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Using Control And Status Words With Bico - Siemens MICROMASTER 420 Reference Manual

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Using Control and Status Words with BiCo

Many MICROMASTER 420 read only parameters consist of control words. The
parameter is made up of a 16 bit number, each bit representing a particular value.
For example, parameter P0052 (Status Word 1) gives various value settings such
as Inverter ready (bit 0), or Motor Current Limit (bit b).
This parameter is displayed using the vertical segments of the BOP display to
show status; that is the status of each bit can be read from the BOP display.
These bits can also be accessed by BiCo using the parameter number and bit
state. Set parameter P0731 to 52.b (i.e. parameter P0052, bit b), for the relay to
operate at current limit. This is actually a level 2 setting but many more settings
can be selected in level 3 using BiCo functions.
Each bit of the control and status words (r0052 to r0056) can be connected to
several output functions.
Setting P0731 to 56.5 (i.e. parameter P0056, bit 5), will indicate that starting boost
is active. That is, if P1312 (Starting Boost) is set to enable some starting boost,
the relay will be active during the ramping phase as starting boost is applied.
Similarly, if P0731 is set to 56.6, and P1311 (Acceleration Boost) enabled, the
relay will be energized any time that the set point is changed.
Setting P0731 to 56.C would enable the relay when the Voltage Controller is
active. As this occurs during regeneration it could be used to indicate excessive
load, or too fast a ramp down.
Table 2-7 to Table 2-10 show the BiCo connections. The shaded/green boxes
indicate the applicable cross connections.
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