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Pioneer SGY-PM900H79 L Important Information For The User page 7

Pedaling monitor sensor
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Do not put this device in water or
wipe with detergents, chemical
duster, or volatile medicines such
as benzine or thinner as they may
cause the device to malfunction.
Thoroughly remove any excess
bicycle lubricants or cleaners from
this device as they could cause an
unexpected malfunction.
Do not allow overly violent impacts
on this device as it may cause it to
Do not wash this device with a high
pressure water sprayer as water may
penetrate into the device causing it
to malfunction.
Batteries (battery pack or batteries
installed) must not be exposed to
excessive heat such as sunshine, fire
or the like.
"Perchlorate Material - special handling
may apply.
(Applicable to California, U.S.A.)"
Important Safety Information
Store small parts out of reach of
children and infants. If accidentally
swallowed, contact a doctor
Radio wave caution
This unit uses a 2.4 GHz radio wave
frequency, which is a band used by
other wireless systems (Microwave
ovens and Cordless phones, etc.).
In the event noise appears in
your television image, there is
the possibility this unit (including
products supported by this unit)
are causing signal interference
with the antenna input connector
of your television, video, satellite
tuner, etc. In this event, increase the
distance between the antenna input
connector and this unit (including
products supported by this unit).


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