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Pioneer MVH-S329BT Owner's Manual

Digital media receiver.
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Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 DIGITAL MEDIA RECEIVER MVH-S329BT Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Before You Start Before You Start ................. 2 Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using this product. It is Getting Started ................3 especially important that you read and observe WARNINGs and CAUTIONs in this manual.
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    Remote Control Getting Started Basic operation VOLUME +/– MUTE MVH-S329BT AUX input jack (3.5 mm stereo jack) SRC (source) DISP (display) SRC (source)/OFF USB port Display window Frequently used operations Operation Purpose Head Unit Remote Control Turn on the power*...
  • Page 4 Appears when repeat play is set (except when BT AUDIO is selected as the source). Appears when a Bluetooth connection is made (page 8). Appears when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made (page 12).
  • Page 5 Setup menu How to replace the battery When you turn the ignition switch to ON after installation, the setup menu appears in the display. Turn the M.C. dial to select the options, then press to confirm. To proceed to the next menu option, you need to confirm your selection. Menu Item Description CLOCK SET...
  • Page 6: Radio

    Menu Item Description Turn the M.C. dial to select [SYSTEM], then press to confirm. SYSTEM UPDATE Select [SYSTEM INFO] to confirm the latest system Turn the M.C. dial to select [DEMO OFF], then press to confirm. information on the unit. [SYSTEM INFO], Select [S/W UPDATE] to update the unit to the latest Turn the M.C.
  • Page 7: Usb/aux

    To seek a station manually USB/AUX After selecting the band, press to select a station. Press and hold then release to seek an available station. Playing back Scanning stops when the unit receives a station. To cancel seek tuning, press Disconnect headphones from the device before connecting it to the unit.
  • Page 8: Bluetooth

    NOTE Purpose Operation If you use an MTP connection, [USB MTP] needs to be set to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings Pause/resume playback Press 4/PAUSE. (page 18). Return to root folder (USB only)*1 Press and hold 1/ *1 Compressed audio files only *2 When you use the fast forward or reverse function while playing a VBR file, the playback Insert the stereo mini plug into the AUX input jack.
  • Page 9 • To cancel searching, press the M.C. dial. Turn the M.C. dial to select [MISSED], [DIALLED] or [RECEIVED], then • If the desired device is not in the list, select [RE-SEARCH]. press to confirm. • If there is no device available, [NOT FOUND] appears in the display. Turn the M.C.
  • Page 10 DEV. INFO Switch the device information on the display between When a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made (page 12), you can also use the voice the device name and Bluetooth device address. recognition function from Pioneer Smart Sync installed on your Android device by pressing and holding .
  • Page 11: Spotify

    (Not available when [USB MTP] is set to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings (page 18).) The available operations may vary according to the type of contents (track/album/artist/ Spotify is a music streaming distribution service not affiliated with Pioneer. playlist/radio) you want to play.
  • Page 12: Using Pioneer Smart Sync/app

    NOTE Purpose Operation The APP source is not available when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is not made or [USB Skip a track Press MTP] is set to [ON] in the SYSTEM settings (page 18). 1 Press and hold Search for a track from a list to display the list.
  • Page 13 • The 31 Band EQ setting is converted into 13 bands when a music source from this product is engaged. It is recommended to enter the search term "Pioneer Smart Sync" in the search field to search for the application.
  • Page 14: Audio Adjustments

    (filter) selected in step 4, then press to confirm. • If Pioneer Smart Sync has not been installed on your Android device yet, a message that prompts you to install the application will appear on your Android device (except for the [25HZ] to [250HZ] Android device connected via Bluetooth).
  • Page 15: Function Settings

    (Available only when FM band is selected.) AUDIO settings NEWS [ON], [OFF] Interrupt the currently selected source with NOTE news programs. (Available only when FM [CHK APP SETTG.] may be displayed when the setting is performed from Pioneer Smart band is selected.) Sync.
  • Page 16 (front seat right), [FRONT] add a delay time that corresponds to the Pioneer Smart Sync. (front seats), [ALL] number and locations of occupied seats. Select an equalizer band and TIME ALGNMNT level for further customizing.
  • Page 17: System Settings

    [D.BASS], [SUBWOOFER]. You can also access to these menus when the unit is turned off. • The settings that can be saved differ Menu Item Description when a Pioneer Smart Sync connection is made. CLOCK SET LOAD SETTINGS [12H], [24H] Set the clock (page 5).
  • Page 18: Illumination Settings

    PIN code, call history, phone book, preset *2 Please use a commercially available wiring harness for each car model when [PRESET] phone numbers) stored in the unit. mode is engaged, and use a commercially available adapter when in [PIONEER]. [CLEARED] appears when data is successfully deleted.
  • Page 19: Connections/installation

    Menu Item Description Connections/Installation MIX PATTERN [SOUND LEVEL] Change the MIXTRAX special effects Ground wire POWER AMP Connections according to the audio level. The mix pattern changes according to WARNING the sound level. • When speaker output is used by 4 [LOW PASS] The mix pattern changes according to channels, use speakers over 50 W...
  • Page 20 tape around wiring that comes into the power terminal of the auto Rear speaker contact with metal parts to protect antenna. Doing so may result in White the wiring. battery drain or a malfunction. White/black – Place all cables away from moving •...
  • Page 21 • Install this unit away from hot places Power amp (sold separately) such as near the heater outlet. Perform these connections when using • Optimum performance the optional amplifier. is obtained when the unit is installed at an angle of less than 60°. •...
  • Page 22: Additional Information

    Clamps audible interference. remains, contact your dealer or an Use separately sold clamps to – Move electrical devices that may authorized Pioneer Service Station secure the lead where for assistance. be causing the interference away necessary inside the vehicle. from the unit.
  • Page 23 CONNECT APP short-circuited. communication error) has occurred. → Sometimes there is a delay between → Pioneer Smart Sync connection is – Check that the USB connector or – Follow the instructions that the start of playback and when you not made.
  • Page 24 SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by connected via MTP. (CBR), 48 kbps to PIONEER CORPORATION is under license. • FLAC files may not be playable, 384 kbps (VBR) Other trademarks and trade names are depending on the encoder.
  • Page 25 Frequency: 25 Hz/31.5 Hz/40 Hz/ MIXTRAX is a trademark of the documentation and/or other 50 Hz/63 Hz/80 Hz/100 Hz/125 Specifications PIONEER CORPORATION. materials provided with the Hz/160 Hz/200 Hz/250 Hz Spotify® distribution. Slope: –6 dB/oct, –12 dB/oct, –18 General –...
  • Page 26 AOA (Android Open Accessory) 500 kHz to 17 985 kHz, 18 015 kHz to 18 135 kHz, 21 340 kHz to 21 File system: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 975 kHz) MP3 decoding format: MPEG-1 & 2 Usable sensitivity: 28 μV (S/N: 20 dB) Audio Layer 3 Signal-to-noise ratio: 60 dB (IEC-A WMA decoding format: Ver.
  • Page 28 © 2019 PIONEER CORPORATION. All rights reserved. <QRB3916-A> ID...

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