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Operational Warnings; Potentially Explosive Areas; Symbol Key - Motorola CE0168 User Manual

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you monitor any products that may be in prolonged contact with your skin, and
remove them if you experience skin irritation.
Use & care
To care for your Motorola mobile device, please observe the following:
Use & care
• Liquids: don't expose your mobile device to water, rain, extreme humidity,
sweat or other liquids.
• Drying: don't try to dry your mobile device using a microwave oven,
conventional oven or dryer.
• Extreme heat or cold: don't store or use your mobile device in
temperatures below -10°C (14°F) or above 60°C (140°F). Don't recharge
your mobile device in temperatures below 0°C (32°F) or above 45°C
• Dust and dirt: don't expose your mobile device to dust, dirt, sand, food or
similar materials.
• Cleaning: to clean your mobile device, use only a dry soft cloth. Do not use
alcohol or other cleaning solutions.
• Shock and vibration: don't drop your mobile device or expose it to strong
• Protection: to help protect your mobile device, always make sure that all
connector and compartment covers are closed and secure, and avoid
carrying it with hard objects such as keys or coins.

Operational warnings

Obey all posted signs when using mobile devices in public areas.
Operational warnings

Potentially explosive areas

Potentially explosive areas are often, but not always, posted and can include
blasting areas, fuelling stations, fuelling areas (such as below decks on boats),
fuel or chemical transfer or storage facilities, or areas where the air contains
chemicals or particles, such as grain dust or metal powders.
Turn off your mobile device before entering such an area, and do not charge
batteries. In such areas, sparks can occur and cause an explosion or fire.

Symbol key

Your charger, mobile device, device display, user guide or packaging may
contain symbols, defined as follows:
Important safety information follows.
Your battery or mobile device may require
recycling in accordance with local laws. Contact
your local regulatory authorities for more
Safety, regulatory & legal

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