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Pioneer SGY-PM900H79 L Important Information For The User page 14

Pedaling monitor sensor
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Before Use (Important)
If the device is exposed to a large
amount of water or moisture,
immediately wipe it down with a
dry cloth.
Only open or close the transmitter
cover after having completely wiped
off any moisture. Be sure your hands
are completely dry and you are in an
environment where the unit will not
get exposed to moisture again.
If this device is exposed to water,
thoroughly dry all crevices on the
units body where water may have
This unit has been designed with water-
resistance equivalent to standards
IPX6(*) as defined by the International
Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
Malfunctions due to water damage
caused by improper use are not
covered by the product warranty, even
if they occur within the warranty period.
Depending on conditions of use,
the water-resistant features are
not necessarily guaranteed even
during the warranty period.
* IPX6: Protection against strong jet of
We recommend you have the rubber
gaskets in the transmitters of the
sensors replaced periodically. (This is a
paid service.)


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