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Handling Precautions - Fujitsu F-07C Loox Instruction Manual

Docomo pro series
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Handling precautions

Keep water away from FOMA terminal.
- FOMA terminal, battery pack, adapter, UIM are not
waterproof. Do not use FOMA terminal in bathrooms
or other high-humidity areas, or in the rain. When
carrying FOMA terminal in a pocket near your body,
sweat may corrode the inner components, causing
malfunction. Malfunctions deemed to be caused by
water are not covered by the warranty, and may be
impossible to repair. Since these conditions are
outside the scope of the warranty, a repair, if at all
possible, is charged.
Clean FOMA terminal with a dry soft cloth (such as a
cloth for eyeglasses).
- Rubbing it roughly with a dry cloth can scratch the
- Drops of water or dirt left on the display may cause
- If FOMA terminal is wiped with alcohol, paint thinner,
benzine or detergent, the printing may disappear or
color may fade.
Clean the jack occasionally with a dry cotton swab etc.
- If the jack is soiled, connection gets worse and it may
cause power to be turned off or insufficient battery
charge, so clean the jack with a dry cotton swab etc.
Also, be careful never to damage the jack when
cleaning it.
Do not place FOMA terminal near an air-conditioner
- The rapid change in temperature may cause
condensation, causing internal corrosion and
When using, be careful not to subject excessive force
to FOMA terminal or the battery.
- If FOMA terminal is crammed into a brimming bag or
placed in a pocket and sat on, display, internal PCBs or
battery pack may be damaged or malfunction. And, if
USB Cable F01 etc. are plugged into the microUSB
connection jack, the breakage of the connector or
malfunction may result.
Do not rub or scrape the display with a metal piece
- It may scratch the display, causing malfunction or
Carefully read the separate instructions that come
with battery pack, adapter and cradle.
FOMA terminal
Do not press the surface of the touch panel strongly or
operate it with sharp objects such as a nail, a ballpoint
pen and a pin.
- It may damage the touch panel.
Avoid extreme temperature.
- Use FOMA terminal where the temperature ranges
between 5 and 35℃ and humidity ranges between 45
and 85%.
FOMA terminal may affect land-line phones, TVs or
radios in use nearby, so use it as far as possible from
these appliances.
Maintain a separate record of the data you saved in
your FOMA terminal.
- If the data is deleted, DOCOMO assumes no
responsibility for the loss of any data.
Do not drop FOMA terminal or subject it to shocks.
- May cause malfunction or damage.
Do not plug USB Cable F01 etc. into the microUSB
connection jack at a slant, or do not pull it forcibly
while it is plugged.
- May cause malfunction or damage.
Do not close FOMA terminal with the strap etc. held
- May cause malfunction or damage.
It is normal for FOMA terminal to become warm
during use or charging. Continue to use it.
Do not leave FOMA terminal with the camera in areas
under strong direct sunlight.
- May cause discoloring or burn-in of materials.
FOMA terminal should normally be used with the
microUSB connection jack cap closed.
- Dust and/or water brought into FOMA terminal cause