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Foma Terminal - Fujitsu F-07C Loox Instruction Manual

Docomo pro series
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FOMA terminal

Because your FOMA terminal uses wireless transmission, it may not function in locations where it is
difficult for radio waves to penetrate, such as tunnels, underground passages and some buildings, in areas
where radio waves are weak, or out of service area. Even when you are high up in a tall building or
condominium and nothing blocks your view outside, your FOMA terminal may not be able to receive or
transmit signals. Also, communication may be interrupted even when the signal meter on your FOMA
terminal indicates there are strong radio waves and you are not moving (traveling).
Use your FOMA terminal in a way that does not disturb others in public spaces, crowded locations or quiet
Because your FOMA terminal uses radio waves to communicate, it is possible that a third party may
attempt to tap your calls. However, the W-CDMA, GSM/GPRS system automatically applies a confidential
communication function to all calls, so even if a third party could somehow tap a call, they only hear noise.
Your FOMA terminal encodes voice communication as digital data. When you are operating your FOMA
terminal while moving to a location subject to weaker radio wave conditions, the transmitted digital data
may not be correctly decoded and as a result the decoded voice may differ somewhat from the actual voice.
Maintain a separate record of the data (phonebook, schedule, notepad, recorded messages, voice memos,
moving picture memos, etc.) you registered in your FOMA terminal. Note that DOCOMO assumes no
responsibility for any loss of saved contents of data resulting from malfunction, repair, changing of the
model or other handling of FOMA terminal.
You are recommended to save important data to microSD card. Using DOCOMO keitai datalink, you can
transfer and save phonebook, mail, schedule and other data to a PC.
The user hereby agrees that the user shall be solely responsible for the result of the use of SSL/TLS.
Neither DOCOMO nor the certifier as listed herein makes any representation and warranty as for the
security in the use of SSL/TLS. If the data should be erased, DOCOMO assumes no responsibility for the
loss of any data.
Certifier : VeriSign Japan K.K., Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd., GlobalSign K.K., RSA Security Japan Ltd.,
SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd., Comodo CA Ltd., Entrust, Inc.
This FOMA terminal supports FOMA Plus-Area and FOMA HIGH-SPEED Area.
FOMA terminal can be used only via the FOMA network provided by DOCOMO and DOCOMO's roaming