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Canon VC-C3 User Manual

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Control Software v1.0
Users Guide
For Windows 95


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Canon VC-C3

  • Page 1 VC-C3 Control Software v1.0 Users Guide For Windows 95 *+,;, VISUAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS...
  • Page 2 Raster Builders, Inc. and Canon U.S.A., Inc. Licenses and Trademarks Canon is a registered trademark on Canon Inc. Adobe is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. PictureTel is a registered trademark of PictureTel Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS ................2 EFORE EGIN Introduction System Requirements Control Software Package VC-C3 Registration ................3 ETTING TARTED Connecting the Camera to Your Computer VC-C3 Using Multiple Cameras ................5 NSTALLING OFTWARE Installation Start Up Operation ............8 ROGRAM PTIONS ONFIGURATION Communications Pan/Tilt Speed Zoom Speed Options ............11...
  • Page 4: Before You Begin

    Microsoft Windows 95 • A Microsoft compatible mouse • A Canon Communication Camera • VC-C3 The VC-C3 Control Software Package Your Control Software Package contains: VC-C3 Control Software ( ” diskette) • VC-C3 ⁄ VCC3.EXE ....VC-C3 Control program VCC3.PDF ....
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    , will require a specially VC-C3 pinned control cable. Do not attempt to use any other RS-232 RS-232 cable besides the one that Canon sells for the camera. The VC-C3 camera has a special pin configuration and will work with an ordinary cable.
  • Page 6: Using Multiple Cameras

    COM port for each camera, up to a maximum of four. You still must use the special control cable for each camera. Do not RS-232 attempt to use any other cable besides the one that Canon sells RS-232 for the camera. The camera has a special pin configura-...
  • Page 7: Installing Software

    2) From the file menu select New > folder and name it Control. VC-C3 3) Drag copy all of the files from the VC-C3 Control Software distribu- tion diskette into that folder. 4) Open the newly created Control folder...
  • Page 8: Start Up Operation

    COM1 COM4 If an error occurred: 1) Check that the serial port the VC-C3 is connected to is the same as the camera button you are using in the software. If you are sure that the proper serial port is selected, cycle the power switch...
  • Page 9 3) If you have the COM port configured but it is being used by another device such as a modem, this error will be displayed: 4) If the VC-C3 is not connected to the selected configured COM port, this error will be displayed:...
  • Page 10: Program Options Configuration

    PROGRAM OPTIONS CONFIGURATION Program Options To access the Program Options window, choose ‘Program Options’ under the ‘System Menu’ in the upper left corner of the Control VC-C3 Software application window.
  • Page 11: Communications

    ‘ ’. The bps dip switch setting* of the should be VC-C3 the same as what is set in the software. Consult your computers’ manual for the speeds your computer supports. *Dip switch setting – Below is the table for setting the communication speed on the Camera.
  • Page 12: Pan/Tilt Speed

    ‘ ’. Options software control window size can be set to small or large for VC-C3 your convenience. To adjust the control window size, check or uncheck the ‘Large window display’ box. All changes will take place after the ‘...
  • Page 13: Camera Control Functions

    The power button will mute the audio and video output the camera. When the camera is in VC-C3 operate OFF mode, no video or audio will be active. Until the Operate button is pressed again, the camera will sit idle and the on the Pan/ Tilt base will blink.
  • Page 14: Pedestal Control Functions

    Pressing one of these buttons will make the move in the respec- VC-C3 tive direction. For additional control of the Pan/Tilt, the arrow keys on most computer keyboards will allow you to Pan/Tilt the camera.
  • Page 15: Setting Presets

    SETTING PRESETS Six preset locations can be set using the Control Software. A VC-C3 preset location consists of pan, tilt, zoom and brightness position information. To set a preset location: 1. Adjust pan and tilt position of camera. 2. Zoom in or out as needed.
  • Page 16: Preset Cycle Mode

    2. Using the Set Cycles box, enter a value that will represent the number of times the VC-C3 camera should cycle through all six presets. 3. Use the numbered radio buttons to specify the number of seconds camera will remain on each preset.
  • Page 17: Image Control - Auto

    ‘System Menu’ in the upper left corner of the application window. can automatically adjust its settings ( , Shutter Speed, VC-C3 Iris, and White Balance) to provide an image it calculates to be the best based on its programming or the user can choose a Manual Mode and adjust those image controls manually.
  • Page 18: Image Control - Manual

    10,000 second. The shutter speed is the length of time the activates the VC-C3 in the camera head. The slower the shutter speed, the longer the is active (virtual shutter) is left open, the more image data and light is allowed into the camera.
  • Page 19: Iris

    This slider will adjust the Iris. The Iris consists of overlapping adjustable blades that regulate the amount of light passing through the VC-C3’s lens aperture, or opening. The more open the Iris is, the more light is let in to the camera.
  • Page 20: Wireless Controller

    ‘Program Options’. Uncheck the ‘Enable remote control’ and choose ‘ ’. This will disable the camera VC-C3 from executing commands that are sent from the wireless controller. See illustration on page 7. VC-C3 Wireless Controller (WL-V2)
  • Page 21: Vc-C3 Information

    VC-C3 INFORMATION By selecting the ‘System Menu’ button in the upper left corner of the application window and selecting ‘About’, the information VC-C3 window will appear. This window is helpful in determining the version of application software and hardware you are using.
  • Page 22: Usage With Videoconferencing Applications

    8-pin PictureTel connector to a standard – Composite video connector. The part number is as follows: 510-0192-01 *In order for this software to function correctly, Canon recommends that users upgrade to v1.1 or newer of the software. PCS200 PCS200...
  • Page 23: Appendix A – R-232 Pin Out

    APPENDIX A – RS-232 Pin Out Diagrams 9-pin DSUB to 8-pin (VC-C3) Connection Below is a cable pin out diagram of the cable required to control the Canon camera from a computer with a 9-pin serial port. VC-C3 8-pin to 8-pin (VC-C3) Connection...

Table of Contents