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Additional Information; Troubleshooting - Sony HT-RD150 Operating Instructions Manual

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Additional Information


If you experience any of the following difficulties
while using the system, use this troubleshooting
guide to help remedy the problem before
requesting repairs. Should any problem persist,
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
When bringing the system in for repairs, be sure to
bring in the entire system.
This product is a system product, and the entire
system is needed to determine the location
requiring repair.
The power does not turn on.
, Check that the mains leads are connected
, The system cord is not connected to the
subwoofer securely. Disconnect the subwoofer
mains lead, and then the system cord. Reconnect
the system cord, and then connect the mains lead
after about two minutes.
indicator on the centre unit flashes.
, Unplug the subwoofer mains immediately, and
make sure that:
– The speaker cords are not short circuited.
– Only the specified speakers are used.
– The ventilation holes are not blocked.
When all of the above are confirmed, wait about
two minutes until the [/1 indicator turns off,
reconnect the subwoofer mains lead, and then
turn on the system. If the indicator still flashes,
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
There is no sound.
, The connecting cord is damaged.
, The input source setting on the system or the
connection to the system is incorrect.
, Press MUTING if "MUTING ON" is displayed
in the centre unit display.
, Check the speaker settings (page 7).
The sound volume is low.
, The sound volume is low on some DVDs.
Set "AUDIO DRC" in AMP menu to "DRC
MAX" or "DRC STD" (page 21).
Severe hum or noise is heard.
, Check that the speakers and components are
connected securely.
, Check that the connecting cords are not too close
to a transformer or motor, and at least three
metres away from your TV set or any fluorescent
, Move your TV away from the system.
, The plugs and jacks are dirty. Wipe them with a
cloth slightly moistened with alcohol.
The sound loses stereo effect when you play a
source of the component connected to DVD
, Make sure the system is connected properly.
, Check the "DUAL MONO" setting (page 23).
The surround effect of the system is difficult to
hear when Dolby Digital or DTS audio sound
track is played.
, Make sure the sound field function is on
(page 18).
, Check the speaker connections and settings
(page 7, 25, 26).
, Depending on the source, the output signal may
not contain all of the 5.1 channels. Or, the track
may be either monaural or stereo even when
recorded in Dolby Digital format.
There is no sound from the subwoofer
, Check the speaker connections and settings
(page 7, 25, 26).
, Set the sound field setting to "A.F.D. AUTO"
(page 18).
The left and right sounds are unbalanced or
, Check that the speakers and the components are
connected correctly and securely.
The sound comes from the centre speaker
, Depending on the source, the sound may come
from the centre speaker only.


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