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  • Page 1 SPH-DA230DAB RDS AV RECEIVER Operation Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ........26 Setting the auto-launch function......46 ■ Connecting your iPod ..........26 Bluetooth connection ..........8 Appendix for Apple CarPlay Thank you for buying this Pioneer Basic operation ............26 ■ Bluetooth settings ............8 product. and Android Auto.... 46 Spotify®......
  • Page 3: Precaution

    • Do not disassemble or modify this product, as there are high-voltage components inside which may Precaution cause an electric shock. Be sure to consult your dealer or the nearest authorised Pioneer Service Station for internal inspection, adjustments or repairs.
  • Page 4: When Using A Display Connected To V Out

    • To prevent data loss and damage to the storage device, never remove it from this product while data is being transferred. • Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage devices and assumes no This manual uses diagrams of actual screens to describe operations. However, the...
  • Page 5: Parts And Controls

    Meanings of symbols used in this manual Parts and controls This indicates to touch the appropriate soft key on the touch screen. Main unit This indicates to touch and hold the appropriate soft key on the touch screen. LCD screen VOL (+/ Press to switch between the Application screen and the AV operation screen.
  • Page 6: Basic Operation

    3-way system with a high range speaker, middle range speaker and subwoofer (low Basic operation range speaker) for reproduction of high, middle and low frequencies (bands). WARNING Do not use the unit in standard mode when a speaker system for 3-way network mode is Resetting the microprocessor connected to the unit.
  • Page 7: Top Menu Screen

    Operating list screens Switches the dimmer duration by day or night. NOTE When AppRadio Mode + is on, AppRadio Mode + SideControlBar is displayed. Switches between playback and pause. Skips files forwards or backwards. Performs fast reverse or fast forwards. Touching an item on the list allows you to narrow down the options and proceed to the next operation.
  • Page 8: Bluetooth

    Favourite source icons Bluetooth TIPS • When you connect the external navigation system to this unit, the navigation mode key is displayed at the middle of the right side of the display. • If you select [Power OFF], you can turn off almost all functions. Bluetooth connection –...
  • Page 9: Switching The Connected Bluetooth Device

    registered devices are already connected, you can connect the remaining third device CAUTION to use the audio function only from the switch devices key on the audio source screen. Never turn this product off and disconnect the device while the Bluetooth setting operation is being •...
  • Page 10 Touch The following items are displayed. • Name of the current mobile phone Touch • List number of the current mobile phone On the [Phone Book] screen, touch the desired name to display the contact’s phone • Reception status of the current mobile phone •...
  • Page 11 Press Touch to turn private mode on or off. Touch NOTES • If two mobile phones are connected to this product and the first phone is set to private mode, you Touch can receive incoming calls on the second phone while maintaining the call in progress on the first The voice recognition function launches and the voice control screen appears.
  • Page 12: Bluetooth Audio

    ▶The received call and dialled number histories The Bluetooth audio playback screen appears. • You cannot make a call to the entry of an unknown user (no phone number) in the received call history. Basic operation • If calls are made by operating your mobile phone, no history data will be recorded in this product.
  • Page 13: Appradio Mode

    Using AppRadio Mode + Important Displays the menu screen. • Pioneer is not liable for any issues that may arise from incorrect or flawed app-based content. • The content and functionality of the supported applications are the responsibility of the App providers.
  • Page 14: Using The Keyboard

    The audio mix menu will be displayed on the screen. For smartphone (Android) users NOTES • [USB MTP] is set to [Off] to use AppRadio Mode + (page 33). • The video playback capability depends on the connected Android device. Unlock your smartphone and connect it to this product via USB.
  • Page 15: Av Source

    Selecting a source AV source Source on the AV source selection screen Supported AV source Press then touch You can play or use the following sources with this product. Touch the source icon. • Radio When you select [Source OFF], the AV source is turned off. •...
  • Page 16: Adjusting The Range Of Favourite Source Icons Area

    Adjusting the range of favourite source icons area iPod/iPhone or NOTE smartphone connection This function is available only when you stop your vehicle in a safe place and apply the handbrake. Press for AV source Touch and hold appears at the top left of the favourite source icons. Drag to the desired position.
  • Page 17: Iphone With A 30-pin Connector

    For details about iPhone compatibility with this product, refer to the information on our Connecting via Bluetooth website. The following sources are available when an iPod/iPhone is connected to the unit via Bluetooth. You can connect and control an iPhone compatible with this product by using separately sold •...
  • Page 18: Digital Radio

    For improved Digital Radio reception, make sure a Digital Radio aerial with phantom Press then touch power input (active type) is used. Pioneer recommends using AN-DAB1 (sold separately) or CA-AN-DAB.001 (sold separately). Touch compatible desired source. Current consumption of Digital Radio aerial should be 100 mA or less.
  • Page 19: Basic Operation

    Basic operation Selects a service component. Touch the following category then select each item. [Station]: Displays all service components. Digital Radio screen [Program Type] (PTY label): Searches from programme type information. [Station Group] (ensemble label): Displays the ensemble list. If you touch [List Update], you can update station list information manually. NOTES •...
  • Page 20: Radio

    Menu Item Description Radio [TA Interrupt]*2 Receives the traffic announcement from the last selected frequency, interrupting the other sources. [TA OFF] Disables this function. Starting procedure [DAB+RDS TA] Receives current traffic information for DAB and RDS (AN-DAB1 has priority) if available. Press then touch [RDS TA ONLY]...
  • Page 21: Storing The Strongest Broadcast Frequencies (bsm)

    Manual tuning Menu Item Description [Local] Local seek tuning allows you to only tune into Seek tuning or non stop seek tuning [Off] radio stations with sufficiently strong signals. Releasing the key in a few seconds skips to the nearest station from the FM: [Level1] [Level2] [Level3] [Level4] current frequency.
  • Page 22: Compressed Files

    * This function is available only when you receive the FM band. Compressed files Plugging/unplugging a USB storage device You can play compressed audio, compressed video, or still image files stored in an external storage device. Plugging a USB storage device Pull out the plug from the USB port of the USB cable.
  • Page 23: Basic Operation

    Plug the USB storage device into the USB cable (page 22). Sets a repeat play range for all files/the current folder/the current file. Touch [USB]. Playback is performed in order of folder numbers. Folders are skipped if they contain no playable files. Plays files or does not play in random order.
  • Page 24 Displays the hidden function bar. Video source screen (Example: USB) You can also display the hidden function bar by flicking the bar from the left to the right. Selects the previous folder or the next folder. Constructs the database for using the Music Browse mode (page 24). Switches the current music information display.
  • Page 25 Selects a file from the list. Saves the current images as the wallpaper. Touch a file on the list to playback. Touch the following items then touch [Yes] to overwrite the image. [As AV Screen]: Saves the image as the wallpaper for the AV screen. [As HomeScreen]: Saves the image as the wallpaper for the top menu screen.
  • Page 26: Ipod

    Displays the link search screen. iPod Select a song from the list related to the song currently playing. If you touch the artwork, the list of songs in the album is displayed. Connecting your iPod NOTE This function is not available while playing Apple Music Radio. When connecting an iPod to this product, the settings are automatically configured Switches between playback and pause.
  • Page 27 Displays the pop-up menu for Apple Music Radio. Audio source screen 2 • Touch [Play More Like This] to play back songs similar to the current song. • Touch [Play Less Like This] to set it not to play back the current song again. •...
  • Page 28: Spotify

    • Certain functions of the Spotify service are not available when accessing the service Switches between playback and pause. through Pioneer car audio/video products. • Spotify is a music service not affiliated with Pioneer. More information is available at Skips tracks forwards or backwards.
  • Page 29 Displays the hidden function bar. Playback screen 1 (Radio mode) You can also display the hidden function bar by flicking the bar from the right to the left. Switches among connected devices. Selects a track or station from the list. Your Music: Selects a track or station from the list of saved song information.
  • Page 30: Aux

    Playback screen 2 (Radio mode) You can display the video image output by the device connected to video input. CAUTION For safety reasons, video images cannot be viewed while your vehicle is in motion. To view video images, stop in a safe place and apply the handbrake. NOTE A Mini-jack AV cable (CD-RM10) (sold separately) is required for connection.
  • Page 31: Av Input

    Hides the touch panel keys. AV input To display the keys again, touch anywhere on the screen. You can set the screen size for the video image (page 42). You can display the video image output by the device connected or the camera to video Switches between the video input and audio input.
  • Page 32: Mixtrax

    MIXTRAX settings MIXTRAX Press MIXTRAX is an original technology for creating non-stop mixes of selections from your Touch then audio library, complete with DJ effects. The system setting screen appears. Touch [AV Source Settings]. MIXTRAX EZ operation Touch [MIXTRAX Settings]. You can use this unit to play USB audio files.
  • Page 33: Settings

    [Auto Mix] Settings Menu Item Description [Auto Mix] Select whether to perform mixing the sound output from You can adjust various settings in the main menu. [On] [Off] AppRadio Mode + and AV source sound automatically. Displaying the setting screen [Input/Output settings] Press Menu Item...
  • Page 34 • Before getting out of the car to place the markings, be sure to Pioneer recommends the use of a camera which outputs mirror reversed images, otherwise the screen turn the ignition switch off (ACC OFF).
  • Page 35 [Demo Mode] [Touch panel calibration] If you feel that the touch panel keys on the screen deviate from the actual positions that Menu Item Description respond to your touch, adjust the response positions of the touch panel screen. [Demo Mode] Setting the demo mode.
  • Page 36 Menu Item Description Menu Item Description [Day] Turns the dimmer function to off. [Temperature] Adjust the colour temperature, resulting in a better white [-3] to [+3] balance. [Night] Turns the dimmer function to on. [Dimmer Duration] Adjust the time that the dimmer is turned on or off by * With some pictures, you cannot adjust [Hue] and [Colour].
  • Page 37: Theme Settings

    Menu Item Description Menu Item Description [Firmware Update] (off ) Hides the background display. CAUTION [Illumination]*2 Select an illumination colour from the colour list or create a • The USB storage device for updating must contain only the defined colour. correct update file.
  • Page 38 Menu Item Description Menu Item Description [Graphic EQ] Select or customise the equaliser curve. [Source Level Adjuster] Adjust the volume level of each source to prevent radical [Super Bass] [Powerful] Select a curve that you want to use as the basis of [-4] to [+4] changes in volume when switching between sources other [Natural] [Vocal] [Flat]...
  • Page 39 Menu Item Description Menu Item Description [Time Alignment] Select or customise the time alignment settings to reflect [Loudness]*3 Compensates for deficiencies in the low-frequency and [On] [Off] the distance between the listener’s position and each [Off] [Low] [Mid] [High] high-frequency ranges at low volume. Listening position*1*2 speaker.
  • Page 40 • If a microphone for acoustical measurement (sold separately) is not placed in the appropriate The Auto EQ may differ depending on where you place the microphone. If desired, location, the measurement tone may become loud and measurement may take a long time, resulting place the microphone on the front passenger seat and perform Auto EQ.
  • Page 41: Video Settings

    The following speakers can be adjusted: Menu Item Description [Standard Mode]: Front, Rear, Subwoofer. [AUX] Select the suitable video signal setting when you connect [Network Mode]: High, Mid, Subwoofer. [Auto] [PAL] [NTSC] [PAL- this product to an AUX equipment. NOTE M] [PAL-N] [SECAM] [Subwoofer Settings] is available only when [Subwoofer] is [On].
  • Page 42: Favourite Menu

    Favourite menu Other functions Registering your favourite menu items in shortcuts allows you to quickly jump to the Setting the time and date registered menu screen by a simple touch on the [Favourites] screen. NOTE Touch the current time on the screen. Up to 12 menu items can be registered in the favourite menu.
  • Page 43: Restoring This Product To The Default Settings

  • Page 44: Starting Procedure

    Touch [Driving Position]. Touch the item. [Left] Select for a left-hand drive vehicle. [Right] Select for a right-hand drive vehicle. Touch to mute. Touch again to cancel mute. Starting procedure Touch [+]/[-] to adjust the guidance volume. Connect an Apple CarPlay compatible device to this product via USB. Displays the main sound volume.
  • Page 45: Android Auto

    • Refer to the Installation Manual for details on connecting a device to this product. while driving. • PIONEER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE AND DISCLAIMS LIABILITY FOR THIRD PARTY (NON-PIONEER) APPS Adjusting the volume AND CONTENT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY INACCURACIES OR INCOMPLETE INFORMATION.
  • Page 46: Setting The Auto-launch Function

    The volume menu is displayed for four seconds. If the menu disappears, press VOL (+/-) again. The – Turn the ignition switch to OFF and dealer or your nearest Pioneer service menu reappears. then to ON.
  • Page 47: Detailed Information Regarding Connected Ipod Devices

    Cisco holds service by its provider. the trademark right in the US and certain • Pioneer is not liable for any issues that other countries. may arise from incorrect or flawed app- Important based content.
  • Page 48: Appendix

    – Connect the cables correctly. check the screen on the smartphone. The audio or video skips. record the error message and contact your → This product is not firmly secured. dealer or your nearest Pioneer service – Secure this product firmly. centre.
  • Page 49 USB storage application. – Disconnect your device and replace it your dealer or an authorised Pioneer device. with a compatible USB storage device. Service Station for assistance. → The USB interface cable for iPod/iPhone Please Log-in →...
  • Page 50: Detailed Information For Playable Media

    • Ver. 2.x of ID3 tag is prioritised when both Pioneer Service Station. • There may be a slight delay when starting However, if there is only one DivX file and Ver. 1.x and Ver. 2.x exist.
  • Page 51: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Format: WMV DivX files. SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by PIONEER .mkv Compatible video codec: WMV (Simple Video files compatibility (USB) CORPORATION is under license. Other Profile/Main Profile/Advanced Profile) Format: MPEG-4/H.264...
  • Page 52: Divx

    AAC files encoded by DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE to connect specifically to iPod or iPhone, • Latest version of the Pioneer compatible iTunes. respectively, and has been certified by the FOUNDATION OR CONTRIBUTORS BE...
  • Page 53: Spotify

    Pioneer smartphone; compatibility issues with applications. An independent license for cause moisture to form inside this Service Station.
  • Page 54 Continuous power output: <USB audio> Slope: MPEG4 video decoding format: 22 W × 4 (50 Hz to 15 kHz, 5 %THD, 4 Ω -6 dB/oct, -12 dB/oct, -18 dB/oct, -24 MP3 decoding format: Simple Profile, Advanced Simple Profile LOAD, Both Channels Driven) dB/oct MPEG-1 &...
  • Page 55 NOTE Specifications and design are subject to possible modifications without notice due to improvements.
  • Page 56 © 2017 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. <CRB5020-B> EW...

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