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GE 240 Installation Manual page 26

Contactless smart card reader
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The reader
sounds a short
triple beep every
30 seconds and
the red LED
flashes quickly
(every 400 ms).
The reader
sounds a short
triple beep every
5 seconds and
the red LED
also flashes
every 5 seconds.
Indicates a tamper violation. Ensure the reader is
properly attached to its backplate. The red LED
will continue to blink for 30 seconds. The reader is
ready for use when the yellow LED is steadily on.
Check that the 4-state supervised switches are
connected with two 1K Ω resistors to the door con-
tact and the exit request inputs or, if the inputs are
not used, that a 1K Ω resistor is installed at the
reader connector.
A 470 Ω ½-watt pull-up resistor is required
between 12 VDC and Reader Data 1 on the Micro/
5 2RP (only).
GE Contactless Smart Card Reader Model 24x
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