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Important Safety Instruction - LG GR-B214EPQC Owner's Manual

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Important Safety Instruction

Remove water or dust from
the power plug and insert it
with the ends of the pins
securely connected.
Dust, water or unstable
connection may cause fire or electric shock.
Do not disconnect by pulling
on the cord. Always
disconnect by grasping and
pulling on the plug top.
Pulling on the cable may damage
the cable resulting in electric shock or fire.
Make sure of grounding.
Consult a qualified electrician or service
person if the grounding instructions are not
completely understood, or if you have
doubts on whether the appliance is
properly grounded.
Incorrect grounding may
lead to electric shock in the
event of a breakdown.
Always have unit
grounded in accordance
with local regulations.
If incorrectly grounded it may become the cause
of a fire.
When the power cord or the
power plug is damaged or
the holes of the outlet are
loosed, do not use them.
It may cause electric shock or be
the cause of a fire.
Wait for 5 minutes or longer
when reconnecting the plug.
It may cause the operation of
the refrigerator to fail.
2. When using the fridge/freezer
Do not place heavy objects
or liquid filled objects on the
top of the refrigerator.
Heavy objects may fall when
opening and closing doors
resulting in injury. Liquid filled
objects may leak or fall and break resulting in
injury, or electric shock.
Do not lean on or hang from
the doors or shelves of the
This may damage the doors or
shelves of the refrigerator or
cause it to topple over resulting
in injury and damage. Always supervise children
when they are near the refrigerator.
Prevent children from
entering the product.
It may endanger the life of a
child if the child enters the
Take care when opening and closing the
refrigerator doors. Vigorous opening or
More than
30 inches
closing may cause the contents to topple
out resulting in injury or damage.
Do not install the
refrigerator in a damp or wet
Moisture may penetrate
electrical components resulting
in fire or electric shock.
Do not store or use
Inflammable materials in
or around the
It may become the cause of
an explosion or fire.
Do not use or place heated
or flame based scented
products (Such as scented
candles or incent burners) in
the fridge to deodorise.
It may become the cause of an
explosion or fire.



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