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4. For the Dial-Up Networking 1.2, select the "Multilink"
tab to display the "Set Additional Devices" dialog.
5. As for the ISDN Accelerator Pack 1.1, you will see a
section labelled "Set Additional Devices" at the bottom of
the "General" tab. Click on the "Settings" button to
display the "Set Additional Devices" dialog.
6. On the "Set Additional Devices" dialog, click on the "Use
Additional Devices" radio button.
7. Use this dialog to specify the devices to be bundled
together to form the "multilink" connection.
8. Use the "Add", "Remove", and "Edit" buttons to change
the list of additional devices.
9. You may enter a different phone number for each device,
and both phone numbers will be stored. If you
subsequently change the phone number for the connection
icon, the phone numbers associated with additional
devices on this page will not change.
After your additional devices are configured, you are ready to dial
your multilink connection. Once the connections are established,
you can view status information about the link by double clicking on
the "communicating computers" icon displayed in the taskbar.
The status information includes the number of bytes sent and
received, the network protocols negotiated for use on the
connection, and a list box showing each of the additional devices.
As you highlight a device in the list box, a "Suspend" or "Resume"
button is displayed.
If a Suspend button is displayed, then the device is now in use and
"bundled" into the multilink connection. Clicking on the "Suspend"
button disconnects that line and removes the line from the bundled
Chapter 2 — Installation



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