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Product Description - U4EA Fusion 50 Quick Start Manual

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Product Description

Product Description
Fusion 50 Access Point is a high-performance SMB 802.11b/g
access point, which also supports bridge mode to enable multiple
wired Ethernet clients' access to wireless environments. In
addition, Fusion 50 supports Wi-Fi protected access standards to
provide higher-level of security for network data and
communication. Fusion 50 is also fully compatible with IEEE
802.11b standard, so it is able to connect to existing 802.11b-
compliant devices.
Fusion 50 Access Point
Power adapter (5V)
Detachable antennas (two)
1.5" sheet metal screws (two)
1" wood sheet rock screws (two)
Plastic wall anchors (two)
Fusion 50 Access Point Quick Start Guide
P/N: 001287, Rev. 1