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Privacy And Data Security - Motorola CE0168 User Manual

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Table of Contents Page 8 Tuesday, December 16
If your Motorola mobile device provides navigation features, note that
mapping information, directions and other navigational data may contain
inaccurate or incomplete data. In some countries, complete information may
not be available. Therefore, you should visually confirm that the navigational
instructions are consistent with what you see. All drivers should pay attention to
road conditions, closures, traffic and all other factors that may impact driving.
Always obey posted road signs.
Privacy & data security
Motorola understands that privacy and data security are important to everyone.
Privacy & data security
Given that some features of your mobile device may affect your privacy or data
security, please follow these recommendations to enhance protection of your
• Monitor access: keep your mobile device with you and don't leave it
where others may have unmonitored access. Use your device's security and
lock features, where available.
• Keep software up to date: if Motorola or a software/application vendor
releases a patch or software fix for your mobile device that updates the
device's security, install it as soon as possible.
• Secure personal information: your mobile device can store personal
information in various locations, including your SIM card, memory card and
phone memory. Make sure you remove or clear all personal information
before you recycle, return or give away your device. You can also back up
your personal data to transfer to a new device.
Note: for information on how to back up or wipe data from your mobile
device, go to
• Online accounts: some mobile devices provide a Motorola online account. Go
to your account for information on how to manage the account and how to use
security features such as remote wipe and device location (where available).
• Applications and updates: choose your apps and updates carefully, and
install from trusted sources only. Some apps can affect your mobile device's
performance and/or have access to private information including account
details, call data, location details and network resources.
• Wireless: for mobile devices with Wi-Fi features, only connect to trusted
Wi-Fi networks. Also, when using your device as a hotspot (where
available), use network security. These precautions will help prevent
unauthorised access to your device.
• Location-based information: mobile devices enabled with location-based
technologies, such as GPS, AGPS or Wi-Fi, can transmit location-based
information. See "Location services" for more details.
• Other information your device may transmit: your mobile device may
also transmit testing and other diagnostic (including location-based)
information, and other non-personal information to Motorola or other
third-party servers. This information is used to help improve products and
services offered by Motorola.
Safety, regulatory & legal

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