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AcerISDN P10 User Manual

2.6 Using Multilink in Windows 95

While you installing the AcerISDN P10 in Windows 95, the
Microsoft ISDN Accelerator Pack 1.1 or Dial-Up Networking 1.2
will also be installed. It includes updates to Windows 95 Dial-Up
Networking to support the combining of two 64Kbps data channels
into the equivalent of a single 128Kbps line.
To configure multilink support in Windows 95, please follow these
1. Double click on the "My Computer" icon on your
2. The DUN folder displays an icon labelled "Make New
3. When you have created your connection, or if the
To use multilink, the answering Internet Service
Provider (ISP), online service or corporate LAN
must provide multilink capabilities.
Windows 95 Desktop, then double click on the "Dial-Up
Networking" (DUN) folder.
Connection", plus icons for each of the connections that
you have already created. If you have not yet created a
connection, double click on "Make New Connection" to
define a connection to the dial up service you wish to use.
connection you wish to use for multilink access already
exists in the folder, use the mouse to right click on the
connection icon. Choose the "Properties" option. This
displays a dialog box with several category tabs at the



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