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Water Softening System; Special Salt - Bosch SHX89PW75N Operating Instructions Manual

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en-us Water softening system / special salt
Water softening
system / special salt
T o ensure good rinsing results, the
W a t e r s o f t e n i n g s y s t e m / s p e c i a l s a l t
dishwasher requires soft water, i.e.
water which is low in lime, otherwise
limescale will be deposited on the
utensils and interior container. Tap
water above 7° dH (1.2 mmol/l)
must be softened. The water
is softened with special salt
(regeneration salt) in the water
softening system of the dishwasher.
The setting and therefore the
required amount of salt depends on
the degree of hardness of your tap
water (see following water hardness
Water hardness table
Using a water hardness test strip
The strip will be included in the
detergent sample kit.
Also refer to the instructions included
with the test strip.
Sample test strip
Adjusting the water
softening system
The amount of salt dispensed can be
set from 0 to 62°E. Salt is not
required at the set value 0-8.
Set the softening system as follows:
Ask your local water utility
company for the water hardness
value of your tap water.
Required setting can be found in
the water hardness table.
Open the door.
Switch on On/Off switch (.
Press Info button 8 for
3 seconds until the following text
is indicated on the display window
at the top @:
Scroll with < >
Set with - +
Leave with Setup 3 sec.
Keep pressing button > )* until
the water hardness is indicated
on the display window at the top
Make the selection with setting
buttons + - X.
Press and hold the Info button
8 for 3 seconds.
The chosen setting has now been


Table of Contents

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