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Caller Id; Calls List; Viewing The Calls List; Saving A Number From The Calls List To The Phonebook - Motorola L601 User Manual

Dect 6.0 digital cordless phone with answering system
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Product Data - User Manual
Motorola L601 series & L701 series

3.12 Caller ID

If you have subscribed to Caller ID service, and provided the identity of the caller is not withheld, the number of the
caller will be displayed together with the date and time of the call (if provided by the network).
If the telephone number is not available for incoming calls, the handset will display UNAVAILABLE.
If the incoming call is from a withheld telephone number, the handset will display PRIVATE.
Information about incoming calls will vary by country and network operator. Some operators may charge a
subscription for their Caller ID service.

3.12.1 Calls list

The calls list contains details of missed and received calls. Details include the date and time of the call. Entries are
displayed in chronological order with the most recent call at the top of the list.
When the calls list is full, a new call replaces the oldest one in the list.
Details of up to 30 calls may be stored.
If you receive more than one call from the same number, only the most recent call is kept in the calls list. When
you have missed calls (incoming calls that you haven't answered) the NEW icon will be displayed in the display on
all handsets registered to the base. If one handset is used to view the calls log, the NEW icon on the other
handsets remains on (for multi-pack use only).

3.12.2 Viewing the calls list

1. Press CID to enter the calls list.
2. Scroll UP or DOWN to through the calls list.
·When reviewing an entry from the calls list, press #/ / PAUSE/FORMAT repeatedly to display the number in
different format.
For example, if a caller number is displayed as
888-331-3383, the various formats will be:
You may choose the desired number format for local and long distance numbers before dialing or saving it into the
·The NEW icon is removed once the new call has been viewed.

3.12.3 Saving a number from the calls list to the phonebook

1. Press CID to enter the calls list.
2. Press UP or DOWN to select the entry you want.
3. Press MENU/SELECT and then enter the name if desired.
4. Press MENU/SELECT and then edit the number if desired.
5. Press MENU/SELECT to save.

3.12.4 Deleting a calls list entry

1. Press CID to enter the calls list.
2. Press UP or DOWN to scroll to the entry you want.
3. Press MUTE/CLEAR/X to delete the entry.

3.12.5 Deleting the entire calls list

1. Press CID to enter the calls list.
2. Press and hold MUTE/CLEAR/X. DELETE ALL CALL LOG ENTRIES? is displayed.
3. Press MENU/SELECT to confirm. All entries will be deleted.
You need to review a call before you delete the record from the call list.
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