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Installation Considerations; Figure 6: Back-To-Back/Center-To-Center Installation - GE 240 Installation Manual

Contactless smart card reader
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Installation Considerations

Installation of the GE Model 24x Reader on metal.
Read-range reduction can be improved by adding Isolation Spacers
(approximately 25% per plate).
Installation of two Model 24x Smart Card Readers side-by-side.
Read range is not affected if the center-to-center distance between
two readers is equal to or greater than four inches (101.60 mm). If the
distance between the two readers is less than four inches (101.60
mm), field interference between the two readers may result in a
double-badge read field. In that case, add a metal back-to-back
mounting plate. This can be improved by adding Isolation Spacers.
Note: Two readers can simultaneously read the same badge or tag if the
distance between the two readers is less than 12 inches (304.8 mm), center-

FIGURE 6: Back-to-Back/Center-to-Center Installation

Installation of two GE Model 24x Readers back-to-back.
GE Contactless Smart Card Reader Model 24x


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