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Pioneer PDP-502MX Manual

Rs-232c control for plasma display monitor, serial commands and protocol
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This manual provides precautions and information for installation, preparation, and handling of the plasma display and
its dedicated mounting hardware.
Before installation and preparatory work, choose a safe and appropriate site after thorough consideration of construction,
materials used, strength, and surroundings. If adequate safeguards are not in place, immediately halt the installation
process and discontinue marketing activities.
Exclamation marks placed within triangles are
intended to alert users to the presence of important
safety information. Be sure to read instructions
indicated by this symbol.
÷ This product is sold under the assumption that
installation will be performed by experienced,
qualified experts. Refer all mounting and
installation work to qualified personnel, or consult
the nearest PIONEER dealer for assistance.
÷ We accept no responsibility for accident or loss
resulting from failure to select an appropriate
installation site, or for those occurring during
assembly, installation, mounting, or operation of
this product, or resulting from modifications made
to this product, or from natural disasters.
Serial commands and protocol
• We accept no responsibility for losses resulting from
the use of parts other than those supplied by us.
• We guarantee the performance of our products only
when they are assembled and adjusted as described in
this manual.
• The specifications and external designs shown in this
manual are subject to change without notice.



Summary of Contents for Pioneer PDP-502MX

  • Page 1 Refer all mounting and installation work to qualified personnel, or consult the nearest PIONEER dealer for assistance. ÷ We accept no responsibility for accident or loss resulting from failure to select an appropriate...
  • Page 2: About The Rs-232C Adjustment Mode

    RS-232C Adjustment Mode 5.5 RS-232C Adjustment Mode Through the unit's RS-232C terminal. You can use a PC to make various adjustments and settings. 5.5.1 About the RS-232C adjustment mode 1) When carrying out adjustments in the RS-232C adjustment mode • This data is written in the same memory area allocated for integrator mode (refer to 5.4.5 and 5.4.6, “Memory Area Tables”).
  • Page 3: Plasma Display

    Start: 1-bit Data: 8-bit Parity: 0 (no parity) Stop: 1-bit 5) Connection Control PC (PC-98) PLASMA DISPLAY Control PC (IBM PC/AT) PLASMA DISPLAY (PDP-502MX) (PDP-502MX) RXD 3 2 TXD RXD 2 2 TXD TXD 2 3 RXD TXD 3 3 RXD...
  • Page 4 RS-232C Adjustment Mode 5.5.3 ID assignment When a connection is made, this feature assigns an ID. ID assignment is performed in the PC. Commands: <IDC> (ID CLEAR) Clears assigned IDs. <IDS> (ID SET) Assigns IDs IDS is only effective when an ID has not been assigned. It is assigned from a unit close to the PC.
  • Page 5 RS-232 Adjustment Mode 5.5.4 List of RS-232C commands How to read this table • Normal validity : Shows availability in the normal operating mode. Commands shown as valid are so whether or not preceded by an <AJY> command. • Direct validity : Shows commands that, if transmitted followed by numerical values, can or cannot directly set the corresponding items to those values sent out.
  • Page 6 RS-232C Adjustment Mode Command Normal Direct Up/Down Full Name Function Name Validity Validity Validity × × × HIGH CONTRAST NO Turns the HIGH CONTRAST setting OFF × × × HIGH CONTRAST YES Turns the HIGH CONTRAST setting ON × × ×...
  • Page 7 RS-232C Adjustment Mode 5.5.5 About the GET commands What are GET commands? • These are commands used to transmit adjustment data and other information in TXD to PCs from a microcomputer inside the plasma display. • This information s transmitted in ASCII code. (NOTE) Command names are given I inside <...
  • Page 8 RS-232C Adjustment Mode 3) <GST> (GET STATUS) – The status of various settings is transmitted in the following formats: PC SOFTWARE INPUT FUNCTION COLOR MODE SCREEN SIZE POWER SAVE (02 hex) VERSION (5 Byte) (3 Byte) (3 Byte) (3 Byte) (3 Byte) 1 DUMMY DATA COLOR SYSTEM...
  • Page 9: Combination Connection

    Combination Connection 5.6 Combination Connection This is useful for controlling/adjusting a number of sets from a single PC. By carrying out combination connection and then assigning IDs to each of the sets, it becomes possible to control/ adjust a number of sets either all at once or individually. 5.6.1 Connections Carry out connections as shown below.
  • Page 10 If the following connection conditions are observed, extension of operations to as many as 16 units is guaranteed. Conditions: 1 Length of RS-232C cable connecting PC to PDP-502MX: 5 m 2 Combination cable length: 5 m for each 3 Wire specifications for linking cable: Mini Din 6-pin straight (7 strand cable) For 1 strand, suitable for AWG28: Cross-section area = 0.08 mm...
  • Page 11: How To Switch Key Lock/Unlock

    KEY LOCK/UNLOCK 5.7 KEY LOCK/UNLOCK 5.7.1 Functions The KEY LOCK function disables the remote control unit and the main unit operation panel, preventing unauthorized persons from tampering with the unit after installation (RS-232C commands remain effective). Attempting to operate the remote control unit or the main unit operation panel will cause “KEY LOCK” to be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.