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   Summary of Contents for Motorola HPD 1000

  • Page 1 MODEM...
  • Page 2: Basic Operation

    FCC RF energy exposure requirements. Before using this product, read the RF energy awareness information and operating instructions in the Product Safety and RF LED INDICATIONS Exposure booklet enclosed with your radio (Motorola Publication part number 6881095C99) to ensure Action Condition compliance with RF energy exposure limits.
  • Page 3: Computer Software Copyrights

    No duplication or distribution of this document or any portion thereof shall take place without the express written permission of Motorola. No part of this manual may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the express written permission of Motorola.
  • Page 4: Notations Used In This Manual

    Notations Used in This Manual Throughout the text in this publication, you will notice the use of WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, and Notes. These notations are used to emphasize that safety hazards exist, and care that must be taken or observed. WARNING: An operational procedure, practice, or other WARNING condition, which might result in injury or death if not carefully observed.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Computer Software Copyrights ............ii Documentation Copyrights ..............ii Disclaimer ..................ii Notations Used in This Manual ............iii Getting Started ....... 1 Software Installation and Setup ............
  • Page 6 Notes...
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Getting Started The Motorola HPD 1000 Modem is a sophisticated, mobile modem pioneering the latest technology in radio electronics. The HPD 1000 Modem provides connectivity between a vehicle- mounted data device and a host computer through Motorola's High Performance Data (HPD) radio network. The modem connects to a...
  • Page 8: Software Installation And Setup

    Getting Started Software Installation and Setup Important Installation Information for HPD Status Applet Do not plug in the modem before installing the HPD Status Applet. If this is done, the HPD modem will fail to install properly. System Requirements: Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Windows 2000 Service Pack 3.
  • Page 9: Hpd Status Applet Installation

    Select the path of where the Application Framework (the exe. file) will be installed. The default path is C:\Program Files\Motorola\HPD\Status Applet. Once path has been configured, click Next. Configuration Screen appears. You need to key in Modem IP Address (Default:
  • Page 10: Finishing The Installation

    Getting Started Finishing the installation Plug in the HPD Modem The Found New Hardware Wizard will appear. Select Install the software automatically. A message box appears stating that the hardware “has not passed Windows Logo testing”. Click Continue Anyway.
  • Page 11: Status Applet And Features

    Status Applet and Features The Status Applet is an interface that provides you with data on the settings for the HPD modem. You are given the ability to change the MSU IP Address as well as the option to reset the modem. Status Applet Window Once the Status Applet opens, use the navigation tree to open the applet.
  • Page 12: Features

    Status Applet and Features Features You can do the following: • Change Modem IP Address - This will open the Change Modem IP Address Window, which will allow you to change the current Modem IP Address of the HPD Modem. •...
  • Page 13: Indicator Lights Description

    Status Applet and Features Indicator lights description The User Interface Panel (UIP) contains four LED's which display the current function of the radio. The LED's represent the current status of the GPS, transmitter, receiver and power of the radio. Various colors are used to represent modes of the current state of the radio.
  • Page 14 Status Applet and Features Receiving/Transmitting LED 1 LED 2 LED 3 LED 4 Description Pwr/Prg Transmit Receive Flashing HPD Channel Activity GREEN Flashing Activity GREEN Out of Range or Registeration Denied Searching for Flashing Flashing Data Channel GPS Status LED 1 LED 2 LED 3 LED 4...
  • Page 15: Out Of Range

    Status Applet and Features Out of range In out of range condition, both the Status Applet's transmit and receive indicators both will go red (non-flashing). HPD™ 1000 Modem...
  • Page 16: Power Management

    Status Applet and Features Power Management There are four available ways to control the ON/OFF cycle for HPD: • Computer Communication Cable (USB or Ethernet or Both) • Front Button Press • Ignition • Battery Voltage Level Note: ONLY Igniton and Battery Voltage are required conditions for the other two to work.
  • Page 17 Status Applet and Features Any disconnect of a Communication Cable or turning the computer OFF, will cause HPD to start an off period of 6 seconds before it finally turns off. If the cable is re-attached or the computer is turned back ON during these 6 seconds, HPD will remain on.
  • Page 18 Status Applet and Features Notes...
  • Page 19: General Modem Features

    General Modem Features This section contains information associated with the basic features that is offered by your HPD 1000 modem. Location Services Offered The personnel location tracking service allows the radio user and location application servers to determine the current location of a mobile HPD radio.
  • Page 20: Gps Functionality

    General Modem Features The following list are some services provided to a Radio User and Location Application Server: • Location service on/off control. • maximum number of stored location requests. • location status indication via the front-panel LEDs. • single location updates and periodic location updates. For Location Status Indicators, refer to “GPS Status”...
  • Page 21 General Modem Features successfully, and was shut down and re-started without disconnecting the radio from its power source. The PGAM GPS hardware always operates in “autonomous continuous acquisition mode” when the HPD radio is powered on. Autonomous implies that you do not need to supply any assistance data from an external source to the PGAM GPS hardware.
  • Page 22 General Modem Features Notes...
  • Page 23: Accessories

    Accessories Motorola provides the following approved accessories to improve the productivity of your HPD 1000 Modem. For a list of Motorola-approved antennas, batteries, and other accessories, visit the following web site which lists approved accessories: Antennas HAF4013_ 764–870 MHz, 3db, low profile HAF4014_ 764–870 MHz, 3db, elevated feed...
  • Page 24: Trunnion Kits

    Accessories Trunnion Kits HLN6920_ HPD Installation Hardware...
  • Page 25: Glossary

    An EEPROM retains its contents even when the power is turned off. Federal Communications Commission. FLASHport A Motorola term that describes the ability of a radio to change memory. Every FLASHport radio contains a FLASHport EEPROM memory chip that can be software written and rewritten to, again and again.
  • Page 26 Glossary PGAM Phoenix GPS Acquisition Module, the internal GPS hardware used on the HPD radio Point-to-Point Protocol A method of connecting a computer to the Internet. PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet. A specification for connecting the users on an Ethernet to the Internet through a common broadband medium.
  • Page 27: Commercial Warranty And Service

    Product Accessories One (1) Year Motorola, at its option, will at no charge either repair the Product (with new or reconditioned parts), replace it (with a new or reconditioned Product), or refund the purchase price of the Product during the warranty period provided it is returned in accordance with the terms of this warranty.
  • Page 28 Product item, transportation and insurance prepaid, to an authorized warranty service location. Warranty service will be provided by Motorola through one of its authorized warranty service locations. If you first contact the company which sold you the Product, it can facilitate your obtaining warranty...
  • Page 29 E) A Product subjected to unauthorized Product modifications, disassemblies or repairs (including, without limitation, the addition to the Product of non-Motorola supplied equipment) which adversely affect performance of the Product or interfere with Motorola's normal warranty inspection and testing of the Product to verify any warranty claim.
  • Page 30 A) that MOTOROLA will be notified promptly in writing by such purchaser of any notice of such claim; B) that MOTOROLA will have sole control of the defense of such suit and all negotiations for its settlement or compromise; and C) should the Product or parts become, or in MOTOROLA’s...
  • Page 31: Service

    Commercial Warranty and Service Product. The foregoing states the entire liability of MOTOROLA with respect to infringement of patents by the Product or any parts thereof. Laws in the United States and other countries preserve for MOTOROLA certain exclusive rights for copyrighted MOTOROLA software such as the exclusive rights to reproduce in copies and distribute copies of such Motorola software.
  • Page 32 Commercial Warranty and Service Notes...
  • Page 34 2006.

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