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Pioneer MVH-S600BS Owner's Manual

Digital media receiver.
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Important (Serial number)
The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and convenience, be sure to
record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
Owner's Manual


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   Summary of Contents for Pioneer MVH-S600BS

  • Page 1 DIGITAL MEDIA RECEIVER MVH-S600BS MVH-S400BT Owner’s Manual Important (Serial number) The serial number is located on the bottom of this unit. For your own security and convenience, be sure to record this number on the enclosed warranty card.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Bluetooth ....................16 App Mode ....................21 Pandora® ....................23 Spotify® ....................24 SiriusXM Satellite Radio ..............26 Using Pioneer ARC APP ............... 30 Audio Adjustments ................31 Settings ....................33 FUNCTION settings ................33 AUDIO settings ..................36 SYSTEM settings ..................38 ILLUMINATION settings................
  • Page 3 • When an iPhone is connected to the unit, the source name on the unit appears as [iPod]. Please note that this unit supports only iPhones (iPhone 5 or later) regardless of the source name (for details, refer to page 57). - 3 - - 3 -...
  • Page 4: Before You Start

    Before You Start Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product. To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using this product. It is especially important that you read and observe WARNINGs and CAUTIONs in this manual. Please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference.
  • Page 5 - Safety requirements, IEC 60065. After-sales service for Pioneer products Please contact the dealer, distributor from where you purchased this unit or the authorized PIONEER Service Station for after-sales service or any other information. In case the necessary information is not...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Getting Started Basic operation MVH-S600BS DISP (display) USB port Display window BAND/ AUX input jack (3.5 mm stereo jack) M.C. (multi-control) dial SRC (source)/OFF - 6 -...
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    MVH-S400BT DISP (display) USB port Display window BAND/ AUX input jack (3.5 mm stereo jack) SRC (source)/OFF M.C. (multi-control) dial Remote Control VOLUME +/– MUTE SRC (source) DISP (display) Frequently used operations The available buttons vary depending on the unit. - 7 - - 7 -...
  • Page 8: Display Indication

    Operation Purpose Head Unit Remote Control Turn on the power* Press SRC/OFF to turn on Press SRC to turn on the the power. power. Press and hold SRC/OFF to Press and hold SRC to turn turn off the power. off the power. Adjust the volume Turn the M.C.
  • Page 9: Resetting The Microprocessor

    Indication Description BASS Appears when [HI]/[LOW] is selected in [D.BASS] (page 38). Appears when random/shuffle play is set (except when BT AUDIO is selected as the source). Appears when repeat play is set (except when BT AUDIO is selected as the source).
  • Page 10: Setup Menu

    How to replace the battery Insert the CR2025 (3 V) battery with the plus (+) and minus (–) poles orientated properly. WARNING • Do not ingest the battery, Chemical Burn Hazard. (The remote control supplied with) This product contains a coin/button cell battery. If the coin/ button cell battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns in just 2 hours and can lead to death.
  • Page 11 WARNING (Only for MVH-S600BS) Do not use the unit in standard mode when a speaker system for network mode is connected to the unit. Do not use the unit in network mode when a speaker system for standard mode is connected to the unit.
  • Page 12: Initial Settings

    Canceling the demonstration display (DEMO OFF) Press the M.C. dial to display the main menu. Turn the M.C. dial to select [SYSTEM], then press to confirm. Turn the M.C. dial to select [DEMO OFF], then press to confirm. Turn the M.C. dial to select [YES], then press to confirm. INITIAL settings Press and hold SRC/OFF until the unit turns off.
  • Page 13: Radio

    Menu Item Description SXM RESET Select to initialize the SiriusXM settings. [YES], [NO] SYSTEM RESET Select [YES] to initialize the unit settings. The unit will be restarted automatically. [YES], [NO] Radio The tuner frequencies on this unit are allocated for use in North America. Use in other areas may result in poor reception.
  • Page 14: Usb/iphone/aux

    AUTO] to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings (page 40). CAUTION Use an optional Pioneer USB cable (CD-U50E) to connect the USB device as any device connected directly to the unit will protrude out from the unit, which could be dangerous.
  • Page 15 NOTE If you use an MTP connection, [PHONE CONNECT] needs to be set to [USB MTP] in the SYSTEM settings (page 40). Insert the stereo mini plug into the AUX input jack. Press SRC/OFF to select [AUX] as the source. NOTE If [AUX] is set to [OFF] in the SYSTEM settings, [AUX] cannot be selected as a source (page 39).
  • Page 16: Bluetooth

    For details on MIXTRAX settings, see page 43. NOTES • iPhone needs to be connected with Pioneer ARC APP via USB for using this function (page 30). • This function is not compatible with an Android device connected via MTP.
  • Page 17: Bluetooth Settings

    NOTES • [DEVICE FULL] appears if the unit has already been paired with ten other devices. In this case, delete one of the paired devices. See [DEL DEVICE] in the Bluetooth settings (page 17). • Depending on the device, the PIN code is required in step 7. In this case, input [0000]. The Bluetooth connection can be also made by detecting the unit from the Bluetooth device.
  • Page 18: Bluetooth Telephone

    Bluetooth. – [P.APP AUTO ON] needs to be set to [ON] (page 40). – Pioneer ARC APP needs to be installed on your Android device and [PHONE CONNECT] needs to be set to [APP CONTROL] (page 30).
  • Page 19 When two phones are connected to the unit via Bluetooth and there is an incoming call while one phone is being used for a call, a message will appear in the display. To answer that incoming call, you need to end the existing call. Basic operations Purpose Operation...
  • Page 20: Bluetooth Audio

    Phone menu Menu Item Description RECENTS Display the missed call history. [MISSED] [DIALED] Display the dialed call history. [RECEIVED] Display the received call history. PHONE BOOK Display the contacts in your phone. Set [VISIBLE] in the Bluetooth settings to [ON] to browse the contacts via this unit. PRESET 1-6 Recall the preset phone numbers.
  • Page 21: App Mode

    Basic operations You can make various adjustments in the FUNCTION settings (page 33). Purpose Operation Fast forward or reverse Press and hold Select a track Press Repeat play* Press 6/ Random play* Press 5/ Pause/resume playback Press 4/PAUSE. 1 Press Search for a file from a list to display a list.
  • Page 23: Pandora

    Pandora® Pandora internet radio is a music service not affiliated with Pioneer. The Pandora mobile application is available for iPhone and Android phones. Listening to Pandora Update the firmware of the Pandora application to the latest version before use. Connect this unit with the mobile device.
  • Page 24: Spotify

    NOTE Some functions of Pandora may not be operated from the unit. Spotify® Spotify is a music streaming distribution service not affiliated with Pioneer. The Spotify application is available for compatible smartphones, for the latest compatibility information. To enjoy Spotify as you drive, first download the Spotify app to your iPhone or Android device.
  • Page 25: Listening To Spotify

    Listening to Spotify Update the firmware of the Spotify application to the latest version before use. Connect this unit with the mobile device. • iPhone via USB (page 14) • iPhone/Android device via Bluetooth (page 16) If you choose a USB connection, proceed to step 6. Press SRC/OFF to select [SPOTIFY].
  • Page 26: Siriusxm Satellite Radio

    Some functions of Spotify may not be operated from the unit. SiriusXM Satellite Radio (Only for MVH-S600BS) Only SiriusXM® brings you more of what you love to listen to, all in one place. Get over 140 channels, including commercial-free music plus the best sports, news, talk, comedy and entertainment.
  • Page 27 NOTE TuneStart is compatible with SXV200 or later tuner models. Not compatible with SXV100. TuneScan™ Scan through short previews of songs you may have missed on music channels stored on the current band of presets. Each song in the current channel plays for six seconds at a time. For details, refer to TUNE SCAN (scanning the songs) on page 35.
  • Page 28: Category Scan

    Listening to a channel Press and hold DISP, then select [CHANNEL]. You can also select the operation mode by the SiriusXM settings (page 34). Press SRC/OFF to select [SIRIUSXM]. Press BAND/ to select a band from [SXM1], [SXM2] or [SXM3]. Press to select a channel.
  • Page 29: Parental Control

    Channel search: Press the M.C. dial to stop a scan. NOTE Press DISP to change the display information between “Channel Name”, “Artist Name”, “Song Title”, “Content Info” and “Channel Number”. Scan options Purpose Operation Stopping a scan (selecting the channel or Press the M.C.
  • Page 30: Using Pioneer Arc App

    Using Pioneer ARC APP You can operate the unit from Pioneer ARC APP installed on an iPhone/Android device. In some cases, you can control aspects of the application, such as source selection, pause, etc., by using the unit. For details on what operations are available on the application, see the application’s help section.
  • Page 31: Audio Adjustments

    [ON] is selected in [P.APP AUTO ON] (page 40). NOTE If Pioneer ARC APP has not been installed on your Android device yet, a message that prompts you to install the application will appear on your Android device. Select [OFF] in [P.APP AUTO ON] to clear the message (page 40).
  • Page 32: Operation Modes

    Operation modes This unit features two operation modes: network mode and standard mode. You can switch between modes as desired (page 11). Network mode You can create a 2-way + SW multi-amp and multi-speaker system with high range speaker, middle range speaker and subwoofer for reproduction of high, middle and low frequencies (bands).
  • Page 33: Settings

    [25] to [250] (if you choose [MID HPF] or [SUBWOOFER]) Standard mode: [25HZ] to [250HZ] Turn the M.C. dial to select an appropriate slope for the speaker unit (filter) selected in step 4. Network mode: [–6] to [–24] (if you choose [HIGH], [MID HPF] or [MID LPF]) [–12] to [–36] (if you choose [SUBWOOFER]) Standard mode: [–6] to [–24] (if you choose [FRONT] or [REAR])
  • Page 34 Pandora account. NEW STATION [FROM TRACK], [FROM ARTIST] Create a new station based on the track or artist currently being played. PAUSE Pause or resume playback. PLAY Start playback. STOP Stop playback. SiriusXM settings (Only for MVH-S600BS) - 34 -...
  • Page 35 Menu Item Description PAUSE Pause or resume playback. OPERATE MODE [CHANNEL], [REPLAY] Press buttons to select a channel or skip backward/skip forward. TUNEMIX [ON], [OFF] Create a music channel that’s a blend of songs made up from the music channels stored on the current band of presets.
  • Page 36: Audio Settings

    1 Repeat steps 1 to 3 to enter a new passcode. 2 After inputting the passcode, press the M.C. dial. The new passcode is saved. AUDIO settings (Network mode is only available for MVH-S600BS.) Menu Item Description EQ SETTING [SUPER BASS], [POWERFUL], Select or customize the equalizer curve.
  • Page 37 Menu Item Description BALANCE Adjust the left and right speaker balance. SUBWOOFER [ON], [OFF] Set to [ON] when using a subwoofer speaker. SUBWOOFER*3*4 [NOR], [REV] Select the subwoofer phase. SPEAKER LEVEL Network mode: [HIGH L], [HIGH Select a speaker unit (filter) and adjust the R], [MID L], [MID R], [SUBWOOFER] output level.
  • Page 38: System Settings

    Menu Item Description SAVE SETTINGS [YES], [NO] Save to later recall the following sound settings at their current values: [CROSSOVER], [SPEAKER LEVEL], [EQ SETTING], [POSITION], [TIME ALGNMNT], [D.BASS], [SUBWOOFER]. LOAD SETTINGS Load the sound settings, when you have already performed [SAVE SETTINGS]. D.BASS [OFF], [LOW], [HI] Boost the bass level dynamically to offer an...
  • Page 39 LIVE FX], [SOURCE], [SPEANA], selected, display the antenna instead of the [OFF] speana on the radio source. INFO DISPLAY (Only for MVH-S600BS) [SOURCE/BTINFO], [SOURCE/ Display the item on the sub information display. SPEANA], [CLOCK/BTINFO], • When [SOURCE/SPEANA] or [CLOCK/SPEANA] is...
  • Page 40 The available sources differ depending on the setting value. Please set [PHONE CONNECT] according to the table for the source you want to use. For details on Pioneer ARC APP connection, see page 30. When Pioneer ARC APP connection is NOT performed...
  • Page 41 Bluetooth [BLUETOOTH] Bluetooth iPod, PANDORA, APP, SPOTIFY Android USB MTP Bluetooth PANDORA, APP, SPOTIFY When Pioneer ARC APP connection is performed Setting Value Device Connection method Available source(s) [WIRED] iPod, PANDORA, (When [IPHONE] or SPOTIFY [OTHERS] is selected) Bluetooth Android...
  • Page 42: Illumination Settings

    (Android Music), SPOTIFY ILLUMINATION settings Menu Item Description COLOR (Only for MVH-S600BS) [KEY COLOR], [DISP COLOR], Select color for the keys/display of the unit from 12 [BOTH COLOR] preset colors, [SCAN] or [CUSTOM]*. • [SCAN]: Cycle through a variety of colors automatically.
  • Page 43: Mixtrax Settings

    [1] to [10] Change the display brightness. The available setting ranges differ depending on [DIM SETTING]. PHONE COLOR (Only for MVH-S600BS) [FLASHING] Select the key color when a call is received. Applies the color set by [KEY COLOR]. [FLASH FX1] to [FLASH FX6] Cycle through a variety of colors automatically.
  • Page 44 Menu Item Description FLASH PATTERN (Only for MVH-S600BS) [SOUND LEVEL 1] to [SOUND LEVEL Change the illumination effect according to the sound and bass level. The flash pattern changes according to the sound level. [LOW PASS 1] to [LOW PASS 6] The flash pattern changes according to the bass level.
  • Page 45: Connections/installation

    Connections/Installation Connections Ground wire POWER AMP (Network mode is only available for MVH- S600BS.) In the following, "NW" represents network mode and "STD" represents standard mode. According to the connections you Other devices Metal parts of have established, change the speaker (Another electronic car’s body mode to standard mode (STD) or network...
  • Page 46 – Do not connect the yellow cable to the This unit battery by passing it through the hole to the engine compartment. MVH-S600BS – Cover any disconnected cable connectors with insulating tape. – Do not shorten any cables. – Never cut the insulation of the power cable of this unit in order to share the power with other devices.
  • Page 47: Power Cord

    Do not connect anything to the green and green/black leads. Not used. Subwoofer (4 Ω) × 2 Orange/white (Only for MVH-S600BS) Connect to a car’s illumination signal. Power amp (sold separately) Important Perform these connections when using the In the case of above, two 4 Ω...
  • Page 48 Front speaker MVH-S600BS To rear output or subwoofer output Rear speaker or subwoofer Installation Important • Check all connections and systems before final installation. • Do not use unauthorized parts as this may cause malfunctions. • Consult your dealer if installation requires drilling of holes or other modifications to the vehicle.
  • Page 49: Installing The Microphone

    To install on the sun visor Fit the microphone lead into the groove. Microphone lead Tighten the screws on each side. Groove Install the microphone clip on the sun visor. Lowering the sun visor reduces the Screw voice recognition rate. Mounting bracket Dashboard or console •...
  • Page 50 Microphone base Install the microphone on the rear side of the steering column. Double-sided tape - 50 -...
  • Page 51: Additional Information

    ON again. If the message remains, – Select the repeat play range again. contact your dealer or an authorized Pioneer Service Station for assistance. A subfolder is not played back. → Subfolders cannot be played when NO XXXX (NO TITLE, for example) [FLD] (folder repeat) is selected.
  • Page 52 – Perform one of the following SKIPPED operations, then return to the USB → The connected USB device contains source. DRM protected files. • Turn the ignition switch OFF and – The protected files are skipped. back to ON. • Disconnect the USB device. PROTECT →...
  • Page 53: Bluetooth Device

    – Press BAND/ to make a SKIP LIMIT connection again. → Due to music licensing restrictions, Pandora limits the total number of skips Bluetooth device per hour. – Wait until Pandora allows you to skip ERROR-10 again. → The power failed for the Bluetooth module of the unit.
  • Page 54 – Press BAND/ to make a – Press BAND/ to make a connection again. connection again. DISCONNECTED PRESS BAND KEY TO CHECK APP → Connection to the application failed. RETRY → Bluetooth connection lost. – Follow the instructions that appear on –...
  • Page 55: Handling Guidelines

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio (Only CH LOCKED → The channel has been locked by the for MVH-S600BS) Parental Control function. CHECK ANTENNA – Set [LOCKED CH] to [OFF] or [CLEAR → The antenna cable may be either ALL] to [YES] in the FUNCTION settings disconnected or damaged.
  • Page 56: Mp3 Files

    File extension .wav CAUTION Quantization bits 8 and 16 (LPCM), 4 • Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility (MSADPCM) with all USB mass storage devices, and Sampling frequency 16 kHz to 48 kHz assumes no responsibility for any loss of (LPCM), 22.05 kHz and data on media players, smartphones, or 44.1 kHz (MS ADPCM)
  • Page 57: Usb Device

    Bluetooth SIG, the iPhone. Inc. and any use of such marks by PIONEER CORPORATION is under license. Other • Users of iPhone with the Lightning trademarks and trade names are those of their Connector should use the Lightning to respective owners.
  • Page 58 SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF Windows Media is either a registered USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS trademark or trademark of Microsoft INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND Corporation in the United States and/or ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER other countries. IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT This product includes technology owned (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE)
  • Page 59: Specifications

    MIXTRAX Chassis: 178 mm × 100 mm × 97 mm MIXTRAX is a trademark of the PIONEER (7 in. × 3-7/8 in. × 3-7/8 in.) CORPORATION. Nose: 170 mm × 96 mm × 16 mm (6- 3/4 in. × 3-3/4 in. × 5/8 in.) Spotify®...
  • Page 60 Frequency: 1.25 kHz/1.6 kHz/2 kHz/ FLAC decoding format: v1.2.1 (Free 2.5 kHz/3.15 kHz/4 kHz/5 kHz/6.3 kHz/ Lossless Audio Codec) 8 kHz/10 kHz/12.5 kHz WAV signal format: Linear PCM (Non- Slope: –6 dB/oct, –12 dB/oct, –18 dB/ compressed) oct, –24 dB/oct FM tuner High pass filter (MID) (Network mode): Frequency: 25 Hz/31.5 Hz/40 Hz/50...

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