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Charging Your Asus Phone - Asus X014D User Manual

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Charging your ASUS Phone

To charge your ASUS Phone:
1. Connect the USB connector into the power
adapter's USB port.
2. Connect the other end of the micro USB cable
to your ASUS Phone.
Plug the power adapter into a wall socket.
When using your ASUS Phone while it is
plugged to a power outlet, the grounded
power outlet must be near to the unit and
easily accessible.
When charging your ASUS Phone through
your computer, ensure that you plug the micro
USB cable to your computer's USB 2.0 / USB
3.0 port.
Avoid charging your ASUS Phone in an
environment with ambient temperature of
above 35
Use only the power adapter that came with
your device. Using a different power adapter
may damage your device.
Using the bundled power adapter and ASUS
Phone signal cable to connect your ASUS
Phone to a power outlet is the best way to
charge your ASUS Phone.
The input voltage range between the wall
outlet and this adapter is AC 100V - 240V.
The output voltage of the micro USB cable is
+5.2V 1A, 5W.
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