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Mitsubishi Electric FX3S Quick Start Manual

Programmable logic controller
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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.



  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric FX3S

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL 1. INTRODUCTION 5. PROGRAMMING USING GX WORKS2 ..............3 ....12 1.1 AVAILABLE MODELS ............3 5.1 SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ...........12 1.2 CAUTION ................3 5.2 INSTALLING THE USB DRIVER ........13 1.3 INCLUDED ITEMS ............3 5.3 INSTALLING GX WORKS2 ..........14 1.4 FRONT PANEL ..............4 5.4 STARTING AND EXITING GX WORKS2 ......15...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    • Before modifying or disrupting the program in operation or running FX3S– hh M R /ES the PLC, carefully read through this manual and the associated manuals and ensure the safety of the operation. An operation error Series Name Incorporating power supply •...
  • Page 4: Front Panel

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL 1.4 FRONT PANEL n WHEN THE TOP COVERS ARE OPEN n FACTORY DEFAULT CONFIGURATION (STANDARD) [1] Optional equipment connector These holes are designed to [10] secure the expansion board with screws. [2] RUN/STOP switch To stop writing (batch) of the sequence [1] Top cover Mount the expansion board under this cover.
  • Page 5: Dimensions

    • Do not touch the conductive parts of the product directly. Doing so Type: Programmable Controller (Open Type Equipment) may cause device failure or malfunctions. Models: MELSEC FX3S series, FX3G series, FX3U series manufactured • Install the product securely using a DIN rail or mounting screws.
  • Page 6: Mounting Instructions

    Installation in Enclosure: Programmable logic controllers are open- type devices that must be installed and used within conductive control boxes. Please use the FX3S Series programmable logic controllers while installed in conductive shielded control boxes. Please secure the control box lid to the control box (for conduction). Installation within a...
  • Page 7: Terminal Block Layout

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL 2) Fit the upper edge of the DIN rail mounting groove (right fig.B) onto • Indication of power supply terminals the DIN rail. The AC power supply type has [L] and [N] terminals. For external wiring, make sure to read the power supply wiring described later.
  • Page 8: Specifications And Wiring

    Note that when an error occurs in a relay output device, the output „ „ • For the terminals of FX3S series PLC, M3 screws are used. could be held either on or off. For output signals that may lead to The electric wire ends should be treated as shown below.
  • Page 9: Grounding

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL 4.2 GROUNDING 4.4 INPUT SPECIFICATIONS AND WIRING DIAGRAM Ground the PLC as stated below. n 24VDC INPUT (SINK/SOURCE) • Perform class D grounding. (Grounding resistance: 100Ω or less) FX3S- FX3S- FX3S- FX3S- Item 10MR/ES 14MR/ES 20MR/ES 30MR/ES •...
  • Page 10: Pulse Catch (M8170 To M8175)

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL n INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONNECTING INPUT DEVICES n EXAMPLES OF PULSE CATCH (M8170) WIRING USING X000 1. In the case of no-voltage contact: When another input terminal is used, wire it according to the following The input current of this PLC is 7 mA/24 V DC. (5 mA/24 VDC in diagrams.
  • Page 11: High Speed Counters Specifications And Wiring

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL 4.6 HIGH SPEED COUNTERS SPECIFICATIONS NPN open collector transistor output rotary encoder AND WIRING Sink wiring Rotary encoder High-speed counters use input terminals X000 to X007 of the main unit Fuse 24 V DC for inputs, and offer counting up to 60kHz (1 phase).
  • Page 12: Programming Using Gx Works2

    5. PROGRAMMING USING GX WORKS2 Load Capacity Contact Life 0.2A/100VAC The software package GX Works2 is a programming tool designed 20VA 3 million times 0.1A/200VAC to be used with FX3S programmable controller. GX Works2 runs on 0.35A/100VAC Microsoft ® Windows ® 95, Windows ®...
  • Page 13: Installing The Usb Driver

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL 5.2 INSTALLING THE USB DRIVER OPERATING PROCEDURE 1. Connect the personal computer and the programmable controller In order to communicate with a programmable controller CPU via USB, CPU with a USB cable, and then turn on the programmable a USB driver needs to be installed.
  • Page 14: Installing Gx Works2

    Notice: Reprinting or reproducing the part or all of the contents of this document in any form for any purpose without the permission of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is strictly forbidden. • Although we have made the utmost effort to follow the revisions of the software and hardware, in some cases, unsynchronized matter may occur.
  • Page 15: Starting And Exiting Gx Works2

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL PRECAUTIONS Name Description Title Bar Display a project name • If .NET Framework 2.0 and Windows Installer 3.0 are not installed Menu Bar Display menu options for executing each function to the personal computer to which GX Works2 is to be installed,...
  • Page 16: Operation

    Connect and disconnect the communication cable for the peripheral function of the programming tool. device. n METHODS OF RUNNING AND STOPPING FX3S PLCs can be started or stopped by any of the following three Programming methods. Two of the methods can be combined. The RUN/STOP switch connector (RS-422) is located under the peripheral device connector cover.
  • Page 17 RUN/STOP switch. automatically. If there are no problems with the hardware, parameters *1. X000 to X005 in FX3S-10MR/ES, X000 to X007 in FX3S-14MR/ES, or program, the PLC will start and the RUN command is given (RUN and X000 to X013 in FX3S-20MR/ES.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    FX3S QUICK START MANUAL n PROGRAM MODIFICATION FUNCTION n ERR LED [ON/FLASHING/OFF] The sequence program can be transferred while the PLC is running or State of LED State of PLC Remedies in the stopped state as shown below. 1. Stop the PLC, and re-apply power. If ERR...
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