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Connecting The Cables - U4EA Fusion 50 Quick Start Manual

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Connecting the Cables

You can provide power to the Fusion 50 either by using the AC
power module or over an Ethernet connection, which utilizes
power-sourcing equipment (PSE).
If you intend to use an Ethernet connection for power,
ensure that the connecting device (that is, a hub or
switch) is Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE compliant.
Do the following to connect the cables for the Fusion 50:
Connect the power cable to the power adaptor and then to a
power supply.
Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port and then to a
client device such as a hub or computer. Again, you can use
an Ethernet connection to provide power to the AP.
At power up, the AP starts a one-minute boot-up sequence. The
Power LED flash green as soon as power is applied. You can
perform initial configuration as soon as the system completes its
boot-up sequence (see "Configuration" on page 6).
To avoid the possibility of a transmission loop, do not
connect an AP that is set in wireless client
(infrastructure) mode directly to the LAN (e.g., through a
wall port or through a hub directly connected to the LAN).
P/N: 001287, Rev. 1



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