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Pioneer SGY-PM900H79 L Important Information For The User page 6

Pedaling monitor sensor
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Important Safety Information
After switching modes or replacing
the battery, install the transmitter
cover securely and tighten the screw
with the specified torque.
If it is not installed securely, it may
fall causing an accident or injury.
Do not leave small parts such as
screws or the battery in an area
that infants can reach to prevent
accidental swallowing. If you think
this may have happened, consult
with a doctor immediately.
Before riding your bicycle, make
sure that the device is installed
securely in an area that does not
disturb riding operations. Make
especially sure that cable ties are
secure and all screws are tightened
as any loose components could
cause the device to fall causing an
accident or injury.
Consult with the dealer if there is
malfunction such as looseness.
Do not leave the device in places
that are exposed to direct sunlight,
high temperature, high humidity,
or a lot of dust as it may cause the
device to malfunction.
Never dismantle, refurbish, or repair
the device or any attached parts as
it could cause electrical shock or the
device to malfunction.
Do not use this device if any unusual
conditions exist such as penetration
by a foreign object, water
submersion, smoke is detected, or
an unusual odor is detected.
Stop using the device immediately
and have it repaired.
This device communicates using
ANT+ radio communication. Do
not use in areas that forbid the
use of electronic devices such as
hospitals or airplanes as unintended
interference from this device could
cause serious accidents.


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