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Eastwood VERSA CUT60 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Eastwood VERSA CUT60

  • Page 1 USER'S MANUAL MODEL:...
  • Page 2: Safety Caution

    SAFETY CAUTION! On the process of welding or cutting, there will be possibility of injury. Please take protection into consideration during operation. For more details please review the Operator Safety Guide, which complies with the preventive requirements of the manufacturer ——may lead to death !...
  • Page 3: About The Machine

    ABOUT THE MACHINE The welding machines are rectifiers adopting the most advanced inverter technology, which can apply in plasma cutting system of using pressing air. The development of inverter gas-shielded welding equipment benefits from the development of the inverter power supply theory and components. Inverter current firstly commutates the working voltage of 50/60 HZ TO Direct Current.
  • Page 4 PARAMETERS Model CUT 60 CUT 80 CUT 100 CUT 160 Parameters Power voltage(V) AC440V±15% AC440V±15% AC440V±15% AC440V±15% Rated input current(A) 10.4 38.2 No-load voltage(V) Current Range(A) 20-60 20-80 20-100 20-160 Rated output voltage(V) Duty cycle(%) Efficiency(%) Power factor 0.93 0.93 0.93 0.93 Insulation...
  • Page 5: Installation

    INSTALLATION The plasma cutter is equipped with power voltage compensation equipment. When power voltage fluctuation between±15% of rated voltage, it still can work normally. When the machine is used with long cables, in order to prevent voltage from going down, bigger section cable is suggested. If cable is too long, it may affect the performance of the power system.
  • Page 6: Output Cable Connection

    INSTALLATION Input cable connection (enclose installing diagram) 1. Every machine has been disposed a power cable which must be connected to coordinated voltage class in compliance according to input voltage of cutting machine .If cutting machine whose power voltage is 220v is connected wrong to AC 380v ,that will cause components of inter-machine are burned up .
  • Page 7 INSTALLATION Air regulator installation and operation Firmly tight and seal the copper air hole at IN and OUT terminal . by high pressure rubber tube firmly . Tight and seal the meter with meter face rubber tube. Fix the connecting shelf with screw as the regulator position. Get down the plastic screw and fix the regulator on the shelf.
  • Page 8: Operation

    OPERATION Open the power switch of front panel, make the power switch is in “on” position .At this time indicator of power switch is on .The screen will show the current volume . Adjust the gas pressure to be adequate to machine , open the valve of pressed air . Press the control knob of torch, electromagnetic valve is starting ,sound of HF arc-striking can be heard and burner of torch should flow out gas (Burner of arc-supporting cutter should spurt fire )
  • Page 9 CUT 160 Control panel: NOTICE: In order to let Plasma cutting machine to reach its best capacity and result, current and air pressure must be matched well. So when the current is set, the pressure and flow must be adjusted suitably. If the air flow is too big and cooling effect is too strong, it will cause arc pause, and if the air flow is too small, the nozzle and electrode will be too hot and burnt out.
  • Page 10: Notes Or Preventive Measures

    NOTES OR PREVENTIVE MEASURES 1、Environment 1)The machine can be performed in environment where conditions are dry with a dampness lever of max 90%. 2)Ambient temperature is between -10 to 40 degrees centigrade. 3)Avoid welding in sunshine or drippings condition. 4)Do not use the machine in environment where condition is polluted with conductive dust in the air or corrosiveness gas on the air.
  • Page 11: Questions Is Be Run Into Durign Welding

    QUESTIONS IS BE RUN INTO DURIGN WELDING Fittings, welding materials, environment factor, supply powers maybe have something to do with welding. User must try to improve the level of welding environment. A、 Cutting surface is rough, poor cutting result The machine may be not well operated. You can check it as follow: 1.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE CAUTION: Before maintenance and checking, power must be turned off, and before opening the housing, make sure the power plug is pulled off.. 1、Remove dust by dry and clean compressed air regularly, if welding machine is operating in environment where is polluted with smokes and pollution air, the machine need removing dust everyday.
  • Page 13: Check Fault

    CHECK FAULT Notes: If user wants to operate machine as following, the operator must be a personnel in a specific field of electricity and safety and hold the relevant certificate that proves their ability and knowledge. Before maintenance, contacting with our company for authorization is suggested.

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