.
Placing hot food in the freezer could spoil
other food, and lead to higher electric bills.
When storing the food, use a container with
a lid. This prevents moisture from
evaporating, and helps food to keep its taste
and nutrients.
Do not block air vents with food. Smooth
circulation of cold air keeps freezer
temperature even.
Do not open the door frequently. Opening
the door lets warm air enter the freezer,
and cause the temperature to rise.
Never keep too many foods in door rack,
as this may stop the door from fully
Do not store bottles in the freezer
compartment, Miracle Zone or snack bin
they may break when frozen.
Do not refreeze food that has been
thawed. This causes loss of taste and
Do not store pharmaceutical products,
scientific materials or other temperature
sensitive products in the freezer.
Products that require strict temperature
controls must not be stored in the freezer.
If you want to quick freeze new food, you
put it middle drawer of freezer
compartment, and then press the Super
Freezer button.
Do not put in front of the air hole of the
upper drawer of freezer compartment. It
could decrease freezer capacity.
If you keep the freezer in a hot, and humid
place, frequently open its door or put a lot of
vegetables in it, dew may form in it, which
has no effect on its performance. Remove
the dew with a lint free cloth.



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