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GE 240 Installation Manual page 25

Contactless smart card reader
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The green LED
does not light,
but the door
strike unlocks the
door when a valid
ISO 15693 card
is presented.
Green LED
lights, but the
door does not
Reader sounds a
short triple beep
every 30 seconds
and the red LED
flashes slowly
(every 2 sec-
Verify that the door strike is wired correctly. Refer
to the appropriate wiring diagram.
Disconnect the wire from JP1 pin 7 (green LED)
and connect JP1 pin 7 to JP1 pin 2 (ground). If the
green LED is now on, the reader is good and the
connection to the reader is defective. If the green
LED does not light, replace the reader.
Verify correct door strike wiring and operation. The
reader is functioning. If not, check that the block-
ing diode is functioning. If it is not, replace it.
The reader has lost communication with the micro-
Check the reader-to-microcontroller wiring, in par-
ticular, the terminations for Reader Data 1. Refer
to the appropriate wiring diagram. Verify that the
2RP AUX DO is jumpered to the reader data 1 on
the microcontroller. Jumper between 2RP JP2 and
JP4, pins 3 and 7.
Verify that the correct pull-up resistor is installed
on the microcontroller (470 Ω ½-watt, 2RP JP2
and JP4, pins 1 and 3).
Verify that the microcontroller has the correct firm-
ware. Refer to the manual that came with your
microcontroller for instructions.
Try the reader on a different reader input port at
the microcontroller. If this corrects the problem,
the operational status of the original port is sus-
Replace the reader with one you know is working
correctly. If this corrects the problem, then the
reader is probably faulty and should be replaced.
If none of the above steps have identified the
problem, there may be a significant noise source
present in the installation which is interfering with
the reader-to-microcontroller communications. If
this is the case, use shielded wire for reader-to-
microcontroller connections.
GE Contactless Smart Card Reader Model 24x
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