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Contactless smart card reader
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Installation Notes (unless otherwise specified). All numbered items below are
referenced on the appropriate wiring diagrams throughout this manual.
Fuse, power supply, door strike, protection device, and relay are provided by
the installer.
The included 470 Ω ½-watt pull-up resistor must be installed at the
microcontroller's terminal block. The Micro PX-2000 and 8RP boards do not
require this resistor.
Shielded cable is recommended in electrically noisy environments.
If using shielded cable: At the reader end: connect all shields together and
insulate them. At the Micro end: connect the shield to the Micro cabinet as
indicated in the appropriate Micro Installation Manual.
Make sure the distance of the wiring from the power supply to the reader is
less than 50 feet (15.24 mm). If using a local power supply, do not connect the
power (8-30 VDC) line from the microcontroller to the reader. The ground
line of the power supply must be connected to the micro (pin 2 on the reader
J3 is typically not used in this installation. For additional information, see the
appropriate Micro/Reader Junction Box Installation Instructions.
Blocking diodes may be 1N4148 or similar (installer supplied) and located in
a secure area.
Protection diodes may be 1N4002, 1N4003, or 1N4004 (installer supplied) for
the door strike assembly.
Install two 1k Ω ¼-watt high-quality resistors at Door DI and Exit DI, as
10. Connect a protection device across a door strike.
AC Door Strikes: Connect a MOV (metal oxide varistor) across the door
DC Door Strikes: Connect a diode across the door strike (cathode to positive
side of door strike)
11. Relay Coil Current Restriction (Micro/5 2RP with external relay).
The relay coil current must be limited to 40 mA to prevent damage to the
board. Verify that the relay coil requires less than 40 mA.
12 VDC relay: coil resistance must be greater than 300 Ω.
The Micro/5 2RP with internal or AUX DO relay current through the relay
contacts must be limited to less than 2A to prevent damage to the 2RP.
Current limiting may be achieved by using either a current-limiting power
supply or by wiring in an external fuse.
12. Connect protection diode across relay coil. Connect a diode across the relay
coil (cathode to positive side of relay coil).
General note: Pair wires as shown in all wiring diagrams.
GE Contactless Smart Card Reader Model 24x


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