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Asus Castor User Manual

1.8" 176x220 display
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Asus Castor
User Manual
Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Asus Castor User Manual...
  • Page 3: About This Manual

    Preface Congratulations on your purchase of an Asus Castor mobile telephone. Read this manual carefully and keep it in a safe place for future reference. About this manual Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this manual are correct and up to date. However, no guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of the contents, and the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without notice.
  • Page 4: Additional Information

    Additional Information equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be deter- mined by turning the equipment off and on, the The use of this equipment may be subject to local user is encouraged to try to correct the interfer- rules and regulations.
  • Page 5: European Notice

    European Notice exceed the emission limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by the Federal Commu- nications Commission of the U.S. Government. Products with the mark comply with the Radio & Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Directive The exposure standard for wireless mobile phones (1999/5/EEC), the Electromagnetic Compatibility employs a unit of measurement known as the Spe- Directive (89/336/EEC) and the Low Voltage...
  • Page 6: Proper Disposal

    Proper Disposal The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this model phone with all reported SAR levels evaluated as in compliance with the FCC RF expo- The symbol of the crossed out bin indicates that sure guidelines. SAR information on this model the product (electrical and electronic equipment) phone is on file with the FCC and can be found should not be placed in municipal waste.
  • Page 7 aircraft may be dangerous to the operation of human body will normally rest close to any the aircraft, disrupt cellular networks, and part of the antenna unless there is an inter- may be illegal. Failure to observe this instruc- vening metallic screen, such as a metallic tion may lead to suspension or denial of cellu- roof.
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Contents WELCOME Caller Groups........21 Extra Number........22 Package Contents ......1 Settings..........23 Overview..........2 Specifications ........3 Messages Menu Map.......... 4 SMS ..........25 Getting Started MMS ..........27 Chat ..........29 Inserting the SIM card, Mini SD E-mail..........
  • Page 10 Settings Java Settings........53 Phone Setup ........35 User Profiles Call Setup ........38 Profile Settings ........ 55 Network Setup ........ 40 Security Setup......... 41 Organizer Restore Factory Settings ....42 Sound Effect ........43 Calendar.......... 57 To Do List........57 Multimedia Alarm..........
  • Page 11 Camera and Video Recorder Taking Photos........67 Viewing and Managing Photos ..67 Photo Capture Settings ....67 Recording Videos ......70 Viewing and Managing Videos ..70 Video Capture Settings....71...
  • Page 13: Package Contents

    WELCOME Congratulations on your purchase of an Asus Castor cell phone. The following illustration displays the package contents of your new phone. Package Contents Rechargeable AC Adapter Li Ion Battery Headset Castor Cell phone User Manual...
  • Page 14: Overview

    Overview The Castor is a stylish and fashionable new phone from Asus, with all the functions and utilities to make it a useful tool in today’s mobile world. The Castor comes equipped with a built-in camera, MMS/SMS messag- ing capability, organizer, java games, audio player, WAP, GPRS, and a mini SD card slot. In addition to the...
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Specifications System supported GSM900/1800/1900, GPRS Class B/Multi-Slot Size 90 x 45 x 24 mm Weight Battery 750 mAh Li-ion Standby Time 140-200 hours Talk Time 2.5 ~ 5 hours 1.8-inch, 256K colors, TFT, 176x220 Display 1.3mega pixel CMOS Supports video recording 4/6/9 continuous shots Camera Supports WAP 2.0 Java...
  • Page 16: Menu Map

    Menu Map Phonebook • Call Cost • SMS Counter • Quick Search • GPRS Counter • Search Entry • Add New Entry Settings • Copy All • Phone Settings • Delete - Time and Date • Caller Group - Schedule Power On/Off •...
  • Page 17 • Security Settings • Sound Recorder - SIM Lock - Record - Phone Lock - Settings - Auto Keypad Lock • Melody Composer - Fixed Dial File Manager - Barred Dial • Phone - Change Password - Open • Restore Factory Settings - Create Folder •...
  • Page 18 • Outdoor • Indoor • Headset Organizer • Calendar • To Do List • Alarm • World Clock Services • Service Provider • WAP • Data Account Extra • Calculator • Units Converter • Currency Converter • Health - BMI - Menstrual •...
  • Page 19: Getting Started

    Getting Started Inserting the SIM card, Mini SD Remove the battery. The battery has a card, and battery tab at the top to make it easier to When you register with a service provider, you grasp and remove. receive a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module card).
  • Page 20: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery Place the battery back into the battery Connect the charger plug to a power outlet. compartment noting the correct polarity. Place the back cover against the phone case, make sure to put the pins in the bottom case first, then slide it upwards to lock into place.
  • Page 21: Turning The Phone On And Off

    Function Keys Note: If the battery has been deeply discharged, it may take several minutes before the battery level The following table lists the phone keys and their indicator is displayed. functions. Turning the Phone On and Off Power/end key To turn the phone on, do the following: Hold to turn the phone on or off.
  • Page 22 Right soft key Right joystick key • Press to view phone book when • Press to scroll right through the phone is in idle mode. menu items. • Press to perform the function • Press to display the Media Cen- currently displayed in the lower ter menu when the phone is in right corner of the screen.
  • Page 23: Features

    Features Front View Closed Open Speaker Screen Up /down buttons Charger/USB socket...
  • Page 24 Left View Right View Headphone jack Volume up Volume down...
  • Page 25: Unlocking The Keypad

    Rear View Camera lens Headset jack Battery Cover Unlocking the Keypad To unlock the keypad, do the following: The screen shows Unlock in the lower right The keypad of the phone can be locked automati- corner of the screen. Select this option by cally after a specific time interval to prevent tam- pressing the right soft key which is just under pering or accidental pressing of any buttons.
  • Page 26: Standby Mode

    Standby Mode Indicates a missed call. When your phone is on, but not in use, it is in standby mode. During standby mode, the upper Using the Menu part of the display screen shows various icons. In the standby mode, press the left soft key The date and time is displayed at the lower center view the main menu.
  • Page 27: Text Entry

    For example, to view missed calls, do the follow- Camera: Enables you to take pictures as well ing: as record video with your phone. You can also Use the joystick keys to select Calls from the access all your pictures and videos from this main menu.
  • Page 28: Choosing Text Entry Methods

    Basics T U V 8 • Use the alphanumeric keypad to enter letters and numbers. Each key is assigned multiple W X Y Z 9 characters. • Select Clear, in the lower right corner of the Space,0 screen, to delete a letter if you make a mis- take.
  • Page 29 2.Press the key again quickly to go to 2.Press the key three times to select y. the next suggestion which is ba. If you press 3.Press key, followed by the enter key the up/down joystick keys, the phone scrolls or right soft key to enter a space. through all possible two- letter combinations 4.Press to enter p, then press...
  • Page 30: Connecting To A Computer

    Symbols text entry With this method, you can enter various types of symbols. Select Option > Input Method > Insert Symbols. A list of symbols is displayed. Use the joystick keys to select the desired symbol and select OK when done. Connecting to a Computer Connect the mobile phone to a computer using the supplied USB cable.
  • Page 31: Phonebook

    Phonebook Adding Contacts stored in the phone memory, and put the con- tact in a caller group. Read this section to learn how to add new contacts to your phonebook Note: You can control which fields are available for contact entries in Adding a New Entry Phonebook >...
  • Page 32: Shortcut To Contact Entries

    Copy Contacts Press the Right Soft Key to return to the previous screen. You can move contacts from your SIM card to phone memory or from phone memory to SIM Search Entry card. Use the Search Entry function to search for a spe- Follow these steps to move contacts: cific entry.
  • Page 33: Deleting Contacts

    You can then select whether to copy the entry to From the main menu, select SIM or handset. Phonebook > Caller Group. Use the joystick to highlight a caller group, You can also select Options > Move transfer a then press the Enter key. SIM contact entry to the Handset or a Handset Press the Enter key to select the current entry to the SIM card.
  • Page 34: Extra Number

    Extra Number This option determines which picture is dis- played when someone from the chosen caller The extra number setting is used to store special group calls the phone. numbers. You can store your own number here, a service dial number, and an SOS number. Note: If you select a picture from file, it must be smaller than 20K in size.
  • Page 35: Settings

    Note: SOS numbers vary according to region numbers from the phonebook whenever the and service provider. Please contact your service phonebook is viewed. provider for details about SOS numbers. Phonebook > Settings > Human Voice Prompt and press the Enter key to toggle the option on or Settings off.
  • Page 37: Messages

    Messages Read this section to learn how to use SMS, and - Done MMS messaging features of your new phone. You - Common Words can even send e-mail and use text chat. This sec- - Insert Object tion also covers voice mail features, broadcasting - Text Format messages, and setting the preferred text input.
  • Page 38 Template words phrases and gives you the option to change them. The Template feature contains common text phrases that you can conveniently enter without Message Settings having to type the whole phrase. There are 10 pre- set common words phrase which you can use or The settings menu enables you to configure your edit.
  • Page 39: Mms

    Select SIM or Handset. A small pop out box tells you the percentage MMS messages are like SMS messages but they of storage space already used in each loca- can also contain sounds and pictures. tion. The preferred bearer option sets the type of net- Writing an MMS Message work you prefer.
  • Page 40: Using Templates

    Using Templates To create a slide To create a slide, use the joystick to highlight There are templates stored on your phone which the Edit Content field then press the enter contain text, images, and sound. You can create key to confirm. MMS messages based on templates stored on You can enter text in the same way as you your phone.
  • Page 41: Chat

    You can change any setting by highlighting it Contact your service provider for details about e- with the joystick and then using the left and mail settings. right joystick keys to scroll through the To set up an e-mail account: options for each setting.
  • Page 42: Voice Mail Server

    Voice Mail Server Select the Read Message option then press the Enter key to read stored broadcast mes- You can set up two voice mail accounts on your sages. phone that will take messages for you when you Use the joystick to highlight the Languages are not able to answer your phone.
  • Page 43: Calls And Call History

    Calls and Call History Making a Call Answering a Call Follow these steps to make a call: When you receive a call, the phone alerts you by sounding the ring tone and vibrating, according to Enter the number you wish to dial using the the specific ring tone and vibration settings.
  • Page 44: Canceling An Incoming Call

    Canceling an Incoming Call Select the number you wish to dial and press the Call key to dial the number. If you would like to cancel an incoming call, press Dialed numbers can also be accessed from the Power/end key. Alternately, you can press Calls >...
  • Page 45: Call Log Options

    the number of times the call was received is dis- • Dialed Calls • Received Calls played. To call the number, press the Call key. • Delete All You may also select Option > Dial to call the num- ber. Call Time/Cost To dial a number from the received or dialed call logs, follow the same procedure as for returning a...
  • Page 46: Other Call Options

    • New Call: Places a new call. • Phone Book: Displays the phone book menu. You can use this function to check a contact phone number during a call. • SMS: Displays the messages menu. This is convenient in loud speaker mode if you want to send an SMS during a call.
  • Page 47: Settings

    Settings Phone Setup Up to four power on / off times can be defined. Highlight a number from the list using the joystick The Phone menu enables you to configure hand- and press the enter key. set features including time and date, scheduling Use the right and left joystick keys to change set- power on and off, language, preferred input tings for each field.on/off.
  • Page 48: Default Encoding Type

    Screen Saver The “Text Entry” section of the Getting Started chapter for details on inputting text. To set the screen saver: From the main menu, press Default Encoding Type Settings > Phone Setup > Display Charac- The Default Encoding Type option is used to set teristic >...
  • Page 49: Speed Dial

    Power Off Display Greeting text can be entered and edited. Set the status to On if you want the text to appear, or to To set the Power Off Display: Off if you do not want it to appear. From the main menu, press Settings >...
  • Page 50: Call Setup

    Auto Update of Date and Time can choose to activate or deactivate this option, or let the network set the option. Auto update of date and time is a network service that automatically updates the date and time in Call Waiting your phone when you travel or if daylight savings time is used in your area.
  • Page 51: Call Barring

    voice message box when you are busy and cannot use. This option can be used when line quality dif- take calls. fers or when you have difficulty placing a call because of busy lines. You can choose to forward all voice calls, or for- ward if unreachable, if calls are not answered, if To use line switching, select the line switching busy, or divert all data calls.
  • Page 52: Network Setup

    To enable call time display, select the Call Time A text entry screen appears. Enter the tele- Display option, then press the enter key to toggle phone numbers of group members. You can the function On and Off. also input text if desired. Note: Select Calls >...
  • Page 53: Security Setup

    SIM Lock In the Network Setup > Band Selection option, you can set bandwidth preferences. Select from Using the Settings > Security Setup > SIM Lock 900, 1800, 1900, or Dual Band. option protects the SIM card from unauthorized use if the phone is stolen or used by others. GPRS Connection Highlight the SIM Lock option from the Security Some users may prefer to use GPRS network for...
  • Page 54: Restore Factory Settings

    To set the auto keypad lock: This option requires a password. Consult your ser- vice provider if you don’t know your password. Highlight the Auto Keypad Lock option, then This function may not be supported by all service press the Enter key. providers.
  • Page 55: Sound Effect

    Note: This option requires a password. Use the default password, 1234, to access this setting. Sound Effect Use the Sound Effect option to define the equal- izer setting for audio output. There are eight differ- ent preset equalizer options to choose from. Select Settings >...
  • Page 57: Multimedia

    Multimedia Camera Forward Sends the currently selected image to another The camera and video recorder functions can be application, e.g. wallpaper. accessed from the Media Center menu. See “Camera and Video Recorder” on page 67 for Rename more details about how to use the camera and video recorder functions.
  • Page 58: Video Player

    more details about how to use the camera and push a key, the corresponding on-screen video recorder functions. symbol lights up. • Down Joystick: Stop, • Left Joystick: Reverse, Video Player • Right Joystick: Fast Forward, The camera and video recorder functions can be accessed from the Media Center menu.
  • Page 59: Sound Recorder

    Editing Music Files • Repeat. Select One to loop, or repeat, the current song. Select All to repeat all the You can play a file, view file details, set a file as a songs in the playlist. ringtone, add or remove files, or control other set- •...
  • Page 60: Melody Composer

    When you have stopped recording, the Save • Change the length of a note by highlighting it screen is displayed. Press the Left Soft Key with the joystick and pressing the * key. • Add a rest using the 0 key. to display the save menu.
  • Page 61: File Manager

    File Manager DRM Rights The File Manger can be used to view and manage files stored on your phone. To open the File Man- ????? ager, select File Manger from the main menu. Select Either the Phone or DRM Rights option from the File Manager menu.
  • Page 63: Fun And Games

    Fun and Games The Fun and Games option includes games and Note: Not all settings can be changed. Some useful applications. To display the Fun and fields only display resources available. Games menu Select the Fun and Games icon from the main menu. Games A selection of games comes preloaded on your Java...
  • Page 64: Stopwatch

    theme is updated. The Set Order option defines Note: When the Left Soft Key displays the the order in which the themes are updated. “resume” message, a long press of the key will reset the stopwatch. Stopwatch Typical Stopwatch Functions The phone includes a stopwatch function.
  • Page 65: Image Editor

    nWay Stopwatch Select Option to save the file, to adjust pen setting or fill background, to cut, copy, zoom, The nWay stopwatch enables you to track up to resize, or view help. four individual times simultaneously. In Pen Settings, you can set the size of the pen To use the nWay stopwatch: line in pixels, set the move factor, or the distance Select Start.
  • Page 67: User Profiles

    User Profiles The phone can be set to behave according to a Press the Left Soft Key to display the number of profiles. Each profile is designed to be Options menu. used in a particular environment. For instance, if Use the joystick key to highlight Customize you are in a meeting you may want your phone to from the list of options and press the Enter alert you silently when a call comes in.
  • Page 69: Organizer Calendar

    Organizer The organizer menu gives you access to a number Highlight a task, then press the Enter key to of features including alarms, calendar, task list, view details. OR Select Option to view the and world clock. Option menu. The Option menu enables you to view, add, edit, delete, or send a task.
  • Page 70: Alarm

    The Alarm Notify field activates or deactivates the From the main menu, select Organizer > alarm. Select Activate or Deactivate using the Alarm. right and left joystick keys. A list of alarms is displayed. Highlight an alarm to program then press the If you chose to activate the alarm, set a frequency Enter key to confirm.
  • Page 71: Services

    Services Browsing WAP pages The Services menu gives you access to Service Provider settings, and wireless services, such as Browsing WAP pages is much like browsing web WAP web browsing or WAP push. pages with your computer. However, rather than using a mouse, you navigate with the joystick keys Service Provider Settings and with the enter key.
  • Page 72: Data Account

    Changing the WAP Proxy IP Address One or more WAP profiles should already be set up before changing the IP address. Select WAP > Settings > Edit Profile. A list of available profiles appears. Select a profile, then press the Enter key. The selected profile is activated.
  • Page 73: Extra

    Extra The Extra menu gives you access to a number of The number stored in memory appears in [brack- useful applications including the Calculator, Units ets] at the top of the screen. Note that most of the Converter, Currency Converter, Health, and functions are selected with the joystick alone, with Bluetooth.
  • Page 74: Currency Converter

    Use the joystick to highlight the Weight or Use the keypad to enter a conversion factor Length option and press the Enter key to and press the Enter key to confirm. Use the # confirm. key to enter a decimal point. With the top field highlighted, use the left and With the top field highlighted, use the left and right joystick keys to select a conversion type.
  • Page 75: Bluetooth

    Setting Press the Enter key to confirm. Your men- strual cycle chart is then displayed. Configures your Bluetooth parameters. Visibility The most fertile period is displayed in yellow. The can be turned on or off. You can change your menses period is displayed in red. device name.
  • Page 77: Shortcuts

    Shortcuts You can create a set of ten shortcuts that access specific features directly. Creating Shortcuts To access the list of shortcuts: You can customize your list of shortcuts. Editing Shortcuts To edit the shortcut list: From the main menu, select Shortcuts. A list of current shortcuts is displayed.
  • Page 79: Camera And Video Recorder

    Camera and Video Recorder Brightness The phone is equipped with a high quality camera for capturing still pictures and video. While in capture mode, adjust the brightness of the display by pressing the right and left joystick keys. Taking Photos Viewing and Managing Photos Follow these steps to capture still pictures with your phone.
  • Page 80: Image Settings

    capture photos, use a timer, or set the default stor- Image Quality age location. Image Size To access photo capture settings: Press the key repeatedly to change a given set- ting. For example, if you press 4 for Multi-Cap- Put the camera into capture mode, as described in ture, pressing again enables you to apply, the “Taking Photos”...
  • Page 81 Highlight an effect from the list using the joy- While in capture mode, select stick and press the Enter key to apply the Option > Multi-Capture. setting. Select a number of shots. Select Deactivate for standard single shots, or 4 Shot, 6 Shot, Frame or 9 Shot for multi-capture shots.
  • Page 82: Recording Videos

    Restore Default To zoom out, press the down joystick key. You can preview the zoom effect on the phone’s screen. A Use the Restore Default option to restore all fac- slide bar at the bottom of the screen moves as tory default camera settings.
  • Page 83: Video Capture Settings

    press the * key to toggle in and out of full-screen videos with special effects, or set the default stor- mode. age location to handset or memory card. To access video capture settings: Rewind and Fast Forward Put the camera into video recorder capture mode, To rewind, press and hold the left joystick key.
  • Page 84 audio on and off, and set the encode format. To To set the storage option: open the video setting menu: 1. While in video recorder capture mode, select Option > Default Storage. While in video recorder capture mode, select 2. Highlight Handset or Memory Card, then press Option >...

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